Ursinae & Fennel

The basics
  • 31
  • Name:

    Ursinae & Fennel

  • Age:

    32 & 31

  • Type:

    Regular lovers

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Ursinae and Fennel met through a dating site around three years ago. Both were just looking for a bit of fun and didn’t expect anything serious. On their first night together however, the chemistry was just there! The night ended up in the bedroom with some pretty incredible sex. They started seeing each other quite often, and soon, very often! At some point they both admitted that they were smitten - but for both of them the idea of being a ‘couple’ was foreign. Therefore, since the beginning, they have enjoyed a polyamorous relationship.

Ursinae is a hyperactive, talkative, stressful creature, while Fennel is calm, quiet and composed – opposites really do attract. They are both really into traveling, natural landscapes, good sex, good food, and good books, life’s little pleasures.

Ursinae & Fennel's Video Collection

  • 02.06.17
    A Perfect Reflection
    With the camera aimed in to the mirror, the image we see reflected back is one of pure lust and desire. The sexual chemistry is clear for all to see, and with the camera being passed between the couple the POV shots are as hot as hell!
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