Getting in Bed with Mitsuki & William

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Author: Aria Vega

Lustery couple Mitsuki & William met playing football in the park across from their childhood homes. Then, when they grew up and got their own space, their adventures as erotic artists began. 

You can find Mitsuki and William on Twitter @mitsukisweet and @WilliamSexDick.

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Podcast Transcript:

Aria Vega [00:00:00] This podcast contains explicit content. Listener's discretion is advised. POV by Lustery explores culture, politics and creativity in the sex industry, one point of view at a time. I'm your host, Aria Vega.

Aria Vega [00:00:17] Lusetry couple Mitsuki and William are high school sweethearts whose love story starts even earlier. When they were young kids, William's grandparents lived just a few doors down from Mitsuki, and the pair first met playing football with friends at the park across the street.

William [00:00:33] Yes we was playing football and in the park in front of our houses.

Mitsuki [00:00:38] We met when we were, I think 11? Ten, eleven years old?Then we started as a friends, because I used to play football in the park that was in front of my home. And his grandparents used to live also in the front building that shared the same park that we used to just play there together. So yeah, eventually we started to play together football and that's how we met.

William [00:01:04] But I come from my village that day, and I always go to the mirror [window] and I'd see a one friend playing football. So I go down to play football with him and he was with her. So I met her there.

Aria Vega [00:01:17] So innocent, I love that. So tell me when that friendship started to evolve into something romantic?

Mitsuki [00:01:26] I think it was one year after, because I think we started just spending a lot of time together in the park playing. Yes, just playing. We started to spend every evening, afternoons, evenings, because in Spain, the weather is so good. So we used to spend all the evenings there.

William [00:01:48] Playing, and also we were sitting and talking.

Mitsuki [00:01:52] Eating candy, sitting, just talking.

Aria Vega [00:01:56] Did your first kiss happen in that park?

Mitsuki [00:01:58] Not exactly. Because my mum doesn't allow me to have a boyfriend at that point. So we have one common friend, and she asked you, right?

William [00:02:12] Yeah, my common friend. He asked you...

Mitsuki [00:02:16] ...If I was interested, or if I liked him, like oh, you know, this kind of [childhood] thing, "who you like?" AndI think we also waited a little bit because he asked me to be [his] girlfriend at some point, but he told me, "But now I have to go to my village."

William [00:02:36] No, I went on a holiday.

Mitsuki [00:02:37] A holiday, yeah. So I think this was the first time we kissed.

William [00:02:41] Yeah.

Mitsuki [00:02:41] Now, it was in the door of my building, because it was behind the park, so my mom couldn't see.

Aria Vega [00:02:49] So Mitsuki, when did your mom start to come around on William?

Mitsuki [00:02:53] It was a few years later.

Aria Vega [00:02:55] It took awhile, huh?

Mitsuki [00:02:58] Yes, I think was was around 16, 15.

William [00:03:01] Yeah, kind of.

Mitsuki [00:03:02] She knew something, you know, because....

William [00:03:05] She could smell it! "Something's happening... *sniffs*... too many pheromones!"

Aria Vega [00:03:15] All those teenage pheromones! I mean, you lost your virginity to each other too, didn't you? So I'm sure there was a lot of sneaking around that the that the two of you were doing. How did the two of you go about finding places to fuck when you were a teen?

Mitsuki [00:03:29] Was not that difficult! I don't know, I mean, the first time, first first time, was...

William [00:03:36] ...In my grandpa's house...

Mitsuki [00:03:38] Yes. Because I used to try to go a little bit outside the look [view] of my mum, because my mum used to always see me where I was in the park.

William [00:03:49] Every five minutes, she'd go to the window.

Mitsuki [00:03:50] Not every 5 minutes!

William [00:03:51] Okay, four.

Mitsuki [00:03:54] But yeah, my mum used to be really like, "Where is she?" So I was the one that tried to...

William [00:03:59] ...She was the one!

Mitsuki [00:04:01] ...To do something sexual, because it was already one year after we had started...

[00:04:05] ...Two years.

