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Patrick & June

The basics
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    Patrick & June

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    29 & 45

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    Open relationship

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Patrick and June met at a BDSM club a few years ago. After that night, they did not see each other again and barely kept in touch. Last year though, after June came back to France from a worldwide trip, they met again spontaneously. Since that first official date, they have been in an open and long distance relationship. Patrick has an endless imagination when it comes to sex and he is always crafting new erotic scenarios for them, always knowing how to push boundaries further, much to June's surprise and delight. Their games often include other people and happen in the most diverse places: Their best experiences include a threesome with a fake taxi driver in a BDSM rental apartment, several virgin gay men in a backroom, a rope bondage session on a frozen lake in Iceland or on a boat on the Mediterranean Sea!

They are proud and confident about their relationship, and for some time they wanted to show their versatile, queer, kinky and loving sexuality in a way that challenges porn, BDSM and gender stereotypes. They are both switch and free-spirited, and do not recognize themselves in the various BDSM traditional codes and attitudes that are “expected” from a top, a sub or a rope bottom. They live out their sexuality in an honest and very playful way – an amazing and exceptional delight to watch. We're happy they found Lustery to share it with us!


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Patrick & June's Video Collection

Sucker For Punishment
Not satisfied with the devious honour of being one of Lustery’s kinkier couples, this time playful French pair Parick and June deliver one of Lustery most creative locations too by taking the particular brand of cute-but-cruel onto a boat on a Paris river. That’s not where the creativity ends either. Beginning with June tied up and blindfolded, she’s in the perfect position for Patrick to have his way with her any way he chooses and with a variety of toys to tease and torment…
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