Getting in Bed with Alice & Mr. Right

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Author: Aria Vega

Lustery couple Alice & Mr. Right are an OkCupid success story, and they’re even more compatible than the 97% match had indicated. Their romance has blossomed in a series of settings, including their local BDSM club and out on the road while living the #VanLife.

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Podcast Transcript:

Aria Vega [00:00:00] This podcast contains explicit content. Listeners discretion is advised. POV by Lustery explores culture, politics and creativity in the sex industry one point of view at a time. I'm your host, Aria Vega. Lustrey couple Alice and Mr. Right have been together for four years. Based in the Pacific Northwest, these two are known for their mutual affinity for anal play. They're an especially down-to-earth couple who can usually be found touring the United States in a camper.

Mr. Right [00:00:34] We are pretty frugal with how we do it. We do a lot of what's called boondocking, which is essentially going and doing dispersed camping where there's no hookups or anything. You're totally self-reliant: generator, water tank for holding water, and all that. So we're pretty frugal with how we live, but it's still probably the equivalent of like a two-bedroom apartment in the locale where we live, possibly more.

Alice [00:00:56] It's really funny to me that you're saying that we're really frugal, because I don't feel like we are!

Mr. Right [00:01:02] Yeah?

Alice [00:01:03] Okay, so comparatively...

Mr. Right [00:01:06] We don't generally pay for camping.

Alice [00:01:07] No, we don't pay for camping, but that that's a small thing! So diesel is really expensive and we're traveling, really far, A). B) We have a huge trailer and diesel truck instead of, like, a van. So that's the primary thing that I'm talking about is, we've chosen to do this in the most glampy way that you possibly could.

Mr. Right [00:01:30] Okay, in our circumstances....

Aria Vega [00:01:32] I love this. Okay, so how much time would you say out of the year would be normal for you to spend on the road?

Alice [00:01:38] Oh, right now, 100%.

Aria Vega [00:01:40] Oh, wow.

Mr. Right [00:01:41] We were gone for quite a while, like seven months or something.

Alice [00:01:45] Yeah, we're kind of like on a vacation from our vacation, is what he's been calling it. We're home now, but we're only home for a couple of months, and we didn't even bring our trailer with us or anything like this at.

Mr. Right [00:01:57] Home, temporarily as a trip.

Alice [00:01:59] We're camping at home, and then we'll go back home to our trailer where we travel all the time. So we're probably going to be traveling until this time [in] 2023. We'll be back actually home for a while, but we're still going to be traveling around the Pacific Northwest. I think eventually I'm going to get burned out on it, but right now it's pretty fun.

Aria Vega [00:02:24] Yeah, you do it while it works. And then...

Alice [00:02:26] And then we buy a piece of property and build structures on it!

Aria Vega [00:02:30] But before we get to happily ever after, let's rewind to the beginning. Alice and Mr. Right first met on the dating app OkCupid in 2018. Mr. Right even remembers the date.

Mr. Right [00:02:43] It was February 24th of '18.

Aria Vega [00:02:47] Aww, you remember the day!

Alice [00:02:49] He does, and I can't to save my life, I don't know why.

Mr. Right [00:02:52] She keeps guessing the day and sometimes the year.

Alice [00:02:54] I keep thinking it's a year before we actually met. I thought, we've been together for five years and he's like, No, you're wrong! So I really liked this picture that he had of himself in a helicopter. He's a helicopter pilot, so he was in the cockpit of a helicopter with his little helicopter hat. It's a baseball cap with a little helicopter company logo on it. It was super adorable.

Mr. Right [00:03:26] That picture was from one of my first solo flights back in 2009.

Alice [00:03:32] Yeah it was an old picture, it's very baby faced.

Mr. Right [00:03:35] Back when I was still a teenager.

Alice [00:03:36] Yeah. And he also had in his bio, you had this like, oh my gosh, it was dirty talking... about a helicopter?

Mr. Right [00:03:50] Yup, dirty talking with helicopter terminology.

Alice [00:03:51] Yeah!

Mr. Right [00:03:55] The nerdiest thing ever.

