Diana & Cain

The basics
  • 55
  • Name:

    Diana & Cain

  • Age:

    23 + 26

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Sex life:


Cain and Diana met online and after a short chat they knew immediately that their sex life was going to be awesome. A few days later they met personally and found their expectations to be true!

They don't live together which unfortunately means they don’t have sex as much as they would like! Whenever they do see each other and have some privacy it usually takes about 30 seconds before they are ripping each other’s clothes off!

In bed together they feel free and they enjoy doing a lot of different things, they are constantly thinking of new and inventive ways to fuck! They absolutely love giving each other pleasure, so it feels quite natural and easy to experiment with new toys, positions or even introducing a camera to their games.

Since they both identify as bisexual, they fantasize a lot about having threesomes with other men and women, so far they had a threesome experience with a guy who was a friend of Cain. They had a wonderful time and since then they have been planning to find a woman to join them behind closed doors. Hopefully with the camera turned on for Lustery!

Diana & Cain's Video Collection

  • 12.10.17
    Cain is more than able!
    Diana and Cain love to experiment in the bedroom and the full spectrum of their sex life is on display in this, their first shoot for Lustery. They move between their favourite positions as they pleasure each other passionately.
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