Maya & Edward

The basics
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  • Name:

    Maya & Edward

  • Age:

    31 + 32

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    South of Spain

  • Sex life:


Maya and Edward met at the wedding party of a mutual friend about four years ago. Since that weekend (which naturally included an orgy!) they have been in a relationship together. As a couple, they like to experiment and share each other sexually. Maya is bisexual and she has a girlfriend, Sophia, who lives outside of Spain. When she does fly in the three of them love nothing more than to enjoy threesomes.

Both Maya and Edward have many fetishes, like bondage with ropes, high heels, feet and orgies. They love to indulge in never-ending bondage sessions where they play around and explore their boundaries. One of their kinky agreements is that Edward is allowed to play with Maya when she's asleep, as this is a special fetish for her, waking up horny to her boyfriend's touch and felling him being in control of the situation. When fucking, Maya loves standing up against a wall and being penetrated from behind whereas Edward enjoys having Maya lying down being face-to-face and pushing her legs behind her head – she is very flexible indeed.

When they're both in town they usually have sex at least three times a week, but Maya often travels and sometimes they spend over a month apart. When this happens the sexual tension between them grows and explodes in the bedroom once they meet again. The lust between them is like the universe, infinite and exponentially growing!

Maya & Edward's Video Collection

  • 05.06.18
    The Peak of Pleasure
    Blue sky, sun shining, the very top of a mountain, Maya and Edward certainly know how to choose a location. Their 2nd Lustery video is here and the incredible setting isn’t the only reason to watch. Once they’ve reached the peak, it was time to search for highs of a more sexual nature, and it makes for incredible viewing!
    Full video

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