A Spanish Inquisition

Category: Erotica

Author: Ena Dahl

A firm knock on my front door pulls me out of a comatose slumber.

It’s Sunday morning, midsummer, and the bright light through my tall altbau windows offends my heavy eyes. It’s far too hot for my down duvet this time of year, and even the thin cotton sheets I’m using in their place are sticking to my damp skin.

There’s another knock on the door.

Next to me, a body rustles. Mateo! I almost forgot he was here.

Things got far more festive than I had planned last night, but then again, nighttime, when the temperatures finally dip under 25, is when I come to life. My Nordic complexion wasn’t made for this climate, and neither was Berlin for that matter, but the summers here only seem to get hotter.

Another knock.

I finally manage to peel myself off the bed and slip into a long black silk robe. Opening the front door slightly, I peek my face through the crack to see Pablo.

Buenos días, bonita! Am I disturbing?”

“Oh hi,” I mumble, feeling confused for a second, until I remember that we had made plans to hang out. I open the door all the way and lean in to kiss him.

“I’m really so happy to see you, but, ehhmmm, there’s something… I kinda messed up the times and thought you were coming later. And… I’m not exactly alone…”

I nod in direction of my bedroom, then look up at the tall bearded Latino in front of me. Coyly, I bite my bottom lip and raise my shoulders, curious how he’ll react.

I follow his gaze through the gap in the door where telltale movements under the blanket confirm the scenario.

“I see! My leona has caught another innocent prey.” Pablo laughs teasingly, as I allow my shoulders to drop.

“Well, your lioness gets hungry… and my main lion has had much business to tend to.”

“If you want, I can leave for a bit and come back later, or…”Pablo offers politely, but the slight hesitation at the end suggests he’s open to alternatives.


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Pablo and I have been seeing each other for a few months, but we’re non-monogamous and both busy with work and other commitments, so our time together is limited. Recently though, we’ve been sharing fantasies and building somewhat of a mutual sex bucket list. Not surprisingly, he wants me with another woman and was first a tad skeptical when I threw the MFM scenario on the table.

Personally, I’ve had more than my share of FFMs and moresomes with women, and I love it. A lot. But, I really, really want two dicks for a change. Preferably in me. At the same time. Double penetration has been at the top of my personal list for years now and I’ve been very close a few times, but something has always gotten in the way. I suppose one is that while I love women in all shapes and forms, from super femme to androgynous and beyond, I’m relentlessly—and despite my best intentions—attracted to men on the far end of the masculinity spectrum. More recently, I’ve had an inexplicable pull towards the Latin variety, and the thing is, while those hermanos colloquially greet their close male friends as cocksuckers, a disappointing percentage of them actually are. In fact, it appears that the more macho the culture, the more scared they are of other men. Especially when naked.

Thankfully, Pablo has proven more open-minded than most and has quickly been warming up to the idea of sharing and using me with a fellow penis owner. The issue, until now, has only been with whom…

It’s certainly not lost on me that a potentially viable option is currently stretched out on my bed.

“Hmmm… I really want to see you and don’t want to send you away. I know this might sound a bit impulsive, but I have a better idea…”

“Which would be…?”

My lover’s snide smile reveals that he already knows exactly what I’m thinking. I say it out loud.

“Well, you could… join us?”

His face lights up in a diabolical grin, indicating he’s more than game. Impatiently, he kicks his sneakers off, grabs my hand, and lets me lead him into the bedroom.

Mateo, who must have overheard us, has propped himself up against a pile of pillows and leans back with an equally blithe expression. The thin sheets do a poor job of hiding his excitement.

Leaving Pablo by the door, I walk seductively to the middle of the room, place myself right in between the two and let my robe glide to my ankles. Fully exposed, I twirl around to give them both a full view. Their gazes burn my skin and I feel my heartbeat rising.

Looking over at my guest, Pablo greets him with a firm yet friendly head nod.


Un gusto!”Mateo responds with a smile and returns the nod.

“Sorry, how rude of me,” I interject. Mateo,this is mi amor, Pablo, who I told you about last night. Pablo, this is our new friend Mateo. I was hoping you two would meet,” I wink, “just didn’t expect it to happen so soon.”

I walk over to Pablo first.

“You’re amazing,”I whisper and kiss his lips gently before dropping to my knees. Once there, I slowly remove his belt, all while keeping eye contact. As much as he’s GGG, there’s another man in my bed after all, and I want him to feel at ease.

“I thought I’d make mimosas and let you two get further acquainted, but first I want to get you caught up.”

I look up at Pablo whose boner pounces eagerly at me the moment I release it from its confinement. Already dribbling precum, I greet it with a wet kiss before covering it with my mouth.

Mi amor doesn’t let me go on for long before he gestures our new amigo over to join the fiesta.

Suddenly, I have one of them in each hand. As if double-fisting two tall Margaritas – sweet and sour, topped with a hint of salt – I gobble them down, moving back and forth while stroking both concertedly.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday brunch,” I giggle between laps and lick my lips. “But wait, I was going to make you…” 

“Mimosas can wait,” Pablo interrupts and hooks his elbow under my arm to hoist me onto the bed. “I’ve something else I plan to drink first…”

I love it when he gets bossy and don’t protest. Instead, I fall back on the cushy bed with one of them on either side.


