Do As I Say

Category: Erotica

Author: Bloom

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Thank god, it’s finally Friday. Even though working from home has been nice in many ways, it’s still a huge relief when the weekend comes around and I can power down my computer. I look forward to weekends now more than ever because it’s the only time I get to see you. Although, with your new promotion, even weekends aren’t off-limits anymore. You’re working constantly, and I feel like we barely spend any time together these days.

Of course, I’m happy for you, and you more than deserve it, but sometimes it feels like you’re choosing your career over us. I can feel us starting to drift apart. We’re communicating less. There’s less closeness and intimacy. It could be totally in my head, but sometimes I worry about keeping your attention. Maybe you’re not as attracted to me, sexually, as you once were. Is there something I should be doing to turn you on? I want to feed your fantasies, maybe turn things up a notch. I’m just not sure how.

It wasn’t always like this. I remember when we first started dating, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We were crazy about each other. We were so much more adventurous back then. I remember a time when we were on vacation in California and we had insane, wild sex on the balcony of our hotel room. Anyone could have seen us if they had looked up, and the thrill of it turned you on so much. I miss seeing you like that: excited, desperate, horny just for me.

Sitting here in the den, freshly showered and naked under my towel, I start to get hard reminiscing about that day. You were facing away from me, holding on to the balcony railing while I fucked you from behind. A handful of your hair in my hand and your perfect ass thrusting back to meet my hard cock. My cock is throbbing in my towel remembering how loud you were moaning... You didn’t care who heard us.

I reach down with one hand and give it a gentle stroke. All I can think of is you bouncing up and down on my cock. I close my eyes and picture your tits bouncing, your hard, perky nipples. I imagine licking your clit, over and over until you cum. I want to make you feel good, to please you, and remind you of my passion and desire for you. Fuck, that feels good.

I start stroking faster, gripping my cock a little harder.

Suddenly, the front door opens and you step inside, keys and purse in hand. “Hey babe. Meeting ended early, so I thought I’d…Oh.”

Shit! I scramble to readjust myself, but it’s too late. You definitely know what I was doing.


“What, uh.... What’s going on here?”

My hard cock is still clearly visible even beneath the towel. I don’t know why I’m so embarrassed. I can feel the heat in my cheeks. “Nothing. Just, um… I was…”

“Masturbating, clearly. In the middle of the den. At 4 in the afternoon.”

“Yeah. Sorry, I––”

“Don’t apologize.” You pause and I feel your eyes travel down from my face to my hips. You bite your lower lip.

“Take off the towel.”


“I said… take off the towel.”

You place your purse down on the ground and look straight into my eyes. I suddenly want nothing more than to do exactly what you’ve asked. I’ve never seen this side of you before.I let the towel slide off me and onto the floor. Your face is unreadable as you sit down and examine my cock. I wonder if this is what you’re like at work. Serious. Commanding.

“Keep touching yourself.”


“You heard me. I want to see you stroke your cock.”

I feel my dick throb with excitement. I look up at you as my hand grips my cock and I start massaging it slowly. You take off your jacket and kick off your shoes. Then, you unbutton your dress shirt and strip it off, too.

“Go slow. I don’t want you to cum... yet.”

“Yes ma'am.” I’ve never called you that before, and as soon as I say it, I’m afraid I’ve made it awkward... but the look on your face says you don’t mind. You move your hands up your torso and rub your tits through your bra as you watch me. Fuck, you look so hot. I glide my hand up and down my shaft slowly. I definitely don’t want to disobey you, but I can’t help wondering what you would do if I did.

“Good. Just like that.” You unclasp your bra and your luscious tits fall out of them. You sit back in the chair and draw your thumbs across your nipples. You unzip your skirt and kick it to the ground. Mmm, you’re wearing those panties I love. The black thong.

“Keep going. I want to hear you moaning nice and loud for me.”

“Y-yes, ma’am.” You remove your sheer tights, peeling them off your legs one by one. Then, your panties. You spin around, bending over to slide them down around your ankles. Your pussy is fully on display for me for just a moment before you turn back around.

God, you are so sexy. I want you so bad right now. You take your hand and move it to your mouth. You lick your fingers and slowly trace your hand down your body, all the way down to your pussy. Your hips jerk forward as you start to massage your clit.

F-fuck, I’m getting close.

“I said, don’t you dare cum.”

“Yes ma’am,” I whimper. I’m trying not to. I want to fuck you, desperately. I’ve never seen this side of you and it’s driving me crazy.

You lean further back in the chair and spread your legs wide. One hand pinches and prods at your nipples while the other teases your clit. God, I know how sensitive you are. You must be feeling so good right now, too. You want me to watch. And to wait. You’re loving this. The sight of your fingers moving over your clit… Oh my god.

