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The Body Orgasmic

April 17, 2019 5 min read

Or the one I wanted to call ‘Much Ado About Nutting’…

The day my grandfather died was one of the least satisfying moments of my life. I know what you’re thinking... “Damn, girl, given that this article is about orgasms, I should fucking hope so.” I don’t mean it like that. Like most families, mine had some unresolved issues and I fully expected that deathbed revelation, the climax in the third act where he saw the error of his ways and redeemed himself, the bit Hollywood had prepared me for. 

Guess what? One, learning about anything in life from Hollywood will fuck you up, and two, we’d never talked about these issues, so of course it didn’t come. Turns out that not coming sucks.

Whoever first called orgasms la petite mort, the little death, was onto something. See, orgasms have always been tricky. I’m not talking about having them and I’m not talking about giving them, though as anyone who’s experienced lockjaw between their partner’s legs can attest to, that can be tricky too. What I’m talking about is getting them. 

Medical professionals have defined them one way, mental health providers have a different set of criteria, and as for pop culture, particularly when talking about pussies and not penises, shrouding them in mystery has always been a convenient way to approach the topic in much the same way as DJ Khaled approaches the clit – by not giving it the time or attention it deserves.

Recently there has been something of an orgasm revolution though. While once treated as some sort of rare and elusive beast, orgasms for the vagina’d have really come into their own, if you’ll excuse the pun. Now it’s all ‘Yass, don’t let your partner get away without making you cum’ and magazine headlines that demand you ‘Get The Orgasm You Deserve’. 

There’s a new wave of porn

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