Coming Quietly on the Top Bunk

Category: Erotica

Author: Anne Shark

It was the first night we’d be sleeping in Liam’s dorm room. I was excited, though I wouldn’t admit to Liam why: that is was because his roommate Cody would be there. Cody wasn’t exactly my type – he was a bit rough around the edges, he moved with sudden, large gestures, he spoke as if he didn’t give a shit about what anyone thought and his sharp blue eyes flickered with shameless emotion he didn’t quite seem aware he had.

To be honest, he scared me a bit. He wasn’t the type of guy I’d want to date. Liam was, with his sweet, gentle touch, his soft hazel eyes, his goofiness… but I had to say it, being near Cody, I came alive a little. And I’d be spending the whole night with him sleeping in the bunk below me.


After the off-campus party, which turned out to be less fun than promised, the three of us trudged back through the snow to the guys’ dorm room. Cody disappeared into the bathroom and I changed into some of Liam’s boxers and his baseball t-shirt, moving as quickly as I could, but Cody returned just as I was pulling the shirt over my head.

“Sorry,” he muttered and turned away with a spin.

“No worries,” I replied, secretly thrilled.

“Looks like Davie and his girlfriend are breaking up,” Cody said in his gruff, unsentimental voice, only his eyes betraying the emotion behind his words. “They were together for, like, two years.”

“Yeah, looks like he’s already talking to someone new,” Liam added, removing his shirt, revealing that beautiful, toned body so familiar to me. He thought he was too skinny and was always trying to gain weight but I thought he was perfect. Then again, I wasn’t his baseball coach.

“Stupid,” Cody remarked, removing his own shirt before turning to check something on his computer. For a moment there was quiet as he scanned an email, and I couldn’t help noticing his broad shoulders, narrow waist and muscular back. Compared to Cody, Liam was, indeed, skinny.

“She’s a good girl,” Cody added absently. “He’s stupid to lose her.”

He pulled away from the computer and slid his jeans down.

I caught my eyes flicking to his red boxer briefs, and then felt myself turning just red, hoping he hadn’t noticed.

Liam pulled himself into bed with a grunt, bypassing the use of the ladder.

“Hey!” I exclaimed, as he collapsed onto me. He played it off by rolling on top of me.

“What? Am I too heavy for you?” he asked, dropping his weight down, crushing me.

Yes!” I squealed, struggling beneath him, laughing.

I could feel his dick, semi-hard, pressing against my thigh. Alone, this would have led to us wrestling a little, kissing, and eventually fucking. But we weren’t alone, and I resisted the urge to grab his ass and pull him to where I wanted him, to kiss him and make him hard as I knew I could so easily do…

“Ready?” Cody asked, appearing totally at ease with our behavior.

Liam rolled off of me. “Yep,” he replied, and the light switched off.

I heard Cody getting into bed below us and then there was silence. I felt a nervous urge to giggle, and tried to resist but it slipped out anyway. My giggle cut through the dark, and I quickly buried my face into the pillow and Liam’s neck.

Liam grabbed my hip, tickled me, making me laugh even more.

“Okay, kids, don’t be getting too frisky up there.”

“Sorry!” I exclaimed weakly, biting my lip, embarrassed.

“Hell, I don’t care,” he muttered with a snorting laugh. “I’m a heavy sleeper.” I heard him turn over in bed.

Still, I pushed Liam away and snuggled in to fall asleep, resisting any further urges.


When I woke, it was still dark. Liam was holding me close, his cock hard, pressed into my ass. Instinctively, I pressed back into him, moving my hips in a slow circle. His breathing was deep, and I knew he was asleep. I could hear Cody beneath us, snoring quietly.

My pussy was throbbing. It was rare for us to fall asleep without having sex, without Liam getting me off with his hand or mouth and then fucking me until he came too. I’d never orgasmed from fucking, but I loved the passion, the physical force of his body entering mine.

I tried not to think of it. I breathed slowly, remembering how Liam had said he thinks about baseball when he wants to get his mind off sex. But that just caused me to imagine his butt in tight white pants and it had the opposite effect.

Liam moaned quietly and moved his cock deeper into the flesh of my ass, simultaneously pulling me nearer, his hand sliding under my shirt, bringing my skin to life with his touch.

My cunt pulsed again but I pulled away.

He pulled me back and began kissing my neck. The last thought I had before I succumbed to pleasure was, In one motion, I turned to kiss my boyfriend, sliding my hand into his boxers, grabbing his hard cock.

He groaned, waking a bit, kissing me, pushing me to my back.

Below us Cody turned. We froze, Liam’s hand on my breast; my own still gripping his erection.

“Baby,” I whispered, “we shouldn’t?”

His body rebelled automatically to my suggestion to behave, his hips thrusting into my hand, another quiet grunt escaping him.

“Shh!” I whispered, pushing his shoulder, even as my other hand felt his cock twitch and get harder. I tightened my grip. He needed release at least as badly as I did and despite our best efforts, our bodies had their own agenda.

We both moaned in relief at the same time, my cunt gripping him as he throbbed, and then we froze, listening. Cody’s steady snoring continued.


It was during those ‘wait and listen’ periods that I began noticing something – my body was gripping Liam with more and more intensity. Where he would normally have thrust a second and then third time, in our pauses, my body had a chance to clutch him instead.

Liam noticed this too. I could tell by the way his breath intensified, each time my body gripped him, the way he throbbed inside me, the way he began trembling, the intensity building inside rather than expressing itself in frantic thrusts of passion.

Ripples of pleasure spread from the place our bodies joined.

To prevent myself from crying out, I breathed slowly, steadily, deeply, and I found this too contributed to the pleasure.

I began circling my hips slowly, moving his hardness around inside of me. I breathed through my nose as my hips were pressed hard into Liam’s, moving him around inside of me, and only slightly sliding him in and out of me.

I pressed my lips into his, preventing us both from making any noise.

The pleasure built in a way I’d never experienced before. I was excited – and terrified too as my body did this thing that I’d never felt it do.

I kept allowing the feeling to build until I felt myself grip his cock in a series of spasms at the same time, I felt him spasm. I couldn’t tell whose body was doing what – we were feeling the exact same thing at the same time.

I became aware of nothing but the intensity of the pleasure. I heard my voice as if from another dimension, crying out in pleasure.

When it was over, I realized the snoring below us had stopped. My groin ached; the muscles unused to what had just happened: my first orgasm with something – someone – inside of me.


When I woke in the morning, I was astutely aware of the three of us lying in bed together – Liam and me in one bed, Cody in the other. I was nervous. Had Cody been offended? Was what we did wrong? How could it be, when it had opened me up to a whole new world?

Cody yawned loudly, stretched, and groaned. “Breakfast?” he asked.

“Yep, for sure,” Liam replied. “Hungry, babe?”

I guess he wasn’t offended, I thought, smiling to myself, kissing my boyfriend, enjoying the fact that I knew Cody was watching us.

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