Getting in Bed with Silky & Velvet

Category: POV Podcast

Author: Aria Vega

Silky and Velvet have the kind of love story that gives small towns a great name. Silky was a babysitter for two little boys who loved to tell her stories about their adventurous, nomadic uncle. As it turned out, they'd been telling that same uncle about their gorgeous babysitter, and when he returned home to Northern Italy after a journey south to Rome, Velvet's brother/Silky's boss finally introduced the two. It was like they already knew each other.

These two never let the hard times get them down, not even last year. They had the kind of pandemic experience that lots of us would have lusted after, writing music and making porn together. You can even hear an exclusive recording of a song they wrote last March, as they reeled from the shock of the first lockdowns. In this episode, Silky and Velvet chat with Aria about bonding through anger, strange side hustles, and the best parts of being with another bisexual.

Podcast Transcript: