Coming Soon: Angel & Bunny

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The lesbian lovers initially connected thanks to hook-up app Tinder, though you could argue that it was their first in-person encounter that left a real lasting impression when Angel visited Bunny at her grocery store job wearing a see-through crop top. “We hung out for the first time a few days later at Angel’s apartment,” they say. “Bunny had to leave to go to class but asked Angel to come over to hers later that night because she knew she absolutely had to fuck her brains out. We have been inseparable since.”

After barely a year of dating, the queer couple describe themselves as “two peas in a pod”. “We are addicted to each other!” they say. “We don’t do anything without each other because being apart feels like absolute torture.” They explain that their favorite love languages are physical touch and giving gifts and their favorite activity is crafting. Hmmm, activities for two that involve being creative and physical touch? It’s no wonder these two started making porn together.

Filming their sex lives, they say, is one of the most adventurous things they’ve done – and it’s opened them up to more exploration, more experimentation, and all sorts of pleasure. “It’s crazy how much making porn has impacted our sex life,” they say. While they’re still in the early days of exploring their kinks and fetishes, they love to 69, playing with the wand vibrator, and both love giving and receiving strap-on sex. “Bunny loves to be suffocated into Angel’s pussy while she cums and is also, ironically, a lesbian with a breeding kink.” Most often, Bunny takes the role of the top while Angel, her “little princess”, is the bottom.

“We have already planned out our lives together,” says the infatuated pair, “and are planning on moving in together in 2023 and getting engaged in 2024.” We’re just honored that Lustery gets to come along for the ride!

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