Getting in Bed with Knotty & Koras

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Author: Aria Vega

Lustery couple Knotty & Koras admired each other from afar before teaming up to shoot a scene together. But they discovered more chemistry than expected, igniting a connection rich with passion and creativity— plus a penchant for breaking the rules.

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Podcast Transcript:

Aria Vega [00:00:00] This podcast contains explicit content. Listener's discretion is advised. POV by Lustery explores culture, politics and creativity in the sex industry, one point of view at a time. I'm your host, Aria Vega. Lustery couple Knotty and Koras are content creators based in California. While many Lustery couples enter the adult industry for the first time as a pair, Knotty and Koras had already established themselves as performers by the time they had met. They made initial contact over social media to discuss filming a scene together, and at first things were strictly business.

Koras de Silva [00:00:39] I had noticed Knotty on the internet for a number of years, and I just thought she was really, really fascinating. I was hanging around for a while and then, I didn't hear anything. Then eventually I got her on Twitter, because I wanted to work with her and we ended up eventually connecting.

Knotty Peach [00:00:58] Well, initially, I guess my Twitter was being funky or whatever, but I wasn't really reading my DMS or getting them. Then eventually I just opened something up from him, and then I looked at his profile and I thought that all of his work was very beautiful, because he also produces and directs his own movies and things like that. So he has his own eye for things, and so I was already intrigued on how his creative process went. So I was like, Alright, maybe I'll try and connect with this person. I didn't usually make partnered content before any of that. I've made like a few things here and there, but usually I do a lot of solo stuff, and like live stream type stuff to, or one-on-one chats. So yeah, once he kind of hit me up, I was like, Alright, well, I think this might be like my chance to kind of, like, connect with somebody and start making some interesting stuff. So then we got together and just kind of started becoming like, inseparable, essentially, or just wanting to create content at first and just be content partners and whatever. Then I was just like, Oh, I like you a lot more than I thought.

Koras de Silva [00:02:14] Actually, when we first started talking, it was a pretty obsessive thing. We would be on FaceTime for like, 6 hours.

Knotty Peach [00:02:22] I felt like I was in high school right when people got phones, that's when you were talking to people forever. But I hadn't done that since high school, so then once we started connecting like that, we were just talking nonstop, like, I need to see your face! Even though you would be a dork half the time. It was cute and fun.

Koras de Silva [00:02:38] Then the first time we met up was at midnight, just a hook up. And then that became an everyday thing. We didn't even shoot our own shit for awhile.

Knotty Peach [00:02:49] Then we just started like cultivating our own relationship. You know, we wanted to hook up and see if we were compatible to make content. Then once we did hook up, we were just kind of hooked on each other, more or less, and then we were just like, Whoa, now we're invested in creating something.

Koras de Silva [00:03:05] We forgot about the porn part for a while.

Knotty Peach [00:03:07] Yeah.

Koras de Silva [00:03:08] Our first, like, debut scene...

Knotty Peach [00:03:10] ...was when I shaved my head and I was blonde!

Koras de Silva [00:03:12] Yeah.

Knotty Peach [00:03:13] We shot in that hotel room. I had, like, a bunch of different hairstyles by then.

Koras de Silva [00:03:17] We had met that February but didn't begin shooting until the end of the summertime.

Knotty Peach [00:03:22] Yeah.

Aria Vega [00:03:23] Part of why Knotty and Koras bonded so quickly was because of their timing. Their courtship took place over the earliest days of the pandemic, when there was little else to do but to bond over FaceTime.

Koras de Silva [00:03:34] It made it a lot more exciting too, because we weren't supposed to be meeting strangers.

Aria Vega [00:03:39] You like the rule-breaking, okay!

Knotty Peach [00:03:43] Naughty, but we were safe about it. Then once we were together, we were inseparable, so it was just like, Well, now you're in my pod. So here we are, just doing the thing together. Us against the pandemic.

Aria Vega [00:03:56] So you're meeting each other, you're connecting, you're creating content... You talk in your video about a real fondness for novelty and play in your sex life, and I'm curious about the ways that you like to introduce that.

