Category: Erotica

Author: Bloom

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So, it is real.

I’ve been hearing so much about this place, but I was starting to doubt it actually existed. Everyone’s been talking about an exclusive new club called Fangs. Despite all the hype around it, no one could tell me where it was. And I couldn’t find anyone who had actually been there before. It sounded like a nightlife fairy tale.

I had just about given up on my search when I got a strange email in my work inbox.

Fangs 3258 Schifter Street. Password: bordeaux

It was from an anonymous sender, so there was no way to track who had sent it. Finding out about the best nightlife in town is kind of my thing. I’m the head culture writer at a major magazine and people look to me for where they should go and how they should spend their nights. So, here I am, heading down to the basement level of what appears to be an abandoned warehouse, hoping there actually is a mysterious club hidden down below. God, I hope this trek is worth it.

A thin, pale young man stands at the metal doors at the bottom of the stairs. Definitely not like the burly bouncers you see manning the door at downtown clubs.

“Um, bordeaux?”

He opens the doors for me.

Oh wow, what is this place? The entire room is bathed in red light. There’s fog everywhere and figures drift in and out of it like ghosts. Despite the intensity of the music, everyone seems calm. Relaxed. Some lounge across antique chaise lounges with wine glasses in hand. Others are engaged in more salacious activities.

It suddenly dawns on me that these are some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen. Maybe it's just the light and fog making me think that. I catch a glimpse of a couple pressed against the wall with their mouths pressed together, their hands all over one another. One has her head tipped back and her mouth hanging open in ecstasy while the other slides her fingers down into the waistband of her pants.

I can see why they’d want to keep this exclusive.

I head towards the bar and take a moment to take in my surroundings. Damn, even the bartender is beautiful. Like a young Greek Adonis with light blue eyes. Or maybe they’re grey? Must be a trick of the light. With my drink in hand, I make my way towards a plush chaise in the center of the room. It’s strange and kind of exciting the way everyone’s eyes drift up and down my body as I pass by them. Like I’m a piece of meat to be devoured. It must be obvious that it’s my first time here.

I consider myself something of a socialite but I don’t recognize a single face here. How is that possible? I pull out my phone and type out a quick text to my editor, just to let him know I finally found my mysterious club.

“Excuse me, but cell phones aren’t allowed in here.”

I jump, startled to find that a man is suddenly sitting next to me on the chaise. How did he do that? I didn’t hear or see him move at all.

“Sorry, I was just texting someone to let them know I’d arrived.”

“Can’t risk photos being taken, videos being recorded, that sort of thing. You understand.”

“Yes, of course.” I quickly slip my phone back into my purse, offering my new seatmate a small, nervous smile. He, like everyone else in here, is unbelievably gorgeous. And his eyes are just like the bartender’s. Gray.

A shiver rides through me, but I’m not sure why. I suddenly feel exposed. Like it’s obvious I’m not meant to be here.

“I can only assume this is your first time here. Am I wrong?”

I try to play it cool. “You’re not wrong.”

“And what could have possibly brought an innocent like you down to our dank little cave? How did you stumble upon our slice of paradise?”

My heart beats a little faster in my chest. I feel so drawn to him like some invisible force is pulling me closer and closer.

“Well, I… I wanted to––”

“You wanted a little taste of danger. A night of being someone else, perhaps.”

“I guess so, yeah”

“That’s what I thought. Still doesn’t answer my question, though.”

“Oh. I, um, I heard about it from a friend.”

His voice… it’s like velvet. The way his suit clings to his body. He’s like sex personified. I’ve never met anyone like him before. A rush of heat surges through me as his eyes meet mine. He takes a sip from his own drink and leans back slightly. His eyes take in every inch of my face and the smallest of smiles appears on his lips.

“Mmm, tell me more. Wait, don’t tell me. I have a feeling you’re a journalist. You’ve received a tip about a scandalous underground party and here you are, dressed to the nines, seeking out the traitorous someone here who has betrayed the secret of our existence. Am I warm?”

He’s spot-on, but something tells me I shouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that. “You’re close.”

