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The Lustery Playlist : Summer Lustin’

August 26 4 min read

As we move into the final glorious weeks of the Northern hemisphere summer, it’s only natural to want to sear what’s left of the season onto our memories (if not our tan lines). However, as anyone who has ever compiled a summer playlist (or anyone who believes it’s never too cold for ice cream – both would be me) can tell you, summer isn’t a season, it’s a mindset. 

This month’s all-VLOG, all-scorching, all-summer selection is sure to bring the heat whatever the weather with enviable erotic escapes, holiday romance, day-in-the-life insights, and oh yeah, lots and lots of sex.

Renata and Emi - VLOG: The Mexican Diaries

Sapphic South American sweethearts Renata and Emi’s Mexican getaway VLOG ticks all the boxes for a perfect summer vacation. Swinging from ropes into a crystal-clear underground pool? Check. Close encounters diving with sea turtles in tropical waters? Check. Vibey bars, postcard views and good food? Check. Secret skinny dipping, steamy shower sex and then breathlessly taking it to the bedroom to get sweaty all over again? You better believe it. Throw in a vibrator, some sensual nipple play and full-bodied fucking and you have a trip so memorable even you’ll be daydreaming about it.

Spunky and Mr Spunks - VLOG: Beach Bumming

Taking advantage of a perfect day, Spunky and Mr Spunks decide to make it just that little bit more perfect by combining their two favourite things: nature and sex. Their beachside VLOG invites viewers not just to explore the idyllic Californian coast, but to get to know the couple more intimately. From Spunky revealing his cock is what first made her want to date Mr Spunks, to sharing some breathtaking fantasies. It’s not long before a private beach stretches out before them to offer a chance to film some fantasy fodder of their own

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