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Lustery couple Lee & Rei are as kinky as they come. They enjoy a female-led relationship, such that Lee calls all the shots, and keeps Rei as her sex slave. But when it comes to conjuring their creative scenes, their imaginations are beautifully balanced.

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Aria Vega [00:00:00] This podcast contains explicit content. Listener's discretion is advised.

Aria Vega [00:00:06] POV by Lustery explores culture, politics and creativity in the sex industry, one point of view at a time. I'm your host, Aria Vega.

Aria Vega [00:00:17] Lustery couple Lee and Rei are one of those pairings that just seems so in sync. In their debut video for us, the couple wears matching fishnets, knee socks and pleasers. Their kinks range widely from feminization play for Rei to WAM, an acronym for Wet and Messy fetish, to even mummification. Despite their adventurous sex life, they met in a pretty ordinary way.

Aria Vega [00:00:47] [Interview] I know that the two of you met twice, first quote unquote "eons ago," and then more recently again in 2019. Can you tell us that story?

Lee [00:00:58] So we first met either in 2015 or 2017 and, Rei was actually dropping by to do logistics delivery at the place that I worked in. So we just exchange phone numbers. We thought we got along really well, and we kind of let it drift off since he was living in Pennsylvania at the time, I was in Jersey. So we only reconnected around 2019, since he was working in Jersey again. We became friends, and then we became boyfriend and girlfriend, and we actually got married last year.

Aria Vega [00:01:46] Yay! Oh my gosh, congratulations! You're newlyweds!

Lee [00:01:48] Thank you!

Rei [00:01:49] What's kind of cool is when we met the second time, we exchanged FetLife profiles. So that's how we kickstarted our sexual atmosphere together.

Aria Vega [00:01:59] I see... OK, I was totally wondering how you two first picked up that the other was kinky, because the two of you are clearly kinky as fuck, as we can tell you from your incredible blue zentai suits! So for the listeners who cannot see, Miss Lee and Rei are dressed in these beautiful bright blue hentai suits for this interview. Can you explain a little bit about what you're wearing and the accompanying fetish?

Aria Vega [00:02:26] [Voiceover] Hey, listener barging in here to correct a slip of the tongue. I mistakenly referred to the suits that Lee and Rei are wearing as "hentai" suits, but the word I wanted was "zentai." So let's learn the difference, shall we? Hentai is a genre of Japanese anime and manga that's overtly sexual or pornographic. Zentai is also a Japanese word, and it refers to a garment usually made from spandex or nylon that's skin tight and covers the whole body. Zentai has a myriad of purposes, including for special effects in movies and music videos, but it's often used as fetish wear, and that's why Lee and Rei are wearing it during our interview, which you can check out on Instagram TV @lusterypov. Now, back to the interview.

Rei [00:03:12] [Interview] Most of the people know them as morph suits, like in the United States. I guess they're known as morph suits, but we call them zentai outfits because that's what they originated from.

Lee [00:03:22] There's like a following for these kind of suits, like full body from head to toe. It's a whole fetish slash hobby, I guess. Because a lot of people wear them so that they don't have to show the face.

Rei [00:03:35] And that's the thing, too. It's cool because when you're... Not like us now, but back back in the day when we first started doing the kink thing and expressing it outwardly and to the public, it's kind of cool to put the zentai mask on because then you can hide your face and you can be somebody completely different than you are at your daily grind. So it allows you to go out there and be a little bit more promiscuous with yourself, or a little bit more free. But not for us anymore, I mean, we just do it all.

Lee [00:04:07] If you want to just cover up and not get a sunburn *Laughs* just have fun. But people will come up to you and ask you questions if they're brave.

Rei [00:04:21] And it's fun, touching one another inside the zentai outfit. Just rubbing up against one another, feeling a different second skin on the outside, just like latex. Like a different sensation.

Lee [00:04:32] Like, imagine if you were covered in like bike shorts material. That's what the suit feels like.

Aria Vega [00:04:39] Got it. Wow, we love multi-use attire! Speaking of apparel, the pictures that you share with us on your Lustery profile demonstrate a pretty extensive wardrobe of fetish apparel and various gear. I'm curious, do you all have a special closet for all that stuff or is it mixed in with the vanilla attire?

Rei [00:05:01] Actually, we were thinking about originally filming this episode in front of our kink closet.

Aria Vega [00:05:07] Oh, really? *Laughs*

Lee [00:05:08] But it was just a lot of stuff, and a lot of it looked like a bunch of black shiny things, so we figured we might as well just be on a blank background. We'll show it another time!

