Category: Erotica

Author: Anne Shark

“You look left, I’ll look right,” Paige said, lifting the back of her dress because they were at the perfect spot — the path was visible for at least a hundred feet on both sides of the bridge they stood on.

She leaned forward against the rail looking out across the water, the pink clouds, the sunset, as he slid into her. She inhaled sharply, his arms wrapped around her, his lips pressed into her neck. They might just be holding each other close but for his cock, which was deep, so deep… the pink sky filling her consciousness.


“Bike!” Mark said suddenly and pulled out of her, both of them gasping for air. He forced his erection back into his pants and zipped up fast, just as a man on a bike flew past.

She turned to face Mark laughing while he stayed facing her and the water, hiding the bulge in his pants. She wondered if the guy could sense anything. Another bike approached, the woman on it shouting, “Wait up!” to the guy in front. She smiled at them as she passed and Paige smiled back thinking she must feel the sex in the air.

Then they were alone again, walking down the path and Mark was saying he loved it when Paige was naked in public. She found herself responding to his words as though she were hypnotized, the unfinished fuck intoxicating her. Her hands moved to the string keeping her dress in place at the back of her neck and untied it, allowing the thin, cotton fabric to fall off her shoulders. She began walking, her skin exposed to the forest and setting sun, the birds singing their evening song, the insects beginning to lift from the foliage. Paige followed the gravel path, her senses raw and alive.

All I want is to be naked in this perfect air, Paige mused to herself, breathing lungfuls of the forest and lake scents. She almost forgot about Mark for a moment, but when she looked back at him, he was staring at her with a hard expression that sent another wave of electricity through her body. She held his eyes as she walked backward seductively.

“You want me…” she taunted.

“Keep walking. Go ahead of me,” he ordered and she felt her pussy throb at his stern tone.

When she turned around, his expression was even more intense, his black eyes boring into hers. His hand moved to the front of his pants where his cock was pressing hard and grabbed it. Paige staggered slightly, her lips parting, craving his mouth on hers.


“I said, walk,” Mark repeated, his voice hardening. Paige did. She could feel his eyes on her back like fire. They reached a curve in the path and she knew if someone was walking towards them, she wouldn’t see them until it was too late. She imagined a guy, jogging. His expression would be shocked, he’d falter. Paige would pull the dress up casually and glance at the jogger, nonchalant. Mark would stare him down, daring him to do anything.

“Let it drop more,” Mark commanded, and Paige let the dress fall to her stomach leaving her entire upper body naked. She turned back to look at him and pulled the dress down daringly, revealing her hip bones, the top of her pubis. Mark’s hand tightened on his cock.

She lowered the dress more, the nub of her clitoris appearing. He moved his hand on his cock, massaging it as if deciding when he would fuck her again.

Paige continued lowering her dress millimeter by millimeter until it was around her thighs. She moved her hand down her belly and between her legs, slipping her finger between her wet lips, shuddering with desire.

Almost there, she told herself, turning forward, but she wasn’t sure if she would be able to wait till they got home. She began pulling her dress back up over the curve of her hips and ass, walking faster now.

“Get over here,” Mark demanded.

“Fuck you,” she shot back, turning to look over her shoulder.

“No,” he replied. “Fuck you.”

She spun toward him as he approached. One of his hands was around her waist, the other reaching under her dress, his finger dipping inside of her as his mouth pressed against hers. She let out a cry, her knees weakening, but he held her steady against his body. Her head fell backward, her eyes rolling, drunkenly unfocused, to the sky where the first stars were beginning to emerge.

Please! she wished abstractly at the sky, breathing hard as his middle finger moved in and out of her, his thumb circling her clit. She could hear the cicadas and crickets singing their chorus of chirps and vibrations deep in the trees.

The sensation rose to a level of intensity so strong that Paige pulled away, catching his eyes and then slapping him hard across the face. He didn’t flinch — he never did when she slapped him.


She grabbed his hand and pulled him off the path into the woods where he immediately unzipped, taking his throbbing cock out. He lifted her and her legs wrapped tight around his waist. He was inside her, fucking her deeply until she felt his pulsing orgasm, which triggered her own. They collapsed together on the forest floor, no doubt gathering mosquito bites that would itch and remind her of the even worse itch that she’d been cured of.

He stood, extended his hand, and pulled her up. They strolled back home laughing, fingers weaved together, arms swinging, the only two people left in the park.