Alice [00:03:58] That was definitely funny and attractive. I have a really hard time dirty talking for some reason, even though I love performing and acting and I'm very gregarious. But then as soon as I start to try to talk dirty to someone, I'm like, so embarrassed!

Aria Vega [00:04:17] I mean, I feel the same way. You're on the spot a little bit, and I don't know if it's because I work with words for a living. I'm used to having all this creative control, but I'm not an improv person.

Alice [00:04:32] Yeah, yeah and I think because I haven't done very much of it. I'm like, I don't know...

Mr. Right [00:04:36] You've got to practice more!

Aria Vega [00:04:39] Okay, you see this cute guy, got this unique talent, interested in the dirty talk, and you're curious. What about you, Mr. Right? What do you remember about Alice's profile?

Mr. Right [00:04:51] Um, what I remember...I remember so little from her profile.

Aria Vega [00:04:57] Just the date that you found it.

Alice [00:05:00] I remember what you remembered about it for a while. That picture that you hated!

Mr. Right [00:05:06] Oh, I thought your opinions were very questionable. It looked like you were hiding something.

Mr. Right [00:05:12] It was very suspicious.

Alice [00:05:15] He said he was questioning whether he should actually swipe right on me.

Mr. Right [00:05:19] Yeah.

Aria Vega [00:05:22] I love this. So okay, I know that OkCupid uses this weighted match percentage to gauge compatibility. Do you feel like the algorithm got it right with you two?

Mr. Right [00:05:31] It definitely got it right with us. But honestly, it's... I've gone on a lot of very high match dates, and a lot of them are awful.

Aria Vega [00:05:40] Aw, yeah.

Mr. Right [00:05:41] And I maybe like on paper, it looks good, but it really says nothing about compatibility. Like, you know it's wrong as soon as you meet someone, even though you're 95% compatible, you're like no, not this person.

Alice [00:05:54] I mean, it's hard for an algorithm to get you, you know? All it can take is your answers to these questions, and it's a it's a multiple choice thing, so a lot of the questions just are kind of dumb and it doesn't give you a ton of depth. So there's only so much that it can really do for you.

Mr. Right [00:06:16] Like do you prefer buttered or unbuttered toast.

Alice [00:06:20] Useless!

Aria Vega [00:06:22] When did you first start to get the sense that you were actually compatible?

Both [00:06:26] Immediately.

Mr. Right [00:06:27] Yeah, the first date.

Aria Vega [00:06:29] Tell me about that. What was your first date?

Mr. Right [00:06:32] Our first date was going to a local park. We went for an attempted little hike before we realized that the conditions were a little too slushy on the trails. And we were not geared up for that at all. Just had our city person shoes on, no boots.

Alice [00:06:48] Very slick shoes trying to walk up this icy trail.

Mr. Right [00:06:52] Getting progressively more icy as were walking in the forest and steeper trails. Then we gave up after probably 10 minutes and just walked through town and hung out on a park bench for a while and sat together. And the thing that really caught my attention about her was that she was very, very affectionate from the very start. She laid her head on our shoulder within like an hour of meeting her, which is a super unique experience.

Alice [00:07:19] Yeah so we were sitting at like a little kid park on the curb, looking into the playground, and there's no one around because it's cold. And I don't even remember what we were talking about, but you were being adorable. And I just put my hand on your leg and laid my head on your shoulder. And apparently that was like heart stopping for him.

Mr. Right [00:07:45] And you also smelled amazing. Yeah, very comfortable and very, very, very appealing. Yeah. That's also really important.

Mr. Right [00:07:53] It's amazing how much scent, like all the senses, but especially scent plays into your partner. I've dated people in the past.... Like there was one guy that I dated when I was really, really young that smelled like burning rubber like tires. No one else could tell. No one else could smell it. I would ask people, Do you smell a weird smell? And it was just how his body chemistry interacted with mine or something. I don't know. It was really weird.

Aria Vega [00:08:25] Those are some wild pheromones.

Alice [00:08:27] Yeah!

Mr. Right [00:08:29] Yeah. I was surprised at how many people on OkCupid have answered, how important is the way your partner smells to you? Like people say, it's not that important or somewhat important, which is kind of surprising to me.

Aria Vega [00:08:46] Hmm. Yeah, that is surprising to me.

