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    Asteria & Ulysses

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    22 & 22

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    Closed relationship

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Ulysses and Asteria met in the first year of high school. They both decided to take a woodshop class. Asteria was the only girl in the class and they just naturally became best friends which quickly turned into more than "just friends." She would go over to his house and watch movies and by the end of the night, they would be cuddling so they decided to start dating. They've been together ever since and they moved in together after graduation.

Since they're living together, their sex drive depends on how they're feeling, sometimes they have a lot of sex and sometimes they like to get cozy, watch a movie and masturbate together. Asteria likes being spanked and choked and Ulysses likes spanking and choking Asteria. Perfect right!? They both like going on outdoor adventures, travelling, and eating vegetarian food. One time Asteria gave Ulysses a blowjob in an amusement park ride. The amusement park was shut down for the season and they snuck in together, that was pretty fun! On most days you can catch them exploring their city, trying new desserts, and taking photographs of each other. They love spending time together and are rarely apart.


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Asteria & Ulysses's Video Collection

VLOG: A Day In The Life
The Lustery VLOG is back for a third go-around, this time featuring one of our most prolific couples: Asteria and Ulysses. The charming Canadians answer several viewer questions about themselves and take us on a video journey through a typical day in the life a ‘freelance sex worker.’ Beginning with a morning shower and a quick tour of their flat, they bring the camera along on leisurely day out visiting a botanical garden and a fine art gallery. Following a quintessentially Quebecois lunch of poutine (with malt vinegar, of course), the longtime partners return home to break in their brand-new couch with a typically steamy sex session. After sucking Ulysses’ long cock, Asteria is soon moaning as she’s eaten out and fucked in the skirt she chose earlier that day. After an intense (and sheet-staining) cumshot, the pair order their favorite dinner of roti and settle down for some for a relaxing evening watching TV. Talk about a perfect life, eh?
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