[00:04:06] ...Two years after we started being boyfriend and girlfriend. And I kind of really wanted to.

Aria Vega [00:04:14] You were ready!

Mitsuki [00:04:16] Yes, I remember the first time he touched my boobs, I had to literally put his hands...

William [00:04:22] ...My hand, she put my hand on her boobies.

Aria Vega [00:04:30] That is so sweet. These memories must feel extra special in hindsight, given how long you've been together. How old are you now?

William [00:04:40] 31 and 30.

Aria Vega [00:04:42] Okay, so you've been together for like 20 years.

William [00:04:45] Almost, almost.

Aria Vega [00:04:48] Well, you met 20 years ago, you met when you were ten or 11. You know, a lot of times people romanticize high school sweetheart stories because they love the idea of meeting their partner so early in life and avoiding all the horrors of dating. But what would people not expect is challenging about meeting your life partner so early and not doing the traditional rite of passage of dating as an adult?

Mitsuki [00:05:14] I think one of the things is that, it's not really easy as people think. You have to really learn how to evolve at the [same] time that your partner is growing, because you changed during the time, your mind changes, you have to change. Everything changes, you know? And it's sometimes it's not easy to just continue. You have to really face some...

William [00:05:40] Okay, I actually [think] you can just continue, because I don't know, my grandpa and my grandma do it. You know, they they met at 16 years [old], okay, you marry, it doesn't matter what happens, tornado, tsunami, you will stay together. But that's not the point.

Mitsuki [00:06:02] It's about continuing to be happy with the person that you have there. So I think it's about a lot of communication.

William [00:06:10] Yeah.

Mitsuki [00:06:13] A lot of communication, yes. And also to try to understand that the needs can be a little bit different, because we don't have the experience... Now, yes, but in that moment we kind of wanted to experience things in life. So that is one thing that most of the people, when they feel that, they break up because, yes, this is the first thing that you do.

Aria Vega [00:06:42] Anything to add to that, William?

William [00:06:43] Well, you need to grow with your couple. You need to listen. You need to try to understand, even if it's not your point. And sometimes you need to find the balance. It's not only one growing in one direction and the other one is like, "I'm going to follow you." Maybe the other one needs to wait a little bit, and give time to the other person to follow you. Because sometimes it's not easy to follow you, because you like one thing and the other one doesn't like it, and you need to learn to like the other thing.

Aria Vega [00:07:16] Mitsuki and William first moved in together when they were about 20 years old. They'd been a couple for many years at that point, but they were still really young and had a lot of growing to do together.

Mitsuki [00:07:26] In the beginning, we moved to one home. My mom moved from the country, so we decided to live together. It was kind of a big house, it had three rooms. So in the beginning we say, "Okay, this room is going to be more like my room with the pinky stuff and everything, because I like it. Then another room, has an office for him for playing games and things like that, and one room for sleep.... But when the months were kind of going, we started to notice that I was used to my mum organizing the things. So yes, was really, really difficult to keep it organized, everything. That month was kind of like, um...

William [00:08:16] I think you are not allowed to say that!

Mitsuki [00:08:18] I'm not allowed because he was the one who was struggling about that.

William [00:08:21] But now I think it's easier, because at that point I was a little bit young. But if I organize something and I take one hour, she can destroy that organized place in 30 minutes.

Mitsuki [00:08:34] Yes. He gets really annoyed about when I put something in a different place, and then he can't he can couldn't find something, and it was because I move it to other places. So, yes, it was a little bit hard, that part, but nothing... Just that that we felt really comfortable about sleeping together. It was really, really easy to sleep together. Also, I used to sleep with the TV on ...

William [00:09:03] Oh no. ...

William [00:09:04] This is something that he wasn't used to.

Aria Vega [00:09:09] I'm like you too, William, I can't do that. It's too much light!

William [00:09:14] Right? Yeah!

Aria Vega [00:09:15] Yes!

William [00:09:15] Thank you!

Mitsuki [00:09:17] But I think when you are more young, your mind is more malleable, so you just kind of do it.

