I Discovered my Fetish for Dominating by Selling my Panties Online

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Author: Anne Shark

I’m a teacher and I’ve always enjoyed exploring side gigs — anything from babysitting to bartending to nude art modeling — during the summers. This summer, I wanted to try something new; something a little naughty, maybe a little shocking.

Selling panties online was something I’d heard about, but didn’t quite believe people did. I Googled and read you could make anywhere from $20 to over $100 on a pair of worn underwear. If it’s that easy, I thought, why isn’t everyone doing it?

I quickly learned the answer: you aren’t just selling a $5 piece of fabric for a ridiculously high profit; you’re selling a fantasy. This means you have to do some soul-searching to discover what you’re open to share with a bunch of strangers on the internet.

I was up for the challenge though, and I was lucky to quickly find something I really enjoyed: dominating.


I found the website Ebanned and made myself an account. My first ad was titled “Does Your English Teacher Wear Sexy Panties?” I posted some photos of my body, clad in a red lacey pair, and added the words, “This teacher does...”

I went on to describe what I imagined turns men on about teachers — the stockings, the heels, the formal, somewhat prudish presentation of a tight bun and glasses that, when undone and removed, revealed a wild woman underneath. I was attempting to sell what I thought the guys would like, but as I described what might happen to them if they didn’t pay close attention in class, I realized that I was really expressing a lot of what I was into ­ commanding.

I posted and waited. When the ad closed two days later, the bid had reached $50 — not too bad for my first time. The man who won emailed me and told me that my post reminded him of a crush he’d had on his teacher when he was a kid – and that’s when my first formal D/s relationship began.


Sam didn’t tell me “I’m a sub” and I certainly didn’t say “I’m a Domme.” Neither of us quite knew these things about ourselves. Perhaps we’d both tapped into them in our own private fantasies, or even in small doses with lovers, but never had either of us navigated a relationship based purely on a D/s kink.

Each time I posted an ad, Sam placed bid after bid and usually, he won. Through our email exchanges, Sam told me more about his teacher crush – he liked the power she held over him, and he’d feel giddy at even the slightest praise she offered him. Fed in part by his stories, I channeled the way I feel standing in front of the classroom. In selling the teacher fantasy, I got to play in a way I never would have in my actual classroom.

In real life, I tend to be shy and reserved. Teaching helps me feel justified in taking control. Often, I become overly concerned for others’ wellbeing and comfort. Teaching allows me to channel that concern into creating good lessons. Having the opportunity to hold more power outside of the classroom intimidated me at first… but then, as I grew more comfortable, it felt really good. I felt whole, alive, and strong.

As a Domme, I was encouraged to think more of myself. Sam became obsessed with winning my auctions, and, if someone outbid him, he’d beat himself up for it and apologize to me. It felt pretty damn good having multiple men fighting over me.

Sam eventually told me he wanted to be my sub. When I asked him what he meant by that, what he wanted, he replied, “I want only the privilege of pleasing you.”

I began taking more initiative. One night, I was out with a friend and decided to tell her about my summer hustle and about Sam. As we were getting ready to pay the bill, it suddenly hit me.

“He’ll get it,” I said.

“Really?” she asked, surprised.

I grinned, high on the certainty that what I said was true. “Yup.”

I sent Sam a message with the cost of the bill, and less than five minutes later, the money was in my account.


This new sense of my own power bled into other areas of my life. I became more confident and a better advocate for myself. In dating, I grew less likely to allow my fear of hurting his feelings outweigh my own sense of wellbeing. If I was into him, I would see him again – if not, I wouldn’t. I didn’t feel the same sense of obligation I had in the past. In my freelance work too, I became more likely to negotiate for higher pay and turn down jobs that didn’t give me what I asked for.

Selling panties online gave me a space to develop my dominant side. Three years later, Sam is still my sub… only now, he’s just one of them. I have also started engaging in a D/s dynamic with a partner in person. That relationship is different but it’s founded on the same principles of power.

What started as a fairly innocent summer job became a way of life. You probably wouldn’t know it from looking at me, but I am a Domme. And that’s about much more than a pair of panties.

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