Hangover Day

Category: Erotica

Author: Suzannah Weiss

It’s my second-to-last night in Germany with you before I travel to my hometown in New York to see my family for New Year’s, and we’re going clubbing with some of your childhood friends. Tomorrow evening will be spent at a Christmas party at your parents’ place, so this is really my last night of fun here. We each wrap up some work on the couch before we leave, then you take me by surprise by snuggling close to me and kissing me. I kiss back and you run your hands over my breasts and hips and thighs. Soon, you’re taking off my pants, then my underwear, and kissing your way down my stomach.

I lay back on the couch and get comfortable while you crawl between my legs and kiss lower and lower, until your tongue is on my clit. I love when you surprise me like this. You put a finger in and press it upward just as I like it, then lick the most sensitive part of my clit, right at the bottom. I contemplate how nice it is to have someone who knows each part of your body this well. No instructions to give, nothing to worry about; I can just rest my head on the pillow as you do all the work.

As your tongue presses firmly on that bottom part of my clit, an orgasm sneaks up on me so quickly I barely notice it happening. “Mm!” I squeal as my pussy contracts around your finger. I feel an amazing sense of release but I still want to keep going. You don’t even think about stopping. You cup your lips over my clitoral hood and move your tongue back and forth with more pressure, still pressing your finger upward. Just when I think it can’t feel any better, you start circling your tongue.

“‘Mm!’ I squeal as my pussy contracts around your finger. I feel an amazing sense of release but I still want to keep going.”

“Mm, baby, that feels so good,” I moan, tilting my hips up to meet your mouth. You lift yourself off me for just a second to smile up at me, growl hungrily, then dive back in. I adore your enthusiasm. You move your tongue back down and then back up, and as I feel you lick in circles again, catering to my whole pussy, another orgasm hits me — a big, full-body one this time. My legs vibrate, my stomach clenches, my hips undulate up and down, and my voice calls out in several satisfied moans.

You get up to kiss me with a smile, then tell me, “Let’s get ready.”

We hold hands on the train and receive glow sticks as we enter the club. It’s one of those avant-garde clubs where people dance from midnight until the following afternoon, with a swing on one dance floor and a little treehouse lined with mattresses on the other. Your friends kiss me on the cheek as I greet them, and you order me a gin and tonic — the very first drink you ordered me at the club where we met. I don’t even need to tell you what I want — in the bedroom or at the bar.

I fold my glow stick into a crown and place it on my head, and Stefan puts another one in my hand. “You’re the Statue of Liberty!” he says. I laugh at his fascination with my home state and country. Then he reaches out his hand. “Do you want some?” He opens it to reveal an orange pill.

I try not to make a habit of this but we’re technically on vacation, so I figure why not. I bite it in half, put the second half in my back pocket, and wash down the first with my gin and tonic.

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About half an hour later, you dance up to me and grab my hands. “You are the center of my universe,” you inform me with an admiring gaze. I’m guessing you took something, too. But that doesn’t make your pronouncement less genuine. I know it’s bringing out what you were already thinking. And I feel the same way. With your hands still in mine, I swing you around in circles. We laugh as we spin along to the techno beats, and I blurt out a non-sequitur: “Today you made me cum twice!” It’s rare that this happens, and I’m usually too shy to talk about it. But in this state, I can’t contain my excitement.

“Really? I only noticed once. You should say something.”

“No, it was twice.”

You high-five me. “Next time, three times!”

“For you, too!”

I dance across the floor and run into your friend Petra. With no self-control, I start telling her about our little pre-party rendezvous, but she just replies, “TMI.” Luckily, I’m too high to be embarrassed.

The remainder of the night seems to happen in fast-forward. Stefan and I talk about our families as we flip through the photos on our phones in the treehouse, Petra teaches me a conspiracy theory about Ivanka Trump, and I rest my head in your lap on the train ride home. You give me a glass of orange juice and some magnesium before we pass out.

