I Taught my Boyfriend to Make Another Man Cum

Category: Erotica

Author: Anne Shark

“Sometimes… I like being a girl.”

My boyfriend, Nicolas, confessed this to me by text early one morning while he was out of town for business. It’s a tradition – when he travels, we text each other our naughtiest fantasies.

“Oh really?” I asked, imagining my boyfriend in make-up, his already gorgeous, long lashes even longer with mascara.

“Yes. I like imagining I’m a girl sucking cock,” his text appeared.

Now I saw his full, red lips glossy as he slipped a hard cock between them.

“That’s hot, baby…”

“Sometimes I want to be a girl with you. We could find a guy, and you could give me masturbation instructions.”

“I could do that…” I replied. “Would you like me to find you a man with a really big cock, or do you want to start easy?”

“A really big cock,” he replied.

“Ok… I’ll find you a man with a huge cock.”

~ That was a week ago. Tonight, I’m sitting on the couch having a glass of wine with Townsen when I hear Nicolas’s keys in the door, returning from his trip. When he catches sight of the man, I can see he knows why he’s there.

“Hello, my girl,” I say, standing for a kiss. “Let me introduce you to Townsen. Tonight, you’ll be sucking his cock until he cums in your mouth.”


Nicolas kisses me hello and then disappears into the bedroom, emerging again dressed up for the occasion. I smile.

“You look great, babe.”

“Yes, you do…” Townsen agrees, a glint in his eye.

Nicolas sits on the edge of our bed and Townsen stands before him. I make myself comfortable against satin pillows.

Nicolas’s eyes are glued to Townsen like he’s a hot fudge sundae – but he waits patiently for my instructions.

“Kiss him,” I tell my boyfriend gently.

Tentatively, Nicolas touches the man’s shoulders, and then leans in, shyly placing his beautiful, full lips against Townsen’s.

“Good girl,” I say, and with this praise, Nicolas gains confidence, his kisses deepening.

I get to my knees because it’s too much to just sit back and watch. I stroke my lover’s body, kissing his neck, feeling the heat of arousal radiating off his skin. I trail my fingers down his stomach, and then lower, to grab his cock, which is bulging through the thin fabric of his skirt.

“You like it, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he says, turning to kiss me. “Thank you.”

"Now, begin to kiss and lick his neck. Take off his shirt and kiss his body. You need to make him want it more than you.”

Townsen’s breathing quickens. I can see his abdominal muscles tightening and twitching beneath my boyfriend’s lips as they work their way down across his chest to his stomach.

“Now, focus on that area,” I say, touching the black hair bristling from the top of Townsen’s boxers. Townsen’s head falls back for a moment, lips open, eyes shut tight. His hand gravitates to the top of my boyfriend’s head.

I bring my lips to my lover’s ear and whisper, “He’s trying to push you, but you take all the time you need. You’re in control here. The more he wants it, the more he’ll enjoy it once he gets it.”

I wait for Townsen’s moans, his hand a little more insistent, gripping Nicolas’s hair. “Now,” I whisper. “Whenever you’re ready, you can take him into your mouth.”

Eager and clumsily, Nicolas unbuckles Townsen’s pants, releasing his monstrous cock. His eyes are glazed over, ready for it.

“Slow now,” I command, halting him.

Nicolas slowly opens his lips over the glossy head. “Good girl,” I say. “Slide it in, nice and slow…”

I watch as that cock slides between Nicolas’s red lips, turning me on even more than it did when I first imagined it.

Gradually, Townsen begins thrusting his huge cock while Nicolas struggles to make space for it, licking and sucking it, moaning, his hands gripping Townsen’s ass.

“Good… Yes, baby, take that cock. Take it deeper.” Nicolas opens his mouth wider, leaning in, eyes closed in bliss. Townsen groans.

"Do you want him to cum in your mouth, my girl? Are you ready for it?”

“Mm-hmm,” he moans. “Mmm…”

“Good, keep going then. He’s getting close.”

Townsen fills his mouth harder and faster, making Nicolas’s eyes water, as sounds of gagging mix with grateful moans.

With a final thrust and cry of pleasure, Townsen ejaculates deep into my boyfriend’s throat while he continues to suck it up, swallowing every last drop of cum. Townsen falls back onto the bed with a contented sigh, and I wrap my arms around Nicolas, kissing his face sweetly. He looks at me, his eyes wide and vulnerable, waiting for me to tell him.

“That was incredible,” I say. “I love you.”

(header illustration by Melanie Lee)