I’ve never felt this way before. He is so attractive, so compelling, like a magnet drawing me closer. And yet I can sense something lurking beneath the surface of him. Something dark. Something wicked. Suddenly, I notice that he’s not looking into my eyes anymore. His gaze is lower. At first, I think he’s checking me out but his gaze appears to have settled on my neck. He looks like he wants to devour me. I shift a little in my seat and his eyes never waver.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think he was a vampire. A club called Fangs filled with beautiful people with gray eyes, red lights everywhere to disguise the sight of blood. It would explain this magnetic pull I feel when he speaks. But it’s absurd. Vampires. There’s no such thing. But if there were, he would certainly fit the bill. I had a hard time imagining I was the only human in a club full of blood-thirsty, sex-obsessed vampires.

Pleasure shoots through me as he lays his hand on my thigh. He turns towards me and reaches out, his fingers gently stroking the side of my face. Oh god, his touch. He’s cold. And yet, my body rushes with heat. What is he doing to me? Why do I feel so drawn to him? His lips meet mine and I melt into him. It’s not just his fingers that are cold, but his lips, too. His kiss is soft, tender almost, and it lights something deep inside of me.

I return his kiss, gently at first and then harder as desire tingles throughout my entire body. His hand dances down my body and rests at my hips. I encircle his neck with my arms and push my tongue between his lips. I feel hungry. Desperate for him. The word ‘vampire’ keeps running through my mind and I keep ignoring it. It’s a ridiculous thought. Everyone here, they’re all just pretending. Playing a role. It’s a fantasy. A very elaborate ruse.

His sharp teeth drag across my bottom lip. I gasp with pleasure. I’ve never done this before, been so intimate with someone I don’t know, and completely in public. But his kiss, his touch, is so soothing and intoxicating. His lips trail down my neck and he sucks gently on my flesh, almost like he’s tasting me. And then, he’s slipping a leg around me, positioning himself so that he’s sitting behind me on the chaise. One hand stays on my thigh while the other wraps around my jaw. He tilts my head to the side and kisses my neck harder, with more desperation.

His cock is thick and hard, pressed up against my back. Fuck, he’s just as turned on as I am right now. My pussy clenches as his hand drifts further up my thigh. He lifts the hem of my skirt and trails his fingers just over my panties.

“You are beautiful,” he whispers.

Oh my god, I’m so turned on right now. His other hand teases my breast through my sheer black top. He rubs my nipple through the thin fabric and pulls at it until I squirm against him. His teeth scrape gently against my neck and I can’t help but to release a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

The sharp edge of his teeth dragging against my skin makes me even wetter.

“You taste so good…”

I rub myself up against him as he continues to tease me. His fingers slide beneath my panties and push apart my wet folds. He teases me with his cold touch, spreading my wetness from my lower lips up to my swollen, throbbing clit. My entire body is tense, straining into a state of desperate need.

Suddenly, I’m on my back on the chaise as he straddles me. How did...? How did he do that? Time feels blurred all of the sudden. I didn’t realize we had switched positions at all. His lips meet mine again and his tongue explores the inside of my mouth with feverish passion while his fingers continue to tease me. Somehow, I don’t care about the other people around us. I don’t care that I’ve only just met him. I want him inside of me. Now.

“Take me,” I mumble into his lips.

His cool fingers yank my panties down and within an instant, his cock slides into me. Oh my god. Oh my god… I wrap my arms tight around his neck and he fucks me with his hard, slow thrusts. The fog rolls around us in the dim red light. His mouth returns to my neck and I feel his teeth sink into my flesh. Oh god, that feels incredible…The sharp shock of pain mixed with pleasure.

“Ohhh, god… taste me… again,” I beg.

His teeth dig into my neck once more. I feel euphoric, almost high. So fucking high… It feels so good. His mouth latches on and his nails curl into my back as he rocks his hips into mine. My head tilts back and my eyes slide shut. I am completely, utterly intoxicated by this feeling. Dizzy with pleasure and lust.

“H-harder… harder,” I gasp. I can feel people staring at us. I can feel his cock rubbing that velvet g-spot up inside of me. My pussy is clenching. My walls squeeze him so tight. “Ohhh, fuck, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!”

He lifts his head away from my neck, just for a moment his eyes meet mine. And it’s then that I see his mouth is stained red. My whole body trembles and jerks as pleasure like I’ve never known crashes down onto me. My mind slips away and for many moments all I know is darkness and euphoria.

Oh. Oh my god. My body shivers as he pulls out of me. I sit up and try to catch my breath. Then, just like before, I lose myself trying to follow him and suddenly, he’s standing behind me completely dressed.

“It’s been a pleasure,” he whispers. And just like that, he disappears into the fog. I press my hand up against my neck and find my hand streaked with blood. The sight of it excites me.

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