Koras de Silva [00:04:09] We've been doing a lot of roleplaying because like we became monogamous, so we'll fuck with each other...

Knotty Peach [00:04:15] It's like button-pushing roleplay, almost.

Koras de Silva [00:04:17] Yeah. Like, Oh by the way, I just dicked down so-and-so, kind of working each other up and getting off, so like a jealousy role, even though it's literally just not real, but it's kind of exciting.

Knotty Peach [00:04:31] To just fantasy.

Koras de Silva [00:04:32] Yeah, I think that's kind of an ongoing thing with us, is rule-breaking.

Aria Vega [00:04:37] When you each have a fantasy that you want to bring to each other, how does that come up in conversation with you?

Koras de Silva [00:04:42] Oh, it will literally come up as a joke.

Knotty Peach [00:04:44] Yeah, it will come up kind of as a joke, and then it'll be like... Okay well, whether it comes up right then or later in conversation, it might be like, "Oh, so you know when you said this earlier, well what does that mean? Do you want to talk about that more? And then we just indulge and then it just like helps us fuel the fire, which is super fun.

Koras de Silva [00:05:05] I also like to share a lot of the pornography I watch.

Knotty Peach [00:05:08] Yeah.

Aria Vega [00:05:09] Do you like to watch your own porn together?

Koras de Silva [00:05:11] Yeah.

Knotty Peach [00:05:12] Yeah, definitely. I mean, the stuff that we have created is just gorgeous! Honestly, I'm always very satisfied and happy with how it turns out. Plus, I mean, I'm a dork too, so like, even when there's a funny moment or something, it's enjoyable.

Aria Vega [00:05:27] And Koras knows how to handle that, right? You said that you have directed and written your own, producing your own content?Tell me more about that, I sort of caught it in passing.

Koras de Silva [00:05:36] Yeah, so before I was just straight performer, just working for other companies and whatnot. And then, you know, I like got to a point where I was getting kind of bored of that. I didn't really feel too fulfilled after the first few times. You know, that's kind of all it is, it's like the same thing over and over again, every single time. I also have an art school background too, and I'm classically educated in film and photography and a lot of this stuff that I was getting hired to do. I kind of felt like some of it was sort of mediocre. I mean, no shade, but I was like, you know I can do this way better. So I started just booking my own models and doing trades with people. Like how I was going to do it with her, you know, I just hit them up or like people would hit me up. The first time I did an amateur scene with somebody, a trade scene, and they were directing the whole thing, and so I kind of got a feel for how that works. I enjoy way more the professional side, because you don't have to meet all these expectations. That environment is very relaxed. It's not as intense. It's not a lot of pressure either. That's why we signed up for this, you know? So I started to make my own sites and it worked out really well for me. Honestly, I think I want to produce and direct solely after I retire as a performer for as long as I possibly can. And I feel like that's sort of my niche. The visual creation is what I'm addicted to, really.

Knotty Peach [00:07:02] And that like, the world deserves your art. I don't know, you have a beautiful way of capturing people and just like film in general.

Aria Vega [00:07:09] For Knotty, teaming up with Koras to create content was a great excuse to stretch her own creative muscles.

Knotty Peach [00:07:15] Previously, I feel like I was doing a lot more femme domme work, domme work. I still had a lot of switch content throughout as well, but as soon as I was getting with Koras, I was down to make that type of content in the way of, I'm down to submit and do the thing. And usually I wouldn't necessarily put that kind of stuff out because sometimes my customers can have it in their heads that a domme can't also be submissive to a man, you know? So I kind of had to brand myself a little bit differently, or stand my ground, in a way, of who I am and how I brand and what I make and whatnot, as well as being able to add on what everybody else is interested in now that they see us together. So I like being able to have someone else to create with. It gets to be a lot more interactive and fun and you get to bounce ideas off each other. And I feel like it's less pressure, because like if you're not feeling it in the mind, coming up with like ideas or something like that, then someone else can fill in, in that way. And it's, it's shows like if you need to get something done, you got backup.

