Thie & Davis

The basics
  • 102
  • Name:

    Thie & Davis

  • Age:

    30 & 25

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    São Paulo, Brazil

  • Sex life:


Brazilian couple Thie and Davis have been together almost four years now after first connecting in an online group. From the outside, their life together might look quite traditional – they share a house, several plants and a dog – but take a closer look at their relationship and you’ll see that adventure and exploration are a major part of the package. “We are very untraditional: we like sex hanging, standing, in the car, with other couples, and sometimes the dynamics of this change, because it doesn't always fit all in the same bed,” they say. “We like everything that is new and we never miss a good adventure!” Among those adventures, they’ve counted sex in waterfalls, on walks, in sex clubs, in hotels with other couples, in public restrooms, at parties, on beaches and even at carnival… The list of their public exploits goes on! They also share some daring kinks. “We like to spit, piss, to be tied, and sometimes to be slapped. We also really like double penetration sex,” they say. “We have had sex almost every day for at least three years. Now, in the pandemic, sometimes more than once a day. It’s always very exciting to wake up in the morning and have someone already prepared for sex, and sometimes you don't wait and it happens.” Here’s to more “here and now”, hopefully all recorded for Lustery!


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Thie & Davis's Video Collection

Caught In The Kitchen
We didn't wait for breakfast, Davis was hungry for my ass so he caught me in the kitchen.
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