Rei [00:05:22] But we do have a kink closet here. We're actually looking to buy a new house, and we're looking at a few different houses for that actual practicality, where there'll either be a large enough room for dungeon, or a secondary house on the property so that we can have our kink fun in a whole house.

Aria Vega [00:05:43] Oooh! Oh my goodness!

Lee [00:05:45] There's so much more Lustery stuff we could do!

Aria Vega [00:05:49] [Voiceover] Long before there were designated kink closets and plans to buy a home with a dungeon, Rei had to overcome some ambiguous feelings about the types of things that turned him on.

Rei [00:05:59] [Interview] Once I discovered my taboo fantasies and started playing around, you know, the first the first part you feel guilty, you feel kind of sleazy or weird. But that's all part of the allure as well, because as you got even more and more into it, you begin to understand more who you are. And it's kind of neat.

Lee [00:06:17] So for me,

Lee [00:06:19] maybe we kind of knew each other was kinky to begin with, because we did exchange FetLife profiles. I knew Rei was into WAM, which is wet and messy [fetish], which mostly deals with food, or slimy substances like cake batter. And I'm like, Well, that's not me, but I'm not totally against it. So he opened my eyes to that. Also the zentai thing was not really me, either. I did like tight clothing...

Rei [00:06:48] And you look nice in it! *Laughs*

Lee [00:06:52] But that was just like a like a starter package, and Rei got me into a whole lot of different things that I really enjoy right now.

Lee [00:07:01] We got along on many different levels, and the kink stuff was just a very nice bonus.

Rei [00:07:08] We've gotten now so comfortable with ourselves that we explore it with different people as well. We've done feminization to me, mummification as well, and doing like the cuckold type of play as well and experiencing that, that's been kind of intense, too. We've done public things as well; we have a friend who owns a dungeon and we got to do some fun stuff there. We got to lay in a latex vacuum bed to be touched by multiple hands.

Aria Vega [00:07:39] That's exciting! OK, so help me help me understand a little bit, how do you figure out... What does it look like for the two of you to plan a scene together, or to have the discussions where you figure out what types of things are on the menu? How does that communication happen?

Rei [00:07:57] Sometimes it's just, if I'm getting horny *Laughs* I'll start, I'll start having creative ideas and thoughts and stuff, and if any of them really get my juices flowing, I'm like, Yo, let's do a scene like this, because this idea is kind of hot in my head! And sometimes we actually just make them come true, and make them happen.

Lee [00:08:17] For me, I usually bounce ideas off Rei. So we have similar ideas, but the creative process is different. Usually, we try to think of things that we haven't done together, but we've done, you know, individually or with other people, and then we want to experience that together. So something new with something old. *Laughs*

Rei [00:08:37] Yeah, we got a lot of things on a menu list of different kinks and different scenes and scenarios that we want to actually build. We've actually been location scouting, we've been people scouting as well so that when we can do the different shots....We have some elaborate ideas, eventually I'd like to film a full motion picture that incorporates the kink in the sex in there, instead of it just being like a passing by scene in the film, there's actually a whole sex scene in the film.

Aria Vega [00:09:12] I know Lustery fans would love that so, just throwing that out there! That sounds amazing. One thing that I know the two of you both enjoy is that you are in a female-led relationship and that Rei, you are Lee's sex slave. What does that look like in your day to day life?

Rei [00:09:30] I love it! *Laughs* I've lived my life leading for so long. It's kind of nice to actually have somebody else that's equally intelligent, and more intelligent in a lot of different ways, help guide where to go and be the correct guiding light and there's so many different things. I love that and respect it so much because when I'm able to actually listen and and live for her. It gives me a way to be able to express how much I love her and how much I care for her. How about you? How does it feel tohave a multicultural servant's.

Lee [00:10:14] Well, for me, I really enjoy that. You respect me on a different level than anyone else that I've ever had a relationship with. And on that different level, I trust him completely, and I guess the authority that he provides to me is a different kind of feeling as well, since... In other relationships, it's been kind of like just a fetish that it's a female-led relationships, you know? It's not a real one. And then this one, it's it's actually real. So I don't mind, and it gives me a lot of responsibility, but I'm not greedy. So I do treat him fairly and equally, and he gets admonished when he deserves, but he also gets a lot of rewards.

Aria Vega [00:11:01] What is that sense of responsibility that you feel?