Koras de Silva [00:08:25] I also think that's why a lot of our content that we have together does so well, mainly because she's submitting in a lot of it, and that's not what her audience is used to seeing, so it's actually really special.

Knotty Peach [00:08:37] Yeah. So right as it comes out, people are like eating it up,they're like, Where's more? We want more! And I'm like, Okay, well, I'm also busy doing like the other stuff too. And plus of course has other work that he does as well. So it's like, you know, sometimes it's a little harder to plan something, especially you want to look a certain way, because for me, I issue a lot more, maybe amateur type stuff and he has more of a professional eye for how you shoot. So sometimes it takes a little bit more effort to shoot in the way that we want, but it's fun is definitely interesting. I like being able to like say it's on my repertoire as.

Aria Vega [00:09:12] Well and you guys like do like other sort of creative things together, don't you? What kind of other creative outlets do you have individually or as a couple for?

Knotty Peach [00:09:19] He he went to art school. He does a bunch of different types of visual art. I mean, I do a bunch of different visual art escapades and things like that too, just random stuff. We like to go out and roller skate a lot. I mean, it's not really creative, but it's like flow art.

Aria Vega [00:09:35] I was going to say, yeah, I count rollerskating, very much so.

Knotty Peach [00:09:39] We just started doing that together. So that's been fun.

Koras de Silva [00:09:42] Yeah, she got me into rollerskating.

Knotty Peach [00:09:45] Yeah.

Koras de Silva [00:09:45] And you paint and draw... She makes these small trinkets with resin. Will you talk more about that? I think that's so cool.

Knotty Peach [00:09:54] Well yeah! I I make a bunch of different crafts like anything like essentially that I think of creatively, I can make it more or less.I was super into resin for a while, so I had all these bugs that I had found that had passed away. I was living up north in the desert so I had a bunch of praying mantises and spiders and scorpions and I just put them on resin as well as combining like my own Polaroids, my one of a kind Polaroids, my nudes and things like that. I would cut them out and I would place them into certain things, like I have a little... what's that called? It's like a canister, you drink water out of it? Anyways, I have a little emblem that I put in, and my Polaroid in like a resin covering. So it's like I make little trinkets that are unique to me and what I do. As well as, I do all kinds of stuff: embroidering, sewing, creating clothes and, I don't know, I just do anything I find— I just have a bunch of little ADHDhobbies all over the place. And I've got a lot of crafts and all these cubbies around, so.

Aria Vega [00:10:58] So Koras is into the 2D stuff and you're more into the 3D stuff?

Knotty Peach [00:11:02] He does a lot of sculpture and stuff too, though.

Koras de Silva [00:11:04] Yeah, one of my majors was sculpture, like large-scale sculpture. But since graduating out of school, I don't really have the space to do giant things anymore. If I do it's gotta be absolutely perishable. But lately I've been focusing back into more fine art photography, because that was my original medium before I even got into school. The program I was in was an interdisciplinary. So I got interested in other things. My freshman year in college, I realized how much I didn't really like photo kids, so I studied performance, fine art film. I do a lot of fine art film too, aside from like the porn stuff, too. Safe For Work things, a lot of reading, writing, poetry. I did musc for a long time, but that's too overwhelming for me at the moment.

Aria Vega [00:11:49] Ya'll just sound like prolific creators, but where do you derive your inspiration and your creative energy?

Knotty Peach [00:11:58] Probably from love, pain and passion. Yeah.

Aria Vega [00:12:03] Yeah, powerful emotions.

Knotty Peach [00:12:03] Yeah, and just being inspired by others, too. At least for me, I see people making such cool stuff on the internet nowadays, especially because the lockdown has forced people to kind of get more hobbies and kind of figure out different things to spend their time on. So I see a lot of people creating a whole bunch of stuff and I just get inspired. I'm like, Alright well, they're out here making something. I might as well get in there and do something too.

