Kimberly & Drew

The basics
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  • Name:

    Kimberly & Drew

  • Age:

    33 & 35

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Seattle, WA, USA

  • Sex life:


Kimberly met Drew through a fellow porn actress, who had hired Drew as the videographer for one of her scenes. Drew immediately impressed with his professionalism, and Kimberly knew right away she wanted to poach the cute cameraman for her own. She had fantasies of seducing the soft-spoken Midwesterner and turning him into her on-camera sex slave… and she pulled it off!

The transition from production to performing was one of the most adventurous things Drew has ever done sexually. Being new to the industry, he was quite nervous and self-conscious at first, but luckily had a very patient and encouraging teacher in Kimberly. They now film about 50% of their sex life and make some fantastic scenes together!

Off-camera sex is still very important for the couple, and they usually do it about three times a week. Without having to worry about stuff like angles, run time, lighting and sound, the pair can really focus on each other and have fun. Their favorite sex position is having Kimberly on top, and Kimberly’s biggest fantasy is anal play on Drew (something he’s working up to).

Whether travelling as gypsy pornographers or leisurely creating erotic art from the comfort of their home, the couple love what they do and are the perfect partners in business and life!


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Kimberly & Drew's Video Collection

Porn performers and real-life couple Kimberly and Drew make their long-awaited second appearance on Lustery screens with a sensual follow-up to their red-hot debut that is sure to leave you floored – perhaps even quite literally. Beginning on a rug on the floor, Kimberly happily chooses Drew’s face as her seat of choice, with plenty of 69 action to follow. From there, it’s onto the bed with each getting their turn on top before powerful orgasms leave them both… you guessed it… floored by pleasure.
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