The sun comes up the next day, and I know the drill: It’s hangover day. I’ll feel lethargic and probably cry for no reason. But hangovers aren’t so bad when I get to spend them in bed with you. Plus, there are some pleasant after-effects… My body feels sensitized and hungry for touch, and the lovey-dovey feeling that makes us utter sentimental phrases like “you are the center of my universe” hasn’t faded.

“Hangovers aren’t so bad when I get to spend them in bed with you. Plus, there are some pleasant after-effects…”

Perhaps because of this amorous feeling, you look especially adorable to me. Your big innocent eyes look even more puppy-like. On top of that, it seems like your inner “cuddle monster”, as we like to call it, is coming out. First thing in the morning, you wrap your arms around my naked body. “Attack of the cuddle monster!” I jokingly scream as I wiggle out of your grasp. I turn toward you, and we spend a few minutes running our hands up and down each other’s bodies. I love to feel the softness of your hair, the firmness of your arms, the squishiness of your butt. And every touch of yours seems to send an electrical current through me. Your hands on my nipples make me wet. Suddenly, I want you, need you, immediately.

You prop yourself up on your elbow and lean over to press your full, soft lips against mine. It’s like my tactile perception has been magnified. I lean into the kiss, opening my mouth to feel yours more fully, slightly gliding in my tongue. You run your hands over my butt and then through my pubic hair, making me whimper with desire.

You know my vagina’s extra sensitive right now, so you slowly ease a finger in. When you take it out and rub it over my clit, I can feel how ridiculously wet I am. I reach between your legs and start rubbing your dick with my hand. I can’t get enough of how the skin feels: the smoothness of the foreskin, and the firmness of the head. It grows bigger, reaching up to greet me, expanding to fill my hand. “Can I suck it?” I ask. You’re as excited to receive the question as I am to hear you say “yes”.

My mouth can detect the delicious smoothness of your skin even better in this state. Your body trembles as I get down between your legs and start licking your shaft up and down. I explore you with my tongue, circling around the top of the head, feeling each crevice, making you moan. It feels and tastes so good, I want it in my pussy now. “Please fuck me,” I whisper.

You get up to get a condom, and I ask if I can put it on for you. I love getting this close and intimate with you. I unfold it onto you gently, running my hand down your cock a few times to smooth over the material. Then, I suck you a little longer, just to make sure you’re nice and hard for me.

“You get up to get a condom, and I ask if I can put it on for you. I love getting this close and intimate with you.”

I spread my legs to invite you into my body, awaiting you wet and warm and welcoming. My pussy folds around your cock and pulls it in as you get on top of me. Your eyes grow wide as you slide in. “Oh, god,” you groan.

“Yes, fill me up.” I encourage you to go deeper, until I can feel the head of your cock brush up against my cervix. You’re submerged in me now, with my pussy’s outer lips pressed against your pubic bone. Your shaft caresses the pink folds of my inner labia as you slowly withdraw yourself. I cry out as I feel your stiffness thrust back into me. It’s automatic now; instinct takes over. You scooch yourself up toward the head of the bed to get just the right angle, then put your hands over mine so that I stay in place. I moan to encourage you, and you roll your hips upward, just as I like it. I spread my legs wider to let more of you in.

“Mm, baby, I’m going to cum if you keep doing this.”

“Yes, cum for me,” I smile, thrusting my hips up to meet yours. I can feel your balls against my ass as we both move faster, then you let out a few satisfied grunts. I wrap my legs around you just to make it last even longer. You sigh with pleasure and relief as you finally pull out, your cock relaxing and softening.

The moment my pussy is empty again, I realize I want you back in. “Do you think you could get hard again and put on another condom?” I ask.

“I can try.”

I want to put the condom on you again, so you kneel on the bed in front of me. But first, I sensuously remove the first, tucking my finger around the ring at the bottom, ever so slowly inching it up, then carefully lifting it off, tying it, and throwing it away.

“Hmm, your cock still looks like it could use some cleaning up.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yes. I’ll take care of that.” I take the whole thing into my mouth, sucking as I lick up and down the sides, then looking up into your eyes and laughing as I circle my tongue around the head to get it all.

