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Leo & Lulu

The basics
  • 1424
  • Name:

    Leo & Lulu

  • Age:

    22 & 26

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Paris, France

  • Sex life:


Leo and Lulu met six years ago at the beach, where the gorgeous Leo was tanning with a friend. Lulu came up and started hitting on her, which Leo actually found quite charming. After a few fun nights out, they discovered that they had a lot in common… particularly great sex!

Fairly soon into their relationship, they started taking a lot of pictures and videos for their private collection, but it was only after four years together that they decided to share a sex tape with the world. They loved the experience and have never looked back, releasing a new video each week as LeoLulu.

The sexy Parisians have a varied sex life—about half the time it’s very intense and they can’t get enough (sometimes fucking for days on end, as much as five times a day!) but they can also be quite vanilla, making love just once in a week, without even taking off their PJs. They just go with the flow!

Essentially, they are crazy for each other and—being pervs—have fun enjoying themselves no matter what they do. Whether getting thrilled playing in public or experimenting and freestyling at home, LeoLulu truly embody the sex positivity we promote here at Lustery!


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Leo & Lulu's Video Collection

A Lustery Christmas
This Christmas, Lustery is delighted to announce a very special treat: the debut submission from renowned amateur porn stars LeoLulu! The gorgeous Parisians were visiting Berlin for the holidays, so in the spirit of the season we thought we’d bring them a little yuletide cheer with a gaggle of gifts. After waking up to a lovely breakfast in bed, Lulu and Leo take turns opening the presents, discovering that while some were quite nice—Santa socks, a sequined Christmas hat, and a coloring book—the rest were delightfully naughty, including a fluffy butt plug, a glass dildo, and a Shibari rope. Inspired by the sexy swag, the couple decided to do what they do best: spread joy to the world by making each other come (and then some)!
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