Lee [00:11:05] The sense of responsibility is that since you trust me completely, I can't really do anything, I shouldn't do anything that's endangers his safety or his health, those kind of things. If I was to put him in the cuckold position, I would want everyone to be protected, you know, wear protection, and everyone gets STD testing, that kind of thing. I'm not one of those people who are just like, Yeah, go bareback! we don't know this person, but hey! Whoo! I'm not that kind of person, and I really entrust that this health and safety comes first, and also the mental health aspect. I make sure that he's comfortable with everything that we're doing, before we do it.

Aria Vega [00:11:49] So when did the two of you first decide to start filming your adventures together and sharing them with the world?

Rei [00:11:57] Well, once we were aware of our Fetlife profiles and stuff. We started — for real, we started smashing in the car *Laughs* We were fucking everywhere, yo! There was this one time we wanted to have sex so badly, we were trying to find a driveway that was vacant that we could just pull into and just do it. So we pulled to this one place. It looked like it might have been a business. So we were like, Yeah, they'll be closed, it's OK. So we pull in and I hop over to the passenger's seat, and we start getting naked and start doing it in the car. And all of a sudden I look up to see headlights behind me, and it ended up being the person who owned that property, and they were trying to figure out what we were doing there. But you know...

Lee [00:12:52] He said that we were just stopped to make a phone call *Laughs* Yeah, stopped phone call and he was like *grumbles angrily*

Rei [00:13:01] We started playing around with photos and videos of everything, back then just for our FetLife profiles. And then once we moved from Jersey and Pennsylvania down to Florida, we decided to kick it up and we created a kink website, sort of like a magazine and everything. And that's what helped us get more comfortable in our

Rei [00:13:27] kink world and an expression outward. So that way — it really helped me, too, with the filming. Not only does it turn me on when we start doing the filming and actually getting to see it afterwards, I mean, that's fap material right there for me! It's helped me get out of my comfort zone and my cage. So yeah, we just we just started filming and started to get people's responses and everything else. Once we started getting people together, people liked what we were doing. Then it was on. Then were were like, let's film this, let's do this.

Lee [00:14:02] So I would say it started maybe a year and a half ago, something like that, because we were already in a relationship and we were engaged, and let's just say that the photos and videos on FetLife got such a positive response that we did some things for Pornhub. Then we found you guys, or you found us, I'm not sure what happened, but we found each other and now we're together doing this.

Aria Vega [00:14:39] You know, I have to tell you, I am hearing some version of this story a lot, where it was like, This was truly just a creative thing that we were doing for us for fun, and then the feedback was insane and we just had to keep going. I love that so much, how when that creative spark meets community, that's all that's needed for something really cool to blossom. I'd love to know more about your online magazine. It's called Side of Light, right?

Rei [00:15:12]

Aria Vega [00:15:13] Yes, please tell me about it, and what it's been like to build that together.

Rei [00:15:18] I named it Side of Life because, you know, whether it be a blessed being or a dirty demonic whore *Laughs* They're still part of that light spectrum right there. And so that's that, and then we use use the initials SOL, you know, like a soul. So it's it's part of your soul. And so that's that's where the whole thing started.

Aria Vega [00:15:41] [Voiceover] Lee and Ray launched their online magazine Side of Light a year and a half ago, right around the time they got engaged. In the time since, they've had about two million viewers visit the website, many of whom support production via crowdfunding. Now, the couple has their sights set on creating a kinky video game. They're also plotting how to bring their work to the metaverse, or a digital approximation of our physical reality, complete with avatars for each of us. This is the technological frontier being explored by the company formerly known as Facebook.

Rei [00:16:14] [Interview] Sort of like Ready Player One, that movie, but we can have access to a lot of different worlds and a lot of different things. So we're making our own.

Aria Vega [00:16:22] Wow. It never occurred to me like what the Metaverse looks like, because I kind of get the concept as Zuckerberg has been explaining it. But what I haven't totally grasped is like, what is the technological slash media landscape outside of just this one company? Is it trying to build infrastructure that everything else feeds into? You know, how the App Store is like the arbiter of like everything that we're able to use on our phone, are they trying to create the infrastructure that everyone else has to build out their corner of the metaverse?I don't I don't really have a sense of how all that fits together. How does someone like you, an independent creator, participate in this new landscape? Because it sounds like if Zuck has it his way, social media will like shift entirely over to this new landscape.