Once you’re ready, I take the second condom out of our bedside drawer and wrap you up once more. Luckily, all my sucking and licking has made you hard again. I lie back down, smirking up at you innocently, and lift my legs to expose my swollen red pussy. The visual is enough to get you even harder, and your instinct takes over again. You grab my legs to make sure my pussy stays open for you and slowly ease yourself into me.

“Ohh yes, please, more,” I moan as I feel you back inside me.

“That feel good?”

“Mm yes.” I imagine the neighbors must hear me by now, but I can’t control my voice. I whimper and moan as your cock grows bigger in me, massaging the upper wall of my pussy. I can feel my clit grinding against your stomach with each thrust. “Ah yes baby,” I cry. My voice propels you to go faster. Your hands grip my legs harder, and my eyes widen as I wonder if you’re about to cum again.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming again,” you confirm my suspicions. I smile. You throw your head back, grind your hips upward, and let out a moan. You keep thrusting until you’re done, grabbing my ass with one hand to make sure I don’t dare move away, and I’m perfectly happy to stay there.

“You keep thrusting until you’re done, grabbing my ass with one hand to make sure I don’t dare move away, and I’m perfectly happy to stay there.”

After you slow down and withdraw yourself once again, you ask me what time it is.

I look over at my phone. “It’s 2pm.”

“We’re late for my parents’ party.”

“Okay, we’ll go soon. Will you let me take off your condom first?” I need to feel and taste your cock just a little longer. I’m addicted to it.

“I’d like that.”

“Lie back down.”

You lie back on the bed, your legs slightly spread, your cock falling over to your right side. I try to take the condom off with my mouth, but soon realize it’s going to get messy. Instead, I use my hand again, then once it’s nice and wrapped up, I suck on you as I bob my head up and down.

“I don’t want you to show up at your parents’ all messy,” I laugh as I look up at you.

“Mm, thank you, that’s nice of you,” you smile.

You lean back and relax and let out a sigh, spreading your legs wider so I can fit my whole body in between them. I hold my left hand around your shaft, moving it up and down along with my mouth to make sure every inch of you is covered. When my mouth gets tired, I put both my hands on the shaft while giving the head little licks with my tongue. I lick over the slit at the top, on the frenulum, and over the edges. “Mm, that’s so intense,” you tell me.

It’s a game now: how long can I go on pleasing you? I take you as far as I can into my mouth. “Mm, I love that,” you respond. I bob up and down again, and you start thrusting your hips to meet me. I have a feeling that despite all the cum I’ve already licked off you, you’re not empty completely. It’s my mission to get more out of you. My jaw starts to get tired but I don’t quit until I hear you announce “oh baby, I’m cumming” once more, and more of your fluids hit the back of my throat. I lift my head up higher to suck on the head, getting out every last drop.

“I have a feeling that despite all the cum I’ve already licked off you, you’re not empty completely. It’s my mission to get more out of you.”

“I think you’re finally clean now,” I smile.

“I think so,” you say with a satisfied grin. Then, you reach down to feel my pussy. “But what about you? I love how wet it makes you to suck my dick.”

In my hungover state, I’m not sure if I can cum (though, apparently, this has the opposite effect on you). But there’s no harm in giving it a try. I grab my trusty suction vibrator from the drawer, hand it to you, and splay my legs out as you lower it over my clit. My hips rise off the bed to meet it, then lower down to evade the intensity, then move side to side so it hits just the right spots.

It takes a while, but sure enough, I start to feel the pleasure build up until my body starts shaking. “Mm, yes, keep going, fuck,” I tell you as my pussy convulses then relaxes at last.

“That was amazing,” I gasp for air, suddenly remembering what time it is. “Shouldn’t we go to that party?”

We shower as quickly as we can, then hop on the train. You tell your parents that we overslept. As we sit side by side at their table, I remember our conversation from the previous night.

“We’ve met our goal: three times,” I whisper in your ear.

“You’re right.” You grin. “Next time, your turn.”

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