Aria Vega [00:09:26] When you first moved in together, that was also the first time that you started shooting porn together. So tell me about that. Whose idea was that?

Mitsuki [00:09:35] It was mine.

Aria Vega [00:09:37] Oh, yeah?

Mitsuki [00:09:38] Actually, before we started making porn, when I was a teenager, when I was 13, 14, we had a conversation because I got interested in the sexual things about humans. Human sexuality, basically. Not just for watching porn, but also because I got interested in what people can do for work in that. You know, I was really interested to know what was behind in the porn industry.I was really young, but I told him that I wanted to be a porn actress, literally!

Aria Vega [00:10:11] I love it. Listen, you knew what you wanted!

Mitsuki [00:10:16] Yeah, and and I think maybe because at that point, we were having a lot of sex, we were very sexually active. So I thought "Hmm, I can do that!" I wouldn't mind doing it and I feel really interested in that. So yeah, I think at that point he didn't take it too seriously.

William [00:10:34] Of course not. But in that point obviously it was different than now.Now it's really simple to decide and look for it, and you will find websites or places to do it. But in that time, no, there was no internet that's now. You know, it was the two or three channels in the TV and the DVDs, and that's it. So, it was almost like more far away. So that's why I thought,"Oh, she's kidding."

Mitsuki [00:11:03] But for me actually, it was actually kind of like a real idea. I mean, I wasn't really thinking about how to get to that, but I knew like I wanted to be able to do it, or try somehow. But okay, we leave it at that, just a conversation. Then [at] 18, 19,I met one guy that was my friend, and I used to have conversations with him, and I tend to have sexual conversations about people, because I'm really interested in sexuality. So I really enjoyed knowing about [their] sexual life, and what the people do. So with him we had a conversation, and we get to know that he used to go to some place that had peep shows, and he told me that he can actually see couples having sex in front of you.

Aria Vega [00:11:58] Were you really interested in the idea of watching or of performing or both? What was about the peep show that was...?

Mitsuki [00:12:05] Yes, both. He told me about that and I wanted to watch, but then the idea also about working in there was interesting, because I thought "they're couples, they're real couples." It's not just the image of the porn industry, there's people that are doing it right now here. So then I told you about the peep show, but we never did get to go...

William [00:12:27] No, no. Because in that time we was living with our parents in different houses and everything, so...

Mitsuki [00:12:34] But I had that in my mind, and then when we started — No, before we started living together, before I started also modeling. Because before the porn, I started kind of just making fashion modeling before when I was a 16, 17 was when I started modeling. Then when I became 18, I also started to modeling at nude shoots and erotic photos because, I always thought that was so comfortable to for me to be naked. And I don't feel that the view about naked bodies or sexual stuff with people. So I was also really into that kind of things with no effort for myself, you know, it was really natural after that. I think when, before [we] moved, we wanted to look for a job because we were planning to move together. And then I think I was the one, [when] we were going through the street, there was actually a peep show that was on the street, it had a lot of sex shops and everything. I told him, "What about if I can just ask?" And he said, "I don't know" and he stayed outside. I was the one who went into the sex shop and I just directly asked "Hello, I'm interested in knowing what is necessary for working here at the peep show?" And they actually told me if I want to work alone or as a couple, and I said "I have my my partner," and they said "You can make a trial, you will get paid for the trial, of course, but you have to be able to do one hour and a half. So I remember I told him that, and then we were practicing at home.

Aria Vega [00:14:23] I was gonna say, an hour and a half, that's like a little bit long! I mean, I feel like I'm telling on myself, but to perform. That's not necessarily the longest like sex session, but like, that's a long time to be under lights and in front of people, performing live and not on a live stream, or something.

William [00:14:41] First time you hear it you say, "Wow, one and a half hours, it's too much!" But then when you're working, you see, it's different. For example, Saturday, Friday in the evening, then the busy days, you know, in the centrum, then yeah, sometimes you were [going] one half hours straight, then it was a little bit hard. But if you work [during] the week, then maybe you work 10 minutes, then no one comes, then you stop, and start again.