Rei [00:17:15] It's a tricky thing. There's a lot of questions that still are unanswered. But I mean, when you when you think of things like Elon Musk and the neurolink network, that could potentially be as well part of the metaverse where we can have our consciousness physically go into this alternate world, this alternate reality while still being here... I know that sounds sci fi, but it's already happening. These things are possible right now where it goes from there, who the heck knows? But for us, our little piece of pie is, we're creating what we can with the experiences that we have with Side of Light and with our kinks, and everything else. We've been working on creating that world so that when people, when they go to this planet, they can interact with human species and alien species, so that way if you're not comfortable with

Rei [00:18:13] exposing your fetishes and your things to another humanoid, they may feel more comfortable with an alien and that they can understand it. Thenthey can understand it and and feel the sensations and everything. And there's actually the synaptic body suits right now, where you can completely feel somebody else touching you that's in another part of the world.

Aria Vega [00:18:38] And isn't there such enormous potential there for — I'm just thinking about sexy and kinky tools and tech that are a natural extension of that sort of somatic transmitting technology there. Do you ever think about sex tech innovations that you would create if you could, or that you would love to see?

Rei [00:19:00] Oh my gosh, yes! *Laughs*

Aria Vega [00:19:03] I had a feeling! *Laughs*

Rei [00:19:05] I want to do a latex art gallery where somebody gets fully immersed in a latex room. There's so much fun that we can do with kink and that whole realm, even if we incorporate it into things that you don't typically think are kinky, and then just, putting it out there so people are more comfortable with it.

Aria Vega [00:19:25] I mean, we're like you said, we're already here. The technology exists, it's just a matter of getting it paired with the idea that has the potential to really take off. What would you say is your favorite part of being erotic content creators in particular? You're very creative people, you're always making things. But in terms of being, you know, kinky creators, porn performers, however you think of your work. What is it about that aspect that that gets you going?

Rei [00:20:04] Can I get this?

Lee [00:20:04] Sure, go ahead!

Rei [00:20:05] I get to do all the things that I use to fap and dream about. *Laughs*

Aria Vega [00:20:11] Hell yes!

Lee [00:20:14] Well, for me, since I kind of had a very strict household growing up, I wasn't able to experience a lot of these things, so it's it's very fulfilling as an artist to have your drawings come to life. So they're not even fantasies anymore. They're just like a to-do list. A sexy to-do list! You know, not one that you're like, Oh crap, I have to do this. So one that I look forward to doing, and somebody that I love is able to [unintelligible].

Rei [00:20:52] I think that's one of the coolest things that I can say in our relationship to is I'm able to say, Hey, I think this that excites me or I'm kind of interested in this, what do you think about this? And I can actually get honest feedback back. Most of the time, we'll get to

Rei [00:21:09] experiment with it, and that's that's so much better than my previous relationships where it might have been — I wouldn't be able to talk about that or I would get negative interference, a negative reception. So it's kind of great to just be able to be this open, and with us making the content, it allows us, you know, that extra nudge to say, Well, we're going to try it out and we're going to film it. So we're really going to do it. We're going to set the schedule to do it, and we're in the zone where we start filming it and everything else, and we can't break down now, we're already at the key to the moment. We've got to take it!

Lee [00:21:46] Remember [unintelligible?] *Couple laughs*

Aria Vega [00:21:53] Wait, what are what are we reminiscing about?

Lee [00:21:56] Well, we have a little inflatable swimming pool that we use to cool off because, we live in an apartment so we don't have a lot of space. So it's like, I don't know, a six foot diameter, little inflatable swimming pool. And he likes to

Lee [00:22:13] experiment with slime and cake batter and icing. So I said, Well, let's buy some slime and let's make a whole swimming pool with it. So we decided to do this on a very hot day, which was good, since slime is actually very cold and clammy. Imagine climbing into like, a hole with jello.

Rei [00:22:33] Produced by snails! *Laughs*

Lee [00:22:41] So we decided to douse ourselves in it dress in schoolgirl outfits. *Laughs* So it was very strange and I was like, OK, this is off the list now, are you happy? And he was happy. And we had awful trouble getting the slime out of our clothing, but it was worth it.

Lee [00:22:58] And our orifices!

Aria Vega [00:23:04] That's Lustery couple, Lee and Rei. If you're 18 or older and you like porn that's as creative as it is kinky, check out their work on Is anyone out there working on some exciting new sex tech that you'd like to share with the POV community? You can reach me at, or you can find me on Twitter @vegadreamcast. If you're into the show, please leave us a five-star rating and a review. POV is brought to you by Lustery, and this episode was hosted by me, Aria Vega. It was edited and produced by Kathryn Fischer and Adrienne Teicher, and our showrunner is Paulita Pappel. Lustery is the home of real-life partners filming their sex lives behind closed doors. If you're 18 or older, you can find us at, and we're on Twitter and Instagram @lusterypov. Thanks for Getting in Bed, lovers!