Bren & Leni

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    Bren & Leni

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    25 & 28

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    Closed relationship

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Bren and Leni met thanks to a mutual friend in Barcelona. They were at a party and Leni was there with another girl…so they snuck away to kiss for the first time. A few days after that Leni stopped seeing the other girl, and she and Bren started seeing each other. On New Year's Eve, they went camping with some friends, and they officially decided to become a couple, while watching the sun rising up over the sea.

Since that first kiss they have had sex almost every day, they have a very strong attraction to each other that feels like a magnet, and every time they are close to each other they get horny…each time they kiss they end up fucking!

They love talking about what they enjoy in bed, this makes their sex life better and better, and they feel extremely comfortable together. Also, it excites them to talk openly about it, so that is usually part of their foreplay. Bren loves Leni to cum on her belly, to be caressed on her back, to be kissed a lot and to when Leni gives her love bites on her neck. Leni likes asking Bren to fuck her hard, to be kissed while being fucked and to be spat on.

They like to have sex in the shower and since both of them love travelling, they like to search for special places for having sex, such as paradise-like beaches...


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Bren & Leni's Video Collection

(Very) Good Morning!
In Berlin enjoying the beginning of summer, nomadic lovers Bren and Leni enjoy the opportunity to slow down and soak up some sun with a sensual morning fuck. Equal parts lusty and languid, as the sunlight plays across their bare skin, so they begin to play with each other with ‘top of the morning’ taking on a whole different meaning as they take turns pleasuring each other with a strap-on.
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