Mitsuki [00:15:13] But yes, we didn't know at that point,also that you can do just oral for 10 minutes or you know, change positions, like that. But in that moment we didn't know, we thought we'd have to be fucking an hour or more!

William [00:15:26] Nonstop!

Aria Vega [00:15:28] That's what my mind heard when you said that, but of course yeah that makes a lot more sense. Natsuki and William have performed in peep shows, both in Holland, where they live now, and their native country, Spain. They've noticed some pretty big differences between the two scenes.

Mitsuki [00:15:43] When we started working, we lived the last five good years of the peep shows, because of the technology thing, also. People before didn't have the access to Internet to come watch whatever they want. They had to go to some places, and the peep show was something more extra that. Oh my God, you can really see they are there.

William [00:16:03] In Spain, they have the peep show a little bit, how you say...

Mitsuki [00:16:06] Underground.

William [00:16:07] In the underground you don't see the peep show till you are really deep. Out here, it's all in one place with lights, everything beeps, all the people are there.

Mitsuki [00:16:16] But that's actually good, because then the people can see, "Oh my God, this is great!"

William [00:16:21] All the tourists, everything, they're gonna go more.

Aria Vega [00:16:23] Are there other settings that y'all like having sex in public in? Like play parties, or sex clubs...?

Mitsuki [00:16:30] Yes, I mean, we started in the peep shows, and after we started doing the peep shows, we start to meet also people that work in the adult entertainment, in the adult industry. We started to meet people that were actually making like shoots for DVDs. And then I remember one of the performers also, they used to make shows, live shows in discotheques, in pubs. So they offered if we wanted to try, if we wanted to work there, and we did it also. Yeah so yeah, it was discos, DVDs...

William [00:17:05] Then we started to work in the live shows.

Mitsuki [00:17:08] Live shows, like in a cabaret, because they also used to have the same company...

William [00:17:14] ...with the stage...

Mitsuki [00:17:15] ...Yes, the same company own the cabaret and the peep show. So in the cabaret, they used to make burlesque performers, and then they have two couples working every week inlive show sex. So they asked us if we wanted to, because we already work in the peep show, they said that if we wanted to do that. But it was a little different than the peep show, because in the peep show, you don't make a show.

William [00:17:41] You have the people there, but there's a mirror between you and the people in the live. So no, the people is there. For you, it's different.

Mitsuki [00:17:49] After that, we started traveling for other places, not just Spain. At the point we were working just in Spain, and after that, we went to Peru for a performance, like live show sex. Then also at that point I also started just by myself doing more [unintellible] and also pussy acrobatics, because I wanted to learn also to do that kind of thing, like with pearls, and with candles.

Aria Vega [00:18:23] You really have taken this as a serious art form, all these genres of of erotic performance. Do you like to watch yourself? Like recordings, in the mirror...? For your individual work, or for work that you make together. I'm always curious if y'all watch your videos.

William [00:18:42] I watch it!

Mitsuki [00:18:44] Yes, he watches. I don't like too much the porn mainstream videos. I like when we do the shows, and someone a make the video from the show on the stage. I like to see that. Yes.

William [00:19:01] I like to watch it because I like to see what you can do better.

Mitsuki [00:19:08] Yeah.

Aria Vega [00:19:09] It seems like you found a way for your creative activities to to bond you and bring you closer. Would you say that's true?

Mitsuki [00:19:15] Yes, because I think in my experience at that point, when I choose to work in this industry, it was because this industry gets me also time to can continue doing the things that I also like myself. Because I always feel that I really need time to continue learning things. The way that this society does it for the people, [you] just go work and spend a lot of time working, then go home and you have a little time for whatever you really want. I always thought that I didn't want to do that. So I wanted to find a way to do the things that I like, and working is something that I like. So I guess that's why I found that, and I felt like it was perfect, because the work at that point was not too much hours. So that led us to continue with our creativity and stuff, and learning a lot of things. So I wanted to keep it that way. So yes, we continue!

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