Kira & Steve

The basics
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  • Name:

    Kira & Steve

  • Age:

    23 & 22

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Russia, Ufa

  • Sex life:


Kira and Steve met at work. Instantly there was a spark and they realized that they wanted each other…badly! After a brief correspondence they agreed to meet in a rented apartment where after several bottles of wine they realized they could not resist each other. From that first time they knew their sex would be mind blowing.
After that they continued meeting in rented apartments, but they soon realized that they didn't want to live apart. Now they have sex wherever possible, at home, during walks in the woods and even in the changing rooms of stores!

They absolutely love trying new things in the bedroom. They love all kinds of sex - vaginal, oral ,anal... Kira loves it when it gets a bit rough, as they both love binding the elements of tenderness and aggression. 
In terms of toys they have lots of favorites. Recently they have been using a remote control vibrator. It's so great for a walk or just in the restaurant with a smartphone to control and play with each other in public.


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Kira & Steve's Video Collection

Always Stray off the path
Always stay on the path, pfffft nah, that’s no fun! Kira and Steve are back to show you why it’s always more fun to do things your own way! On an afternoon hike this adventurous couple decided on taking a delicious detour further in to the woods. With the sunshine seeping in through the forest canopy the couple lay their blanket down and enjoyed an afternoon of pleasure!
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