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The Lustery Playlist: Sexed-Up Slow Jams

February 26 3 min read

What’s the opposite of a quickie? I’m calling it a ‘slow jam’ because that’s exactly what we’re paying tribute to this Valentine’s month: the quality time you spend between the sheets with and between the legs of someone you love; the all-night sex session and the languid, naked morning lie-ins; the drawn out (and out and then out some more) teases exploring the edge of ecstasy one blissed-out moment at a time… If that intro wasn’t foreplay enough, we know these couples will deliver in abundance. Let’s get it on…

Above & Beyond

Kate & Chris

The couple whose deep connection is so inspiring that this month it warranted its own Valentine’s vlog, when you watch Kate and Chris’s hypnotic Lustery debut, it’s easy to understand why their deliberate and meditative approach to lovemaking has won them a rapt global fanbase. And never mind getting a glimpse behind the door of what happens when these two get naked together, this intimate submission offers a bird’s-eye view.

Mixed Massages

Alice & Mr Right

When it comes to hitting just the right spot – and no, I’m not (only) talking about the prostate – “proud weirdos” Alice and Mr Right’s inaugural submission deserves special mention. As the two exchange slippery oil massages, it soon becomes apparent as the action gradually and deliciously builds that every inch of their bodies will be given its due attention… And considering their shared love of anal stimulation, we do mean every inch.

Taking Their Time

Mitsuki & William

When it comes to taking their sweet time with each other (and the operative word here is very much ‘sweet’), Mitsuki and William must be one of Lustery’s most well-practiced pairs – they’ve been together for 17 years and after all that time together, the Amsterdam-based exhibitionists know each othe

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