Introducing: Hunny & Tyler

Sep 15, 2017
The basics
  • 81
  • Name:

    Hunny & Tyler

  • Age:

    25 & 25

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Jacksonville, NC, USA

  • Sex life:


Hunny and Tyler met online and Hunny admits she knew she’d fallen for Tyler when he performed an extremely special (and unique) party trick for her over Skype! Their sex life ranges all the way from missionary to BDSM age regression play! There is never a dull day in the sex life of this gorgeous couple! 

They have a long distance relationship so they definitely haven't had as much sex as they would like to. When they do have sex, they love to explore each other’s desires and fantasies. It makes for reeealy good sex…

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