Bambi & Adon

The basics
  • 75
  • Name:

    Bambi & Adon

  • Age:

    23 & 34

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Vancouver, Canada

  • Sex life:


Bambi and Adon met on Halloween in 2016 at a local sex party. They were introduced through a common friend, and within less than 15 minutes the three of them were fucking and attracting a considerable audience at the back room of the club. They were instantly enamoured with one another.

Since then their repertoire of sexual propensities has evolved and grown. Together they are able to unapologetically and safely explore their darker and more primal fantasies. They enjoy the same sort of things but on the different ends of the spectrum, Adon being dominant and Bambi submissive. They share a love for piss, violence and all things relating to BDSM. One thing that is very important in their relationship is trust and communication, in order to communicate boundaries. Everything they make is 100% consensual, and they feel safe and comfortable with each other at all times, even if sometimes what they do might look a bit scary on camera. Adon treats Bambi like a princess and they both give and receive the necessary care before and after their playful sessions.

Bambi & Adon's Video Collection

  • 14.05.18
    Primal & Playful Pleasure
    Bambi & Adon love to explore their darker sides in the bedroom (and anywhere else that takes their fancy!). Adon is naturally dominant and Bambi loves to be submissive, which is the perfect dynamic for the BDSM adventures. In their first shoot for Lustery, it doesn’t take long for this dynamic to show...
    Full video

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