Brian and Nina on kissing, connection and getting it on in IKEA

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Amsterdam-based lovers Brian and Nina connected on Tinder a year ago, though it was a match that, at first, was met with more dubiousness than desire as each wasn’t sure the other’s profile was real. It took a phone call – and a seriously sexy one at that – for them to fall for each other’s voices and the ease with which they could talk about literally anything. And while their first date didn’t exactly go according to plan – they ended up in a weird football bar rather than the classy cocktail place they’d wanted to visit – the end result was still perfect: they fell in love.

“From the first moment we met, something just clicked,” they say. “All the things we missed in other relationships were present in this one. Our mad chemistry in and out of the bedroom overtakes all still every single day. Kissing is also a big fetish for the both of us. We do it any place any time to get things heated up quickly.”

“Our mad chemistry in and out of the bedroom overtakes all still every single day.”

They’re not kidding about the chemistry either – or the kissing. One of their steamiest sex stories, they say, took place in a public sauna. “The heat just became too much for me to handle,” says Nina. “Brian started kissing me intensely as his fingers went down my sweaty body and started rubbing my clit. I was moaning and kissing him back when he started pleasuring my pussy with his tongue. Just then the door opened and someone looked at us in shock and walked away instantly. We laughed our asses off and continued until I came.”

That’s not where the public play ends for these two either. In fact, their best place to have sex is anywhere they might get caught “the back of a car in a public parking garage, in the woods or on the beach” – they even had sex in IKEA. “We enjoy the thrill that someone might maybe see us do something naughty with each other,” they confess. Needless to say, their Lustery debut is packed with all sorts of naughtiness, so don’t miss it!

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