Mr. Right [00:08:47] But, you know, there are people that are immediately, uncomfortable smelling or offputting or whatever, but she was immediately, calming and arousing at the same time. So perfect, exactly what I want.

Aria Vega [00:09:03] Tell me at what point you started talking about like sex and kinks. When did you start to catch on that you were compatible in that way?

Mr. Right [00:09:11] I think there's a lot of questions to that effect on the OkCupid questionnaires.

Aria Vega [00:09:17] Oh that's true!

Mr. Right [00:09:18] So I don't know about you, but I certainly went through probably a couple hundred of your questions just to see.

Alice [00:09:25] This is four years ago, so I'm having trouble remembering. I know that I did go through a lot of your questions. I know a lot of them were about polyamory, so like the open relationship stuff was all very out there. We were both very adamant on our profiles about being in an open relationship, which is kind of rare from on both sides, like most women and men are not into that. So it's kind of rare to find somebody who's totally on board with you. But sexually, I know we started talking about it immediately, but I don't remember exactly how it came up. I know that our fourth date was also the first time we slept together, and that was at a sex club. So by then we had fully explored everything. I had never been to one before. This is probably our most interesting date, was a kink night, like BDSM night at the club that I would say is like our favorite club now. But normally they're just like a swinger nightclub kind of vibe, but this particular night it was like a BDSM thing, which neither of us were particularly into, but we both really like...

Mr. Right [00:10:44] ...novel environments...

Alice [00:10:47] ...people-watching!

Mr. Right [00:10:48] Yeah, people watching.

Alice [00:10:49] So we both came in and took off all of our clothes and ran around naked, looking at everybody doing their spankings and whippings and whacking each other around on leashes and whatnot. And then we went and had sex on one of the beds. It was great!

Aria Vega [00:11:09] Incredible. And I love that y'all are regulars there now, and it's just like that place is part of your your couple story.

Mr. Right [00:11:15] Yeah, I had been going there for a long time before I brought her there, a year and a half, maybe two years prior to meeting her. Yeah, something like that.

Alice [00:11:25] And I had never been to anything like that before, but I was so tired of being the person that I was before that, like, [I was] ready for whatever.

Aria Vega [00:11:35] Tell me what you mean by that.

Alice [00:11:36] Just before meeting him... meeting him was part of my like, I need to change everything about who I am because I am not happy [moment]. So I knew for a long time that I was polyamorous. I was with this guy from high school for like eight years off and on who was not really into it and into the polyamory thing. I told him the last time we got together that that was something that I had found out about myself and I was not willing to give it up to be with him, even though I loved him. He said that it was fine, but it wasn't fine and I didn't know. That just caused a whole thing, and there's this breakup and my work life was terrible and my family life was terrible and everything was just terrible. Most of what I did all the time was lay in bed. So I got on OkCupid because I'm like, I know how to go on dates, so I'm just going to start going on dates and hopefully that'll lead me to somewhere more pleasant.

Mr. Right [00:12:42] Or entirely different.

Alice [00:12:43] I wasn't expecting to find him the first date that I went on and then get into a super long term relationship again immediately. Like I just wanted to get out! But it's funny because I don't know, a couple of weeks into dating him, we were sitting on his bed. I tell the story all the time. We were sitting on his bed and we were talking about what we wanted out of our relationship. He asked me like, So what do you want out of a relationship? And I'm like, Well, I don't really want a relationship right now. I just got out of a huge relationship and I'm just kind of trying to like figure myself out, but what do you want out of a relationship? He's like, I want a girlfriend.

Mr. Right [00:13:26] Longtime girlfriend.

Alice [00:13:27] Here we are! So anyway, to fully answer your question, prior to meeting him, I was like 100% opposite of who I am now. Not an outgoing person, I had never been to a sex club. I had never been in any of these kinds of situations. I'd never done porn, I'd never done anything like this. And like this relationship has completely evolved me into Alice 2.0. I've lost a whole bunch of weight and I like this version of myself much better.

Mr. Right [00:14:00] Yeah life's pretty good.