“Fuck, I’m so wet. Oh, god, do you want to feel how wet I am, baby?” I almost can’t believe what I’m seeing. You’re grinding against your hand, faster now. Your moans... The way you’re teasing yourself right in front of me…

Two fingers plunge into your pussy. Slowly. Your tits bounce as you fuck yourself. I want to be inside you. I’ve never wanted anything more. This teasing… I can’t handle it. You thrust harder, and faster, and your moans get louder. Your eyes are trained on my cock as I jerk off faster and faster...

“You better not cum. No matter how bad you want to. Not until I say.” I grip my cock tightly and slow my strokes to temper my desire. Fuck. I want to cum so badly. There’s a mischievous look on your face that lets me know we’re not through yet. Slowly, you pull your fingers away from your pussy and reach down to grab your discarded tights from the floor.

“Stand up and turn around.”

I do as you say, and I hear you move behind me. What are you doing? You take my wrists in your hands and tie them together behind my back using your tights to bind them together. Fuck. My cock pulses as you tie the knot tight. You turn me around to face you and push me back slightly so that I fall into the couch, sitting down with my hands tied behind my back.

I want to touch you so badly, but clearly, that’s not going to be happening. You straddle me and place your left hand around my neck. You bring your right hand up to my lips and push it into my mouth. I can taste you, smell you on your fingers. I suck them, desperate with desire.

“Good boy. You like that? You like how I taste?”

“Yes! Fuck yes.” With your free hand, you reach down and start stroking my cock. Then, you shift your hips forward and rub it against your entrance, slowly, up and down. I don’t know how long I can survive this teasing. You lift up slightly and guide my dick into you.

Finally… Fuck! You move your weight down slowly, taking my entire cock into your pussy. You take your fingers out of my mouth and kiss me. A deep, passionate kiss. The kind of kiss I haven’t felt in ages. Mmm, god, I love the feeling of your warm tongue thrusting into my mouth. You bounce up and down, grinding your body into mine. You feel so fucking good. You pull my head back by my hair and bury your face in my neck as you fuck yourself on me faster and faster.

“F-fuck, I’m close. I’m so close….” I want you to cum, I want to make you cum, so badly. But you suddenly climb off of me and my cock throbs with need as you pull away. The pleasure denial is so fucking brutal... but so hot. You’re standing in front of me, pushing my torso down and maneuvering my legs so that I’m lying down on the couch now, face up.

“God, yes. Let me taste you, please!” You kneel over my face on the couch and lower your pussy to meet my outstretched tongue. You slide back and forth over my tongue, grinding into me. Your wetness drips down my cheeks and neck. I lick your clit, then plunge my tongue back into you. I suck your clit into my mouth and your head tilts back in pleasure. Fuck, I love pleasing you with just my tongue. I glide it all along your opening, pushing inside you and then trailing back up to your clit. I suck your labia and nibble on it.

Your hands trail down your chest and you squeeze your nipples hard as you fuck my face. As much as I love the taste of you, I need to fuck you. But I know better than to beg out loud. You’re in control. You want me to be a good boy and I will be. As if answering my silent prayer, you slide down my body, straddling my hips. You guide my cock back into your pussy and with one hand rubbing your clit and the other pushing against my chest, you rock up and down on me.

“Fuck! Fuck that feels so good!” You’re moving faster and faster, moaning louder and louder.

“Oh, God! You’re gonna make me cum.”

I’m getting so close. I lie here, letting you control the rhythm. I’m just your fucktoy. I love being yours.

“Make me cum, baby. Make me cum again.”

“Fuck... yes... cum for me…” I feel my entire body tense up as an incredible wave of pleasure builds up inside my body.

“I’m cumming! Fuck!

We both orgasm within a minute of each other. You collapse onto me. I love the feeling of your body and the sound of your heavy breathing. I shuffle out from under yours and turn to face you. You kiss me and run your hands through my hair. You reach down and unclasp my hands from behind my back... I embrace you, relieved to finally be able to touch you, to hold you.

“Oh my god... that was… incredible.”

“So incredible.”

“I think that’s the hardest I’ve ever cum,” I chuckle. “Don’t take this the wrong way... but where did that come from?”

“I wanted to try something new. I saw you and I just... I’ve missed you. This. Us. I wanted to make the most of the moment.”

“I’ve missed us too. So much. Let’s definitely do this again.”

“Deal. I want to start coming home earlier. Putting more effort into us.”

“I’d really like that, baby. I love you. So much.”

“I love you too. Always.”

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