Koras de Silva [00:12:32] Yeah, I get inspired by solutions to problems and mainly just consuming a lot. A lot of media too, like that can be movies, books, news articles, recent research. Science is a really huge component of my inspiration. I'm obsessed with science. Death is a big one too. Corpses. They things like that. I like taxidermy on a bunch of weird shit like that, too.

Aria Vega [00:12:59] So, do you live together?

Koras de Silva [00:13:00] No, not yet.

Knotty Peach [00:13:01] Not yet.

Aria Vega [00:13:02] Not yet. I was. I was going to ask if you had a creative space, like some sort of studio in your home or that you...

Koras de Silva [00:13:11] That's the plan.

Aria Vega [00:13:11] How do you envision it?

Knotty Peach [00:13:12] Our aesthetics are completely different.

Koras de Silva [00:13:14] Yeah, so we won't be sharing like a bedroom or anything.

Knotty Peach [00:13:17] No, we would have separate bedrooms because we just have different aesthetics and different likes for how we... We just want our stuff to be, but like communal space. I feel like probably something that'll be really cool and interesting.

Koras de Silva [00:13:30] I don't think we really need a dining room,know what I mean?

Aria Vega [00:13:35] I know, it seems like such a passé concept, a dining room.

Koras de Silva [00:13:39] Yeah, because I mean. I mean, think about, like, how many people do you know with dining rooms who even use them? They're just aesthetic...

Knotty Peach [00:13:45] My parents dining room is extra.

Koras de Silva [00:13:46] $800 fucking table that no one sits at. Maybe twice a year, maybe.

Knotty Peach [00:13:51] And you have a kitchen table, well my parents, they have a kitchen table and a dining room table. No one's allowed in there!

Koras de Silva [00:13:58] You know, I think it'd be sick to have a garage to make things out of, too. Wherever I can store my surfboards.

Knotty Peach [00:14:05] Oh my gosh, yes. He has so many surfboards.

Aria Vega [00:14:08] You surf, too. Oh, my God. You are truly a renaissance man!

Koras de Silva [00:14:14] Yeah, I just get bored a lot.

Knotty Peach [00:14:18] That's true.

Koras de Silva [00:14:19] To try to learn new things a lot.

Knotty Peach [00:14:21] Yeah. Which I'm going to be teaching you snowboarding, hopefully. That would be cool.

Aria Vega [00:14:25] By the way, something I— I caught on to this and I got so excited. You like the idea of separate bedrooms down the line when you're living together? Because I have been say, I have said this for as long as I can remember, that if I'm going to live with a partner, which is something I've never done at this point, that's kind of like non-negotiable for me.

Knotty Peach [00:14:43] Yeah!

Aria Vega [00:14:44] I'm a very light sleeper. I find it hard to share a bed, even [with] people that I'm really fond of. And yeah, I just need more silence then sharing a bedroom would allow.

Koras de Silva [00:14:54] Yeah. And I mean like sharing the bed is such a special part of being together, that I feel like if that just became too commonplace it would eliminate all the spark altogether. Because like I've been in relationships before when I wasway, way younger and the concept of having two bedrooms wasn't even a thought. But it didn't work long term because of it, you know what I'm saying? Like, it's just.,,

Knotty Peach [00:15:17] Too much.

Koras de Silva [00:15:18] You feel like you don't have an option. It kills a really significant part of your attraction .

Knotty Peach [00:15:24] Yeah. Or if you just need your own space, it's nice to just be like, I need to go to my room for a minute, you know?

Aria Vega [00:15:34] And you're intentional about... You might even still sleep in the same bed most nights, but having the choice.

Knotty Peach [00:15:39] Yeah, the choice.

Koras de Silva [00:15:40] Exactly, that's exactly what it is.

Knotty Peach [00:15:42] 100 percent.

Aria Vega [00:15:43] Yeah, I'm such a strong advocate of this. Even living apart I think I would even... If we were nearby to each other, like not living apart, like long distance.

Knotty Peach [00:15:52] Yeah we're close enough, we're in the same city, at least, but still we still end up texting each other "I miss you" type stuff. Eventually we'll get together with our separate rooms.

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