Aria Vega [00:14:02] I love that story, that's so beautiful that your love helped you be more yourself. That what good love is supposed to do for us, right? It's supposed to help us be the best version of ourselves and make us more comfortable in our own skin. And I love that you have that. And also that, you know, it's it's opened the door to all these adventures. I'm thinking about the sex club, and I know that the two of you are nudists, is that right?

Alice [00:14:33] Yeah, when we can be.

Aria Vega [00:14:36] When you can be! Had you each explored being nudists on your own, or was that something that evolved from your relationship together?

Mr. Right [00:14:48] I had certainly experienced play of it prior to meeting her.

Alice [00:14:54] His family was very nude friendly. So apparently, his whole family would walk around being naked in front of each other, and mine was not like that.

Mr. Right [00:15:06] My mom not so much, but my dad didn't care at all, he was totally down with it.

Alice [00:15:11] But she didn't care if you were walking around naked...

Mr. Right [00:15:14] No.

Alice [00:15:14] Like, she didn't care if you saw her naked.

Mr. Right [00:15:19] I mean, she wasn't really cool with that..

Alice [00:15:22] Oh, okay.

Mr. Right [00:15:24] She was not one to judge other people for doing it, so.

Alice [00:15:28] But my family was never like that, and I had never been naked in public until our first date at that club. It was very interesting experience, like taking off all of my clothes with all these people around. I mean, part of my transformation process that I was trying to put myself through was I was going to pretty much say yes to everything that I would normally say no to, within reason. But I was like, This sounds like it should be fun and it will be an interesting learning experience, so I'm going to do it. And he was so surprised that I did it immediately, but that was my plan was....

Mr. Right [00:16:09] To blow my socks off and just strip everything off like, all right, let's do this!

Alice [00:16:13] That was not my intention, but yes! And then since then, we try to be naked every chance we get, but obviously there are a lot of things that bar you from being able to do that. So there's a place that I really, really loved on our travels in Louisiana, where a lot of the things we do that are like nudist related are not...

Mr. Right [00:16:35] Like official nudist resorts.

Alice [00:16:37] Yeah, we don't go to nudist specific places for the most part to be naked. There's not a ton of them and it would never happen. So there's this place in Louisiana where we were out in the woods by ourselves, there was no one around. It was a super small town with this like national forest area behind it, and we only saw one person...

Mr. Right [00:17:04] Like a person a week.

Mr. Right [00:17:05] And it was the same person every time! It was like one person who came around and was driving his truck through the area every once in a while, like an unofficial guy, I don't know, maybe he was doing something with hunting. But other than that, we like were totally free to just not wear clothes as much as we wanted and run around the forest. And that's actually where we ended up taking at least one Lustery video is in that place in Louisiana, where we just run around in the pine needles. I don't think that one's posted yet, but that one will be really cool when it comes out.

Aria Vega [00:17:44] Would you say that your experiments with public nudity, did that help to prepare you for shooting porn?

Mr. Right [00:17:51] Definitely.

Alice [00:17:52] Yeah.

Aria Vega [00:17:53] Yeah, tell me about that.

Mr. Right [00:17:55] Well, first thought is that sex on camera or sex in front of people is very different than just being nude front of people. One requires, I guess, mental relaxation to actually have fun. The other one just requires physical action.

Alice [00:18:09] Yeah, like you could be...

Mr. Right [00:18:11] It's like two different things.

Alice [00:18:12] You can be naked in public and be scared about it, but still doing it. But it's really hard to do that while your having sex. But I definitely feel like the nudity led into the pornography, especially because when we first started thinking about doing adult camera work, it like started at that club. It all comes back to the club where we were being naked in front of people and we were having sex in front of people there live, not necessarily as an exhibition, like we weren't putting on a show, we were just doing it in front of people. But we liked when people watched. So naturally it kind of streamed into livestreaming because we were like, We're exhibitionists, we want to put on a show and chat with people while we're doing it! And that was fun for a really long time, but then it got kind of boring.

Mr. Right [00:19:16] If we could do it in front of a handful of people that want to watch, there's no reason why we can't have a number of people watch online and, you know, capitalize on that and bring them all some joy.

Alice [00:19:28] Yeah, so it definitely led from one into the other, but they're very vastly different experiences for sure.

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