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Parker & Saff

The basics
  • 783
  • Name:

    Parker & Saff

  • Age:

    25 & 30

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Berlin, Germany

  • Sex life:


Parker and Saff are both models, in fact they are Lustery's very own matchmaking success...they met each other at the shooting of our Lustery trailer!

They are both naturally performative in their sexuality, so establishing scenarios and games is pretty innate. In their first video they recorded one of their typical plays – when they fuck it is often a mix of brutal and tender. Lately, they have been learning a whole lot about what they enjoy together and separately. They experiment a lot, and play, and write, and talk. It’s fun, and leads them into some very interesting places...


Living Room, Hetero, Long Hair, Brown Hair, Kissing, Oral Sex, Female Pov, Moaning, Male Pov, Trimmed Pubic Hair, Shaved Pubic Hair, Sex Toy, Short Hair, Fucking With Clothes, Safer Sex, Cuddling, Choking, Blonde Hair, Magic Wand, Facial Hair, Role Play, Handjob, POV, Nipple Sucking.

Parker & Saff's Video Collection

Dark Twisted Fantasy
The word lust may well have been invented for this shoot! That primal desire is on full display in this BDSM inspired play date between Saff and Parker. The sexual aggression and rawness is an incredible turn on. For those wanting to experiment with BDSM, this is a great place to start...
Full video

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