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Tis’ the season of pumpkins and scares, and at the POV podcast we wanted to celebrate Halloween exploring the link between sexuality and fear. Remember watching horror films together with your friends and being terrified and amused and shouting until the neighbours complained? 

There’s no denying a sexual energy to horror films, and one genre that pushes this mix to its ultimate height is Horror Porn. All tricks and treats, the platform HorrorPorn presents extremely high production value films with everything the horror fans crave, from zombies to alien monsters and repulsive creatures. 

watch it on HorrorPorn.com

These films are incredibly well crafted, and so it was fascinating to take a sneak peak behind the scenes of these productions with Brittany Bardot, one of the main stars of the series.If you still thought porn looks all the same, listen to the scariest episode of the POV podcast so far for the most unexpected anecdotes from a HorrorPorn set. An example of how playful one can explore the medium of porn, and reflect on extreme emotions such as fear and sex, and their interconnections.

Celebrate the darkness and all saints safely, and take this chance to embrace your fears and accept them for what they are, as they’re a part of you.Brittany Bardot is a Czech porn star, she performs and directs, and has received many awards for her work. She is one of the main performers in Horrorporn.com and the director of PerverseFamily. She currently is about to launch a new series starring herself as 'Dirty Sarah.' Follow her on TWITTER

watch it on HorrorPorn.com

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