First Night of Summer

Category: Erotica

Author: Suzannah Weiss

Crackling fills the dark driveway as my suitcase rolls down the rocky terrain. I’m starting to get spooked. I’m reading our Airbnb instructions on my phone, but I can’t make anything out in the night. Then, I see a gate open.

“Hi!” You cheerfully spring out to greet me. You’re shirtless and dripping wet, fresh from the hot tub. You and Alex got there first and have been waiting for me. After you help me get my bags in, we go get a bite to eat.

I peer over my noodles at you across the table. With nothing on my agenda, I can sit back and enjoy how beautiful your face is. Your damp black hair falls over your big brown puppy-dog eyes, and the scruff on your face frames your full lips. You look up at me with an innocent smile, not knowing what dirty thoughts are running through my head.

As we walk back to the villa, Alex slightly ahead of us, I look into your eyes and mouth, “I want to fuck you.” You respond with a snicker that’s difficult to read: are you in on this plan or are you merely amused? Maybe you’re too tired from the flight. I hope not.

Once we get back into our room, I say it out loud: “I want to fuck you.”

“Mm, I think I’d like that,” you reply.

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I tilt my head up to meet your gaze and run my hands over your strong, tan, bare shoulders. You bend down to give me sweet little kisses with your soft lips. “Let’s get into bed,” you suggest. You pull the comforter down our king-sized mattress to reveal sand-colored sheets. I rest my head on a pillow, so deeply relaxed, and you lay beside me on your side, turned toward me.

As you plant kiss after kiss on my neck, your hands roam over my breasts and then my stomach, pausing right at the edge of my nether regions and moving back up. “Let’s get this off,” you say as you yank at the strap of my tank top. I eagerly sit up so you can pull the whole shirt over my head. Then, you gently place me back on the pillow and hover over me, running your hands over my breasts with more pressure this time, then sucking each one, careful not to bite.

After assuming your position at my side again, you move your hands back over my hips. I spread my legs, hoping you’ll take the hint to reach between them. At last, you answer my prayers, grabbing my waistband, then pulling down my shorts until I hastily wiggle out.

You tease me by grazing your hand over my pubic hair before dipping in between my outer lips, gliding two fingers up and down so they’re nice and wet by the time they settle on my clit. I gasp as you gently push down and rub in slow circles, your other arm around me and your gaze still locked on my face, reading me closely for cues of pleasure. I don’t want to wake up Alex, so I just throw my head back and whisper, “Oh, god.” You keep rubbing until I’m thrashing around on the bed, unable to hold still.

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It’s almost too much to bear, and you can tell, so you ease your hand off and slide your fingers inside. That feels amazing in a whole new way. Your hand is curved so that your palm is pressed against my clit and your fingers are reaching upward, deep inside me. “That feels so good,” I whisper as you rock your hand back and forth. You’re filling me to the brim. You withdraw your fingers and move them back up to my clit, moving them in little circles. I could stay like this forever… or so I think. But my body has other plans.

I throw my head back on the pillow and softly moan as an orgasm hits me like a wave starting at the top of my head and moving down to my toes. My hips thrust toward you as my lower body spasms. I let out another moan with each pulsation of my pussy. You stay with me the whole time, your fingers gently pressed against my clit, your eyes watching my body intently, making sure you don’t let go until I’m done. Just when I think I’ve got no more pleasure left in me, you press down just a little harder. I let out a few more shivers and sighs before collapsing, laying there to catch my breath, savoring the orgasm still coursing through my body. Then, I turn to the side to kiss you. “Your turn.”

I’ve been wanting to taste you since I last saw you, and now I’m ravenous. I straddle you and unzip your pants, pawing at you through your underwear until I slowly pull them down. The moment I set your cock free, it springs up into my hand. I wonder if it’s just my imagination or if it’s harder than usual.

I can see what you want but I’m going to tease you first. I kiss your face and then your neck and then your chest and then your stomach, eliciting groans of anticipation. Then, finally, I lick each of your balls and move my tongue up and down your shaft, noticing how smooth the skin feels.

“Oh, my god,” you whimper as I cup my warm, wet mouth over the head and slowly move down to take the whole thing in my mouth. I can feel your body tremble as I bob up and down. When my mouth gets tired, I lick up and down with my tongue, then circle it around the top, exploring every crevice. I love how the ridge feels against my tongue.

“That feels amazing,” you say. “I want to fuck you so bad.”

“How do you want to fuck me?”


“Yes, please.”

“Let me get a condom.”

I spread my legs to prepare myself for you as you stand in front of me next to the bed, your cock pointed up to the ceiling as you slowly wrap the condom around it. Then, you grab my hips and move me back so you can fuck me at just the angle you like.

“Go slow,” I tell you. It takes me some time to adjust to your size. Once you enter me, you pause, and we kiss as you hover over me. Then, you slowly start moving out and back in with force.

“Yes, I like that,” I say. Your speed picks up.

You grab my butt to adjust me each time you want to switch positions, alternating between hard, fast pounding and slow, deep penetration with romantic kisses. “Mm, you fuck me so good,” I say.

You growl and I feel your pace pick up some more until you catch your breath just enough to say, “I’m cumming…”

“Yes, fill me with your cum!” I demand, and you do. I can feel your cock twitch with each load, caressing my pussy from the inside. Once you’ve unloaded yourself completely, you slowly withdraw, and we lay facing each other side by side, kissing and cuddling before getting up to get ready for bed.

"I’ve been wanting to taste you since I last saw you."

Once we’ve gotten under the covers, we give each other a goodnight kiss… which escalates into increasingly passionate kisses as we run our hands over each other’s bodies. Once again, your hand wanders between my legs. My pussy’s still dripping wet from earlier, so you have no trouble reaching your fingers in once again, your palm grinding against my clit. The sweet sensation makes me hunger for your cock back in me.

“Do you want to fuck again?” I ask.

You pause. “Actually, yes.” I love that you’re as insatiable as me.

This time, you kneel, pulling my hips up toward you with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other. Then, you lean back down into me, kissing my face as my hand moves down to my clit and takes over the job myself. My pussy squeezes tighter around you as I rub it, and I can tell you like it.

“I’m cumming!” you pant for the second time that night. You pound slow but hard, just as I crave. I can feel your cock thrusting deeper into me with each spurt until you finally collapse.

I’m not ready for it to be done yet, though. “Will you stay inside me?” I ask. You prop yourself back up on your knees and hang on tight to my hips so you don’t slip out. Then, I start rubbing my clit with my hand as you run your hand over my body.

“Wow,” you whisper. The pleasure builds in my pussy, then falls back down, then builds again until I reach the top.

“Oh god, I’m cumming,” I tell you. You growl as my pussy rhythmically clenches around your cock, still grabbing onto my hips until the contractions subside, and then you let go.

After you slowly slide yourself out of me, you kneel down between my legs and give my pussy a kiss, as if you’re thanking it. When you take your condom off, I follow suit, licking off the cum still dripping down the head.

Once we’ve washed up, we go to bed for real this time, our hands reaching out to touch from our respective sides of the bed. We pull each other in for one more kiss. “Hope you’re having a good vacation, baby,” you whisper into my ear, and I have a feeling this will be a good trip.

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