Eva & Roo

The basics
  • 80
  • Name:

    Eva & Roo

  • Age:

    26 & 26

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Manchester, United Kingdom

  • Sex life:


A fast friendship turned recent lockdown romance, Eva and Roo’s common interests run more than just skin-deep. “We met through a mutual friend and we are so happy that we did meet, because we get on so well,” they say. “We have known each other for two years now and we were really good friends before starting to date. We get on so we'll because we have so much in common!” Among the things they have in common (other than an impressive collection of tattoos) are an insatiable libido, plenty of curiosity when it comes to all things erotic and a love for group sex – whether a threesome or a sex party! “We love getting naughty with each other and usually have sex two or three times a day,” they say. “We can’t keep out hands off each other!” We’re guessing that that extends to their mouths too, since the Manchester babes love oral sex (both giving and receiving) and Eva loves to suck Roo’s fingers while being fucked. Eva is the more dominant of the two and loves taking charge, while submissive Roo is more than happy to be choked and slapped during this type of play. And, as you might guess if you’ve seen their breathtakingly hot debut, these two share a formidable toy collection. “Eva's favourite toy is the Hitachi wand and Roo loves a good vibrator as well,” they say. We can’t wait to see more of this tattooed twosome here on Lustery!


Bedroom, Long Hair, Brown Hair, Kissing, Oral Sex, Female Pov, Moaning, Spit, Shaved Pubic Hair, Breast Kissing, Tattoos, Licking, Cuddling, Red Hair, Piercings, Lesbian, Masturbating, Magic Wand, POV, Cunnilingus, Lingerie, Fingering.

Eva & Roo's Video Collection

Just Ink-redible
Eva and Roo’s romance is still in its early days, though years of friendship before that mean that their connection is more than just skin-deep. It makes for an incredible juxtaposition of red-hot lust with a profound understanding of each other – a recipe for incredible sex and breathtaking intimacy, as demonstrated from the very first moments of their Lustery debut. From the first barely stifled moans as they begin to kiss to the last twitches and moans of bliss, this tattooed twosome will have you glued to your screen.
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