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My concern that the guys would get competitive is proving unfounded. Being the most gracious of guests, Mateo is more than content to take the role of second mate and hand the steering wheel over to Pablo.

Relieved and blissed, I close my eyes and savor as four hands and two mouths explore every inch of me. My skin has turned electric and each touch sends currents through me. I’m unable to tell who’s who as they move in perfect unison, as if controlled by a single mind.

They continue to tease, moving closer and closer to my center, only to turn back. My blood pulsing through my pussy lips, I’m so turned on that drops of juices make their way down my crack to form a wet spot on the mattress below. If my cunt could speak it would scream to be touched, to be filled. Instead, I wait, patiently, letting myself sink deeper into subspace.

I’m all theirs to do with what they want, and they seem to have caught on. In a quick motion, Pablo flips me around, guides my mouth back onto Mateo’s throbbing cock, and slips his fingers into me. My pussy responds by letting out grateful smacking noises.

On an obvious mission to prep me for what’s to come, Pablo continues by warming up both of my holes. Dipping his fingers in deep and pushing upwards with one hand, he rubs my clit with the other while running circles around my asshole with his tongue. When he finally replaces his mouth with his thumb, I let out a deep moan.

Almost dizzy from all the sensations I struggle to keep up with Mateo’s dick, but their concordant movements keep me on beat, rocking me into my first mixed orgasm—one that only makes me hungrier.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhh yessss, more!” I sob.

“Don’t worry, there’s so much more coming,” Pablo assures while tapping his cock firmly against my labia, as if knocking to enter. My swollen cunt clenches around and holds him firmly inside me as I continue to devour Mateo.

Balancing perfectly between them, they pass me back and forth as if engaged in an intense ping-pong match. They appear to communicate in a code beyond their shared mother tongue and it’s hard to believe they don’t know each other, let alone that neither of them has done this before.

Ahora?” Mateo raises his eyebrows and looks over at his playmate.

Si. Ahora!” I hear Pablo respond behind me.

At that moment they both grab hold of me, Mateo’s hands in my hair and Pablo’s clutching my hips, they thrust as deep as they can, causing me to arch my back and pull my chin up to take them both even deeper.

I’m definitely a hot mess by now, and I love it—with tears running down my face and saliva gushing from my throat—I gasp for air as they release me from the spit, causing me to drop forward onto the mattress.

“So, bonita, you ready to cross one off the list?” Pablo smacks my ass lovingly as if to signalize a change in positions.

I can barely vocalize, but nod and let out a “hmmmm,!”before crawling eagerly on top of Mateo who simultaneously slides himself underneath with his legs off the bed. Positioning his dick full mast below me, I slide on top to circlude him. We both let out a loud groan as he reaches my upper limit.

The air is thick with sweat and sex and all three of us move in slow, focused motions towards our common goal. With my face resting on Mateo’s clammy chest, I listen to his pounding heart while Pablo preps my ass with plenty of lube, and one, two, three fingers. I’m ready!

“Please, fuck me!” I beg.

My whole body is shaking, shivering in anticipation as one of my ultimate fantasies is about to materialize. Will I be able to take both of them? Will it feel as amazing as I imagined? I have little time to think before Pablo’s cock presses against my ass, which softens and opens willingly—the way it tends to do when I know I’m in safe hands and about to receive anal. I moan loudly while sliding myself onto the tip at first, then slowly making space for his full length.

Once inside, Pablo grabs me by the hips and pulls me tight, guiding all three of us into a gliding, locomotor motion.

It’s a Sunday morning, midsummer, and I’m torn between the cocks of two hotblooded Hispanics, fucking me as if they were one uniform being. The sensations are euphoric, I’ve never been so full yet I can’t get enough.

“More, more,” I cry as I cross over to the space where my eyes start to roll back in my head and I feel like I’m hovering just above the mattress. Closing my eyes, I imagine their dicks sliding alongside each other, separated only by a few millimeters of skin. The thought alone nudges me to the edge.

“I’m close… I’m gonna…”

“Wait! Not yet!”Pablo interjects.

Their thrusts deepen now. With Matteo’s breath quickening below me and Pablo whispering sweet, unintelligible words of affection in Spanish into the other, I can tell they’re both close as well.

We’re all intertwined, with our hands, on the one side, clenched together on the mattress, Mateo’s free hand is on my throat and Pablo’s is grabbing my hair. Our heads are close together, breathing the same heavy air.

“Now!”Pablo finally exclaims. “Ahora. Acaba para mí!”

In that instance, our moans turn to screams of pleasure. I allow the floodgates to open and release waves of pleasure to wash through me.

Sí, ooooohhhhmyyyygoooddd, fuck, yeeeees!”


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One after the next we surge and wash ashore to eventually collapse, one on top of the other. Sticky with sweat and juices and with both of them still in me, we sink deeper as our breathing calms back down.

It’s a Sunday morning, and this Berlin summer just got even hotter.

Emerging from the fog, we look at each other and break out in giggly laughter.

“Well, I’m so glad you two got along,” I say with a smirk. “Now, how about those mimosas?”

Written & edited by Ena Dahl, based on a sexting conversation with Pablo in the story, who chooses to remain anonymous.

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