Cums & Goes

Category: Erotica

Author: Shauntionne Mosley

She giggles when her man leaves. Whether it be from him tickling her side before he walks out the door, or him tripping over his own two feet because he can’t walk and talk at the same time. There’s a smile on her face when she stands in the doorway of their home to wave at the car pulling out of the driveway. Victor rolls down his tinted window and licks his lips looking at Navy. Warm weather means box braids down to her soft ass. They curve at her side when she leans against the doorframe. Her robe’s missing the sash but she couldn’t care less about her breast being exposed to the joggers and early commuters rushing out of the suburbs.

Mornings like this make Victor hate working in the office.

Mornings like this make Navy happy she went the freelancer route.

As soon as Victor’s car turns onto the main road, Navy slams the door and presses her back against it with a mischievous smile. She prances to the kitchen like the princess she is, humming a tune and letting her squishy belly jiggle and stretchmarks breathe. A swig of orange juice starts the day. Navy drinks right out of the jug, and when a drop of the sweet liquid escapes her mouth, rolls down her chin, and travels down her swaying breast, she lets it. The warm glow of the morning sun pierces through the blinds, causing Navy to notice just how reflective the oven is.

“So shiny…” Navy muses to herself.

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She wipes the juice off her nipple with her index finger and puts it in her mouth, flexing her calf muscles in the mirror of the stove. Fixed to the off-gray walls of her modern kitchen, she leaves the juice on the counter and starts walking closer to the oven. Dropping low like Beyoncé on a beat, Navy spreads her knees and balances on her tippy toes to stare at herself and her body as her robe exposes all of her. Navy loses balance but quickly catches and steadies herself with one hand. With the other, she spreads her pussy lips and traces her freshly waxed landing strip with her fingers.

The faces Navy makes in the oven’s reflective glass confirm that the pleasure she feels is building quicker than she thought on her kitchen floor. Two fingers in, slow drips of her nectar escape down her palms – luckily, the cool tiles underneath her will make for easy cleanup. Navy bites her lip and moves her fingers faster… completely enamored by her reflection and oblivious to Victor’s car pulling back up in the driveway. A loud moan escapes Navy’s full lips as soon as Victor rushes through the front door. Startled, wet, and naked, Navy snatches her hand out from between her legs and tries to cover herself with her tiny robe.

“What are you doing back?!” Navy says, flustered and hoping her brown skin won’t reveal a red face.

“I forgot my keycard to get into the building,” Victor responds with a smile. “What did I walk into?”

He tosses his keys on the couch and walks towards the Navy in the kitchen. The tower of a man bends down before reaching her, so she can watch him crawl the rest of the way. He maneuvers into the gap between Navy and her reflection, sitting straight up against the oven door. Blocking Navy’s view of herself, she lets her eyes rest on the skinny pole of a man with the not-so-skinny pole between his legs straining at his work trousers.

“Don’t mind me,”Victor says, unbuttoning his shirt. “I’m just gonna sit here and watch.”

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There’s nothing casual about his dick but he pulls it out casually with one hand and starts to stroke. His eyes are locked on hers and the sexual intensity between them draws Navy’s lust like the moon draws the tides. Navy’s fingers find her clit again and move counterclockwise, matching the speed of Victor’s hand moving up and down his shaft. It’s a competition now. Not a “who’s going to cum first?” competition. More of a “how long before you tap out and touch me?” Navy turns around, face down and ass up, and starts playing with her pussy from behind, giving Victor the perfect view. Victor’s moaning behind her lets Navy know she’s ahead in this race. She pops her back to make her ass jiggle and that’s enough for Victor.

“Don’t move, baby,” Victor moans.

He moves forward towards Navy, and hovers his mouth over her pussy before planting kisses on her thighs. Blissful tingles shoot up Navy’s spine, making her arch her back even more. Victor knows what she likes and quickly picks up where she left off. Victor sucking on her clit makes Navy kick her feet against the floor. Navy reaches back with her hand, plants it firmly on Victor’s head and forces his tongue even deeper. The vibrations from him moaning on her pussy tickle in the best possible way. And Navy can’t help but laugh when a gushing stream of pussy juice is suddenly dripping off of Victor’s nose and mouth.

She giggles when she cums…

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