Vicky & Eric

The basics
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  • Name:

    Vicky & Eric

  • Age:

    25 & 34

  • Type:

    Primary partners

  • Location:

    Berlin, Germany

  • Sex life:


Many couples nowadays meet through a dating app – but Vicky and Eric's experience defies normative gender roles, as Eric is more introverted than Vicky and she had to insist for over a month until he finally agreed to meet for the first time. Their connection felt unique to them from the very beginning. They took things slowly and built up trust with each other, both becoming less shy and more open as time passed. For Vicky, it was a new experience to be the one taking the initiative, she knew that he wanted to but was too shy to do so.

Quite often Vicky likes to use ropes with Eric in the bedroom. They're playful, but neither of them are that into toys. They both love it when Vicky is on top. In this position she can have a more intense orgasm and squirt. For Eric, Vicky is the only person where he can have an orgasm whilst indulging in “passivity”.
They don't have sex very often because Vicky is not into having sex very often, she knows that he'd be willing to do it more regularly. But when they do, they take their time and space and enjoy very intimate and passionate sessions.

Vicky introduced Eric to kinky sex. There is still room for further discovery, so far they've been enjoying bondage, latex, spanking and similar sexual excursions. They are looking forward to trying new things together and they're excited about sharing them with Lustery!

Vicky & Eric's Video Collection

  • 13.11.18
    Tied Down
    Don’t let anyone tell you being Tied Down is a bad thing! At least, it isn’t for Eric, he loves it when Vicky gets the ropes out and they enjoy a bondage filled sex session. Back for their 3rd video for Lustery, the couple wanted to show off a more adventurous side to their sex life…
    Full video

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