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Lustery Community Guidelines


At Lustery, we don’t think of ourselves as simply a platform – we consider ourselves acommunity where a discerning international audience that picks its porn for real intimacyand emotion meets a diverse mix of couples with one important desire in common: beingable to share their passion in a sex-positive and inclusive space without shame or prejudice.

These real-life lovers invite us into their bedrooms (and, of course, sometimes kitchens, living rooms, rooftops, favourite secluded spots, showers... the list is deliciously long) toshare their most intimate moments. Our comments section is a further extension of thistrust – an invitation for you to engage and interact, create conversations, exchange ideas, and give positive or constructive feedback for the content creators or the Lustery team. Aswith any other instance where you are invited into somebody’s personal space, we ask thatyou be mindful that you are a guest and act accordingly and respectfully. Familiarise yourself with our ‘house rules’ before you step into the comments:

  • Do not ask for personal contact info;
  • No spam will be tolerated;
  • Never reveal someone else’s personal information;
  • No racism, sexism or other forms of discrimination;
  • No insults and trolling;
  • Don’t assume people’s ethnic identity;
  • Don’t reduce people to their body parts – keep praise respectful and do notbody-shame;
  • Links are not allowed;
  • No illegal activity;
  • No repetitive posts;
  • Don’t engage with trolls – downvote instead.