Getting in Bed With Chris And Kate

Recent arrivals on Lusteryscreens, Kate and Chris Marley are no strangers to baring it all on the internet. In fact, it’s their intimacy, openness and willingness to share their passion –and the vulnerability and deep connection that comes with it –have earned them a global fanbase. That said, it only takes a moment with the down-to-earth couple to realise that they’re each other’s greatest fans.

As we celebrate the month of love, Wyoming-based pair tell us about how they met, what love means to them, why they campaign for slower, more meditative and altogether more present sex, and how they came to be viewed by millions doing the thing that comes most naturally in the world to them.

Getting in Bed With Chris And Kate

February 12, 2021

It took crawling into bed together for Kate and Chris to really start getting to know each other. This time Lustery is invited along for the latest in our “Getting in Bed” series...