The Sound Of Spanking

February 25, 2019 6 min read

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There is something about the sound, it vibrates through my ear holes, titillating my skin, in such a way, that I want to hear it again. And again. And again..                       

This sound is a complete enhancement to my erotic drive. It’s like a tunnel that leads to the heightening of my desire, loving, and meaningful, sometimes soft, then hard. The reverberation through these passages leads all the way down to a stream of wetness, that lie recumbent, waiting for a release. 

With a good spanking I can receive this amount of pleasure increasingly without being fucked. I realized just how much I loved it when one day, I was humping and grinding on this woman. Things were already reaching an electric altitude when she suddenly smacked my ass to confirm she liked what I was doing. That made me gallop.


Spanking (as a form of slap), is my glass of whiskey, giving me a warm, smoky, sensual affect. It is a way to connect through mutual satisfaction (consent). I like using my hand to feel how hard I am spanking. I want to feel the tingle and admire the beautiful imprint I make and marvel at the art of it.


Using tools is always fun as absolute favorite is the ping pong paddle, full ass coverage. Other atypical tools like books, wooden rulers, Principal’s office paddles, spatula’s, pizza racks, metal tv trays, all work well. If you are a creative you can probably find something that is a possible spanking tool in each room. But connecting around spanking is more about the intention, than the tool. For these purposes, I will focus on the use of your hand.


The reason why spanking is the most popular way to hear the sound of the ‘slap’ is because it is safer. There is way more tissue than the face and therefore more depth that can be reached beyond the skin. Slapping the face feels more like a daring threat. The face is sensitive and this slap is equally emotional. 

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You can get a real thrill out of the shock and the sting can make you blush (so cute). I wouldn’t recommend slapping someone in the face unless you know about their desire for you to do so. There are all types of trauma but this one can also come with possession if you bruise their face. If you agree to this form of play, then I would start off soft and increase the slap from there, “what about that (slap) and that (slap increase) you want more..? (check in)” This is a sexy process and should lead to very intimate aftercare.


I think that you can tell a lot about a lover by the way they slap. For example, a soft slap is like a tease, the way to get you to pay a bit more attention, but not to be dominant necessarily. It can be that the light tap leads to others, or it may just have been the beginning move to other activities. Regardless, it’s a good starter.


A medium slap/smack is something in between soft and hard, and always a good transition to either. This way, you may want to show your desire, but not necessarily go harder. It could be enough, and if you agree on that, then keep throwing it in there every now and again to give the face a break.

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Hard slaps are intense. They hurt almost to the point of you wondering if they want to hurt you. This is not a thrill everyone seeks, or should try and build up to. This is something that is purely about the connection you have with the other individual. That person knows what you like already, and you know the same about them. 

Even if you are always still learning new ways to please each other, you both have the energy to go that far. In this case, I almost wait for the moment that I will get slapped/ spanked. It’s like a bonus to the energy that is already building. It’s that point where it is expressed through the sting. 

They really wanted you and now they want to show you, in the way that you desire most. The energy that comes with this type of dark eroticism doesn’t have to be S&M per se, it can be that you love somebody that fucking much.

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There are many areas of the bodthat you can hit, but some areas should be avoided. Besides asking your partner(s) what they prefer, you should educate yourself on the areas of the body that are not safe to smack. The Deviate Network has an easy to read list of safety measures to take when having an erotic connection with slapping/smacking/spanking

Here are some areas to avoid:


• Kidneys - the lower back and upper ass

• Tailbone - the base of the spine

• Hips - nerve damage can happen

• Spine - small delicate bones can be easily injured • Neck - lymph node damage


• Face - avoid eyes, nose, lips, and cheekbones • Ears - this could cause hearing damage


If all of the above seems too harsh, just remember, you can also make clapping noises to excite things without skin contact. It releases a vibration that is like no other sound. In addition to this sound, I must admit, I love dirty talk. But let me get deeper into that vortex next episode.


Extra Credit Homework assignment:


Look in the mirror, and try slapping yourself. how does it feel?
Next time you get out of the bath/shower, bend over and smack your ass. how hard can you smack it before it’s too much?
Does anything come up for you emotionally/psychologically around slapping, spanking and smacking?


Have fun. and let me know how it feels by emailing 

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