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Author: The Lustery Team

The festive season is upon us, which means gift guides, lust lists and curated collections of all the things that got us excited in 2022. However, if there's one thing we've learnt on POV, it's that not everyone gets excited about the same stuff. With that in mind, we decided to crowd source ideas from some of the most creative, adventurous, thoughtful and, oh yeah, sexy people we know… Our incredible POV contributors!

The question we asked them: When it comes to pleasure, sex and sexuality, what rocked your world this year?

Pleasure Erased: The Clitoris Unthought, by Catherine Malabou

from Amazon

This is a new book about sex that will speak to intellectuals, particularly feminist theory nerds. Malabou, a philosophy professor, explores the erasure of the clitoris from science and history, depictions of the clitoris in film, art, and literature, and how this body part has come to symbolize female independence and autonomy. I would recommend this as a gift for feminists and anyone who has a clitoris or wants to know about clitorises! —Suzannah Weiss

The Dutch, by Phreak Club

from Phreak

Some sex toys aren’t just practical, they’re also beautiful. Phreak Club’s designs are exemplary: they’ll make you cum, but you could just as easily clean them up and put them on display. (Maybe that’s just me?) Each design is customizable, from color combination to size and firmness, meaning you’re guaranteed to find the toy of your dreams. Dutch is my favorite: the sucker design is sensory bliss, and with plenty of lube, the soft version makes a wonderful stroking toy. I went for the blue and pink trans flag colors — fitting, as the versatility of these products means every body can find ways to enjoy them. —Jake Hall

Origami Customs

from Origami Customs

I didn’t know that I needed custom underwear until I ran across Origami Customs. Handmade in Montreal, Canada, this all-queer staffed small business makes each order to fit you perfectly. And I know, you’re probably thinking, “Custom undies? That sounds outrageously expensive.” But you’d be wrong! Origami Customs offers everything from swimwear to binders to gaffes and collars. Their website teaches you how to take custom at-home measurements, so everything is guaranteed to fit. Even better, all of their products are intended to fit people regardless of gender and body shape. Bonus, Origami Customs’ CEO, Rae, is an absolute delight to chat with! —Sam’s Cat

Refusing Compulsory Sexuality: A Black Asexual Lens on Our Sex-Obsessed Culture, by Sherronda J. Brown

from Penguin Random House

This is easily the most important book I’ve read this year! I picked it up to prepare for a podcast interview with its author, Sherronda J. Brown, but her message has never left me. Brown’s life experience as a Black asexual woman beautifully illuminates the philosophical origins of compulsory sexuality (the belief that all people desire sex), and how it emerged from the unholy union between capitalism and colonialism. While anyone who wants to unpack our cultural baggage around sex should read it, that goes double for sex educators, writers, therapists, or any other professionals whose work is centered on sexuality and the way Western and/or colonial cultures often conceive of it. —Aria Vega

The Stable Boy II Harness, by Primal Leather

from Primal Leather

Mainstream fashion may have spent another year lifting looks directly from the fetish worlds but there’s still no retail store alternative that can replicate the visceral bliss of a handmade, by-kinksters-for-kinksters leather harness. I found exactly that in London-based Primal Leather’s Stable Boy II. From the rich leather scent each time I lift it from its hanger to the satisfyingly hefty weight of the repurposed horse bit, that first shock of cold steel on warm flesh or straps tightened snugly over a favorite piece of clothing, there’s a connection to the senses, to sensuality – to sex – woven into every element of this genderless piece. Wearing it not only makes me feel powerful, it truly helps me connect to something primal. Is there a mass-produced knockoff that can do the same? I doubt it. —Annie Brookstone

LELO Soraya Wave

from LELO

I knew as soon as I unpackaged the Soraya Wave that this was the toy was going to rock my world. It feels like pure luxury, the silicone is so smooth and the shape ergonomic. Designed like a ‘rabbit’ toy (but much prettier), it has a clitoral stimulator and an insertable shaft all in one. But switching it on takes it up a notch further, because this toy moves. It’s built with unique WaveMotion™ technology from LELO, which means the insertable part of the toy caresses the G-spot like a finger or cock would. The best part of this for me? You can insert the toy and go handsfree, letting the movement between the insertable part and the external clitoral stimulator fuck you senseless without having to do any work. Yes, it has a heftier price tag than other toys but it’s definitely an investment if you are able to gift this to a vulva owner this Christmas! —Emily, customer support at Lustery

And another LELO – the Ida Wave

from LELO

As a sex toy reviewer, I try out many new toys each year, and this year’s winner, hands-down, is the LELO Ida Wave. I had 15 orgasms in one sitting with this vibrator — a personal record for me — thanks to its design, which stimulates the clitoris, G-spot, and everywhere in between simultaneously. It is designed to mimic a fingering motion, and the internal arm rotates while the external one vibrates on the clit. Feeling these vibrations all over my vulva and vagina allowed me to bounce back from each orgasm and prepare for another one! —Suzannah Weiss

Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good by adrienne maree brown

from AK Press

Whether we like it or not, pleasure is political. Pleasure Activism unpacks these politics through a Black, queer feminist lens, and the results are joyous, thought-provoking and wildly sexy. This book taught me to look past societal norms, access new levels of eroticism and fully lean into how radical it can be as a marginalized person to experience pleasure, both inside and outside of the bedroom. Expect to laugh, cry, take notes and probably find a few new favorite writers. —Jake Hall

Cute Little Fuckers 

from Cute Little Fuckers

Cute Little Fuckers really puts the “toy” in adult toys. Their line of body-inclusive vibrators look nothing like the products were used to seeing in adult stores. Each toy is shaped like an adorable monster-inspired character. My favorite is Starsi, a starfish-shaped grinding vibrator with a smiling face and patterned texture. Cute Little Fuckers are perfect for folks who want non-anatomical toys, or who are looking for gender-affirming pleasure aids.   There’s absolutely no need to hide these toys, their thoughtful and exuberant designs make you want to leave them out on your bedside table. —Sam’s Cat

We-Vibe Tango X

from We-Vibe

I usually abide by “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. So when I first heard that Canadian toymaker We-Vibe was updating their classic bullet vibe, I was worried that they’d over-engineer it and scrap some of the best features. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised! By adding silicone to the base for a better grip and extra buttons for more precise control, all while keeping the ABS plastic at the tip to amplify already-powerful vibrations, We-Vibe truly outdid themselves. This year, the Tango X became my go-to external vibe for both solo and partnered play. —Aria Vega

The Gift Card, by Lustery

from Giphy

With over 300 couples and over 700 videos, Lustery has rocked my world for six years and counting! As a co-founder, I look back and I’m so proud of what Lustery is becoming and what it represents. It’s probably the largest and best curated archive of people’s sex lives from all around the world, and – importantly – a community for celebrating sex in all its diversity… just as it happens behind closed doors. I believe that sharing porn with a partner or friend is not only caring but can also be a liberating and beautifully bonding experience. You can now do that and share the amateur couple porn love with a Lustery gift card for whoever the person is who makes your heart beat a little faster... —Paulita Pappel, Lustery co-founder

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