Good Boy

Category: Erotica

Author: Jo Goforth

It had been a long week of a desperately long month. Bartending in October is essentially a test of strength of mind, body and soul, and the month had flown by in a string of Halloween-themed events. But it’s finally the 31st and, blessedly, Leo does not have work today. Jim, his partner, does but, to be honest, he isn’t mad about that. It means he can have the majority of the day to himself to just relax.

The day passes by easily. He watches a few episodes of Twilight Zone, eats some food that Jim left for him and takes it easy. An hour or so before Jim is due to get home though, he decides that what he really needs is to just take a break from being himself. Almost without thought, Leo finds himself trundling off to the bedroom, opening the closet and grabbing his pup hood. As soon as his hands wrap around it, he feels his shoulders drop, already at ease. And so, he gently tugs it onto his head, letting the leather fit snugly around his face, a second skin letting him ease out of his day-to-day life.

The next hour goes by uneventfully. Back in the living room, he settles down to watch some more TV, his legs tucked up under him, cuddling into himself. This is how Jim finds him, curled up on the couch, in nothing but his boxers and his pup mask, relaxing. If they had been planning to chat about their day, the words die on their lips as soon as they see Leo. Instead, they greet him with a smile, and a soft “hey buddy” before kicking off their shoes and heading straight on over to him, snuggling up behind him.

Jim wraps their arms around him, nudging him to lean back and cuddle in.

“How was your day?” Their hands start rubbing over his shoulders and he sighs into it. “Oh yeah, life is hard for a puppy waiting for his human to come home, huh?” They laugh softly as they massage him gently, warming up the skin underneath their hands.

Leo lets out a little agreeable noise, that Yeah, it is hard, actually.

He can barely remember his name anymore – nor does he need to.

With their hands on Leo’s shoulders, Jim nudges him to turn around before taking his hands and moving him to straddle their lap. Jim is of a slight build, his skin warm and brown and sun-kissed. Leo’s much bigger, both in size and height, his skin dark and cool. His stomach presses against Jim with a solidity that grounds them both. Jim lets their hands run across Leo’s back and down to his ass, their light touch soothing Leo’s skin, helping him relax deeper into himself.

“You’re so good for me, aren’t you?” Jim praises, leaning forward to trace kisses over Leo’s skin.

Leo shivers slightly at the feeling of it, his tail wagging under Jim’s hands. Jim can’t help but smile at the feeling of Leo’s ass moving back and forth, showing them how much he enjoys it. They’ve barely had any time together this month, and if Jim hadn’t come home to Leo already in pup-space, they would’ve suggested it.

Nothing quite feels as intimate as when Leo decides what he really needs is to go nonverbal for a little bit, let go and let Jim take care of him. So Jim keeps him here, just like this, their bodies pressed against one another, Jim’s caresses letting Leo sink further and further into Jim.

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Leo’s head drops onto Jim’s chest. While Jim continued to run feather-light fingers over him, his dick starts to plump. He can’t help it. Every time Jim touches him like this, his body lights up from the inside; tiny little ecstatic pieces of electricity lighting up his skin at their touch.

As he sinks down against Jim, head against their chest, he lets his legs straddle one of theirs. Slowly, he ruts against them. Vaguely, from above him, he can hear Jim teasing him, calling him a “naughty little pup”, but saying, too, that he’s earned this, so they’ll let him today. He’s so far into his own head though, he can barely make out the words. All that really registers is Jim’s hands on him, the warmth of them underneath him, and the need he has building between his thighs.

Leo can feel as Jim stiffens their leg, raising it a little underneath him, to provide better leverage. Leo nuzzles his head against Jim. Jim pets his head. With a smile pressed against their chest, Leo lets out a little happy bark and starts to rut once more. His hips move slowly but desperately against Jim.

“Needy little thing,” Jim breathes out. Leo can hear just how much this is affecting them. He can hear how beautiful they find him. And so he doesn’t stop. He glides his dick down against Jim’s thigh, the friction feeling so, so good. He hasn’t even bothered to take his boxers off, and he can’t be fucked to bother now.


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Jim is petting his head, hand against soft, supple, leather. Petting him like he’s the best pup in the whole world, showering him with affection. Their hands petting his body, reminding him who he belongs to, who will always take care of him. And it makes him lose himself. He can barely remember his name anymore – nor does he need to. All he is – all he wants to be right now – is Jim’s pup, their little buddy. Jim is his. And they will take care of him.

He can feel his cock throb, cum starting to leak out of him. He looks up, eyes desperate and pleading. And Jim laughs – the softest, kindest, laugh he’s ever heard – and says, “Yes, buddy, of course you can come.”

Leo nuzzles his head against Jim’s chest once more and loses himself in his rutting, picking up the pace, so close. And then he hears, “Come for me, baby, come now.” And he does. His eyes close, his body tenses and he comes inside his boxers, pooling cool and wet where it’s trapped between Jim’s thigh, the fabric, and Leo’s stomach.

Jim leans down and kisses his head, right between his pointy ears. “That’s a good boy. You did so good for me, buddy.”

Leo smiles and rests, more content than he’s been since September.

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