Frankie & Lucy

The basics
  • 329
  • Name:

    Frankie & Lucy

  • Age:

    22 & 29

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Kent, UK

  • Sex life:


Lucy met Frankie in a bar, she had a thing for beards, checked shirts and tattoos. So she chatted Frankie up by telling him he looked like a “hot as fuck lumberjack”. Frankie initially told Lucy he was 25... but he was 19. He eventually told her the truth, which came as a surprise, but didn't really matter, as they’d already fallen madly in love with each other.

Nowadays they spend 24 hours a day together with their pet Chihuahua Mr. Truffles. They usually have sex once or twice a day, and they enjoy recording it (thankfully for Lustery)! As far as fetishes and kinks go, they will always try everything twice! Their craziest moment so far was trying pegging, and the strangest... a cheesy blowjob, literally!

Frankie & Lucy's Video Collection

  • 19.03.18
    Anal Lust
    Back for the third Lustery Video, Frankie and Lucy wanted to share one of their favourite and most intimate bedroom pleasures…anal! As always their video is packed full of action, from soft intimate kissing to oral, fabulous fucking to anal action! How they’re gonna top this video we don’t know, but we already can’t wait for them to try!
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  • 21.09.17
    Living Room Loving
    Back for their second Lust filled frolic, Frankie and Lucy have moved from their bedroom to the Living Room. Looking gorgeous in her Calvin’s, Frankie simply can’t keep his hands to himself as he joins her on the couch…
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  • 08.04.17
    Hot wax leads to Hot sex!
    In one of our most sensual videos to date, Frankie begins by dripping hot wax over Lucy’s gorgeous body, massaging her seductively as he does. The tension slowly builds until the two are unable to hold it any longer...
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