Introducing: Nico & Silas

Jan 09, 2018
The basics
  • 112
  • Name:

    Nico & Silas

  • Age:

    24 & 24

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Cape Town, South Africa

  • Sex life:


Silas and Nico live in Cape Town, meaning they are Lustery’s first ever couple out of Africa! Describing their sex life as ‘expressive’ Nico and Silas love to live out their fantasies in the bedroom…or outdoors! 

Silas and Nico's story goes like this: Nico throws a party in Cape Town. Silas goes to the party. He sees Nico. He comes directly up to her and buys her a drink. She asks him to accompany her to the bathroom to make out…

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