A short and sweet guide to a healthy vagina

February 21, 2017 6 min read

The first point in this article gotta be: Do NOT take advice from Gwyneth Paltrow. With her v-steaming, and "jade eggs" and what have you. That lady has got a lot of time and money to spare which, as we all know, doesn't buy you common sense.

And common sense - really - is all you need when it comes to a happy vagina.

Let's get started:

AppearanceOf course, trim and wax as you like. However, a word of warning: If you get rid of your pubes you're more likely to attract and develop infections - just sayin'! It makes it easier for bacteria to actually get to your vagina, so in case a super-healthy vag is what you're looking for, you might consider a different style.

CleaningThese days we are all so super-clean, we tend to have more infections. That's not a paradox but the result of over the top "hygiene". There is - take note, Gwyneth - absolutely no need to "steam" your vagina, nor is there any need to shower-gel your poor little vag into oblivion. Really, all you need is clear and clean water and a fresh towel. In case you do want to use a shower lotion of sorts - I'm with you there - make sure it's a gentle cleanser that balances the environment of your skin. Have a chat with your gynecologist or an apothecary about it - you might want to test out different cleansers just to make sure your skin doesn't get irritated. Apart from that: Make sure you use a clean towel - that is wash your towels regularly, you can use it up to 3-4 times. If you use a flannel or washcloth, use it only once.

UnderwearG-strings and thongs are a bit of a no go, I'm afraid. The string sort of flosses around your nether region and thus helps in distributing bacteria from your anus towards your vagina.  Youdon't want that, so maybe be a bit apprehensive on that front. And also: synthetic underwear (as well as panty liners with plastic) make you sweat more and sweat/heat is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and yeast infections - try to wear cotton panties and make sure that your tights have a cotton inlay.

SexNo 1. rule: please try to never have ANYTHING that has just been in or near someone's (or your) bumhole to get close to your vagina. Lots of nasty bacteria can be transferred that way, an infection is almost certain to follow. For all other stuff you wanna insert into your vagina, there's only one simple rule: Make sure that it's clean and has a smooth(ish) surface.

Healthy vagina, happy vagina!

Dr. G-Punkt
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