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Blake & Joe

The basics
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  • Name:

    Blake & Joe

  • Age:

    26 & 29

  • Type:

    Primary partners

  • Location:

    Melbourne, Australia

  • Sex life:


Joe and I met about a year ago, after he had a one night stand with a best friend of mine. I went over to see her the next day, he was still naked in her bed and I accidentally sat in the squirt patch they’d left on the sheets. We added each other on Facebook, I sent him a photo of my butt, then a few weeks later we went to a warehouse party together. He stayed at my house for two days and I never really managed to get rid of him. We’ve been together ever since.

I think my favourite position is when Joe is behind me, makes me squirt all over his cock and then fucks me, I think it’s super dirty and hot. I also love when he’s on top of’s really lovely and intimate, the other end of the spectrum. We have sex quite a lot, at least a few times a week...maybe more when we have more spare time, maybe less if we’re both working a lot. Our sex styles contrast so perfectly that they match. I’m very submissive and Joe is very dominant, but in a really subtle, understated way that turns me on a lot. The dynamic is a little different to the stereotypical image than comes to mind when you think of dominance and submission. It’s in the way he moves, moves me, touches me and withholds praise (as a sub I really like to please my partner, so this drives me crazy); denies me certain things, like sucking his cock or making noise, as opposed to being really over the top and bossy. It works incredibly well, feels seamless and I feel the longer we’re together the better our sex gets, which is a really lovely feeling.

I think sexually, in fact in almost all ways, Blake allows me to think and consider and explore ideas in new and exciting ways. I always erred on the side of being sexually dominant. Through fucking Blake I think I’m starting to develop the idea of what this really means. Dominance can be forceful and reprimanding and stern. But it can also be soft and tender and nurturing. Momentarily removing someone’s burden or choice, relinquishing them from that responsibility, and taking it for both of your pleasure is such a sexy idea. At the same time our sex is lovely, funny and playful. We laugh a lot. We stop to talk about so many things. We’re often very silly!

Sex with Blake is something that is a mix of so many intriguing, alluring, disparate, thought provoking and complex elements of sex. I want to please her, punish her, fuck her, kiss her, withhold something, give everything. Every time we fuck I feel like I learn something more about myself, herself, and the relationship we have together.


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Blake & Joe's Video Collection

Delicately Dominant
Blake is naturally submissive, whilst Joe veers more towards dominance. This Australian couple admit though that these roles have a much subtler meaning within their sex life. As their first shoot for Lustery displays, Joe’s dominance is exercised in a very understated way, he leads their sexual encounters carefully and thoughtfully bringing Blake to orgasm, again, and again!
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