Find Your Feet

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Author: Jaimee Bell

Where do fetishes come from? It’s a common question, but one many people don’t actually know the answer to. While some think that you can have genetic predispositions for certain fetishes, this has yet to be proven.

However, a popular study (dating back to the ’60s) has a theory that fetishes are mostly conditioned responses. You see something when you feel aroused and that thing later arouses you – it’s basic exposure therapy.

In this study, colored pornographic slides were projected onto a screen (for 15 seconds) followed by the image of a pair of black, knee-length women’s boots (for 30 seconds). Sexual arousal was successfully ‘conditioned’ in this study, meaning that the participants eventually became sexually aroused when only looking at the image of the black boots. It’s pretty safe to say these participants likely left the study with something of a foot (or boot) fetish…


What is a foot fetish?

Foot fetishism has been labeled many things, but mostly, it’s a paraphilia, which is a sexual interest in a certain thing. Most accurately, it’s actually known as a podophilia – a sexual interest in feet.

How common are foot fetishes?

How or why people develop fetishes may remain under some kind of investigation but one thing is for sure: foot fetishes aren’t nearly as uncommon as you think. Since some kinksters like to keep this information to themselves, particularly as kink-shaming is still rife, the true statistics on things like this can never be entirely accurate. However, data collected by Justin Lehmiller, a research fellow at the Kinsey Institute, indicates that 1 in 7 people have reported having a foot-related sexual fantasy before. While this is simply people who have fantasized about feet (not necessarily people who have fetishes for feet), this number does give you something of an accurate picture on how common a foot fetish might be.

How to indulge your foot fetish

Every fetishist wants different things, and foot fetishes, like any other sexual point of interest, can be different for everyone. Here are some fun ideas to indulge in your foot fetish, solo or with a partner.

SOLO: Custom foot fetish content from adult creators.

This is one of the best ways to get content you know you love. Finding people online who like to indulge your kinks and fetishes is much easier than you think – and social media platforms (such as Twitter, for example) are a great place to start. Purchasing custom content means you not only get to choose who you’re buying content from, but what they do in their videos for you can also be customized. Maybe you find a creator who likes to roleplay foot-jobs with their dildo and lube or maybe you find a creator who wants to do a live cam session with you where they slowly stroke their feet for you… On the internet, anything is possible.


WITH A PARTNER: A simple foot massage for foreplay.

This is one of the easiest ways (and most enjoyable for everyone) to indulge a foot fetish. Starting your romantic evening with a partner with a foot massage that includes scented oils or lotions can be arousing and relaxing for both of you. If you’re interested in taking it a step further, painting their toenails can also be a fun task.

SOLO: Buying used shoes, socks, or pantyhose.

Did you know that you can buy used socks, pantyhose, underwear and more online? There are tons of places you can do this ­– Sofia Gray, PantyDeal, even some creators on OnlyFans offer these services. Indulging in your foot fetish could mean buying used shoes, socks and/or pantyhose.

WITH A PARTNER: Incorporate heels into lingerie outfits.

If your partner doesn’t know about your fetish or is unsure of indulging in the more physical uses of their feet during sexual activities (foot jobs, massages, etc.), you can always incorporate sexy heels, boots, or other footwear into your sex games. Some people love toe rings, some people love high heels, some people love bare feet – whatever your vibe, having your partner keep these things in mind can incorporate your fetish without pushing anyone out of their comfort zone.


SOLO: Foot porn is everywhere.

There is so much foot porn out there, people. You really have everything you need if you have an internet connection and a device to search on. In fact, search a little deeper on Lustery and you’ll discover that many of our couples share your fetish, like Estonian babes Tania and Alex… Plus, watching real couples indulge in a little foot play may be the perfect place to find inspiration for how to approach this kink with your partner.

WITH A PARNTER: Foot jobs and more.

If you’ve talked to your partner about your foot fetish and they are interested in helping you indulge your fantasy, foot jobs can be incredibly hot. Essentially, the giver (any person with feet) would massage the receiver (in this case, a person with a penis) using their feet. This can be their toes, the soles of their feet, and so forth. A really easy way to get started with a foot job is for the giver to place their feet close together and the receiver to slide in and out of them. Of course, lube will be required here.

SOLO: There are sex toys for that.

Whatever you’re into, there is very likely a sex toy for that – and feet are no exception. With one simple Google search, I was able to find a foot fetish toy store that offers all kinds of foot-related products.

If you’re someone with a foot fetish, the most important thing for you to know is you’re not alone. It’s not weird, it’s not gross and it’s not dirty… Unless you like them dirty, which is totally valid too! Finding ways to incorporate your fetish into your life can help you experience pleasure like never before.