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January 15, 2020 10 min read

“Just say KNOW” -Timothy Leary

[ DISCLAIMER:  As tragic as it truly is, the substances discussed in this article are, in many jurisdictions worldwide, banned and criminalized, and their cultivation, distribution, and even simple possession can carry along with it serious legal consequences. Neither the author of this article, nor Lustery, LusteryPOV, or any affiliated parties advocate committing a crime— especially not a felony.  The information provided herein is for intended harm reduction purposes and is not as any form of professional medical or psychiatric advice.  Reports contained herein are both personally anecdotal and culled from a number of psychedelic scientists who, for decades, have been fascinated by the undeniable link between entheogens and human sexual behavior. Again, We do not encourage nor condone possession, cultivation or distribution of illicit substances, but if it’s something you’re already into or going to do anyway, it’s important to consider a number of precautions in order to ensure a safe and fun time. ] 

1. Flight Plan

Before indulging in a mind-altering substance, it is generally recommended that those inexperienced to the psychedelic mindset not delve into sexual activity immediately. This is a common mistake, and I myself was unprepared for the trauma that my first LSD trip uncovered:  I was having sex with a casual fling on the ‘come-up’ of the trip and was hit by a shockwave of past trauma that had previously been compartmentalized and repressed deep into the recesses of my subconscious mind. 

As rewarding as this experience ultimately proved to be for me (it was a valuable learning experience, though a powerful and harsh one), I would not recommend that those new to any substance include sexual activity in their entheogenic experiences until they are comfortable with their own sense of reality and grounded in the psychedelic sphere, so to speak. 

It can be beyond jarring, and while I survived it a stronger man with a newfound insight beneath my belt (please forgive me for the wordplay), I can certainly see it triggering a psychotic episode in someone who has little to no experience with psychedelics (my first LSD trip came after a rather lengthy period of High School experimentation with Mushrooms, MDMA and 2C-E, so I was a bit more prepared, and the experience still floored me for quite some time).

If none of this is new to you and you consider yourself a seasoned, sexy psychonaut or even just a party animal, there are still some crucial things to take into account

2. Make sure your ‘co-pilot’ is down for the trip

Psychedelics should be taken with a trusted and established partner— at the very least consent should be established when sober, before ingesting any substance. Bear in mind that even though these substances have the potential to enhance your cognition potential and expand your spiritual consciousness, they also have a side effect of heightened suggestibility, and, while not intoxicants in the conventional sense of the word, can impair judgments and lead to regrets and perhaps hurt feelings later on.  

Likewise, NEVER under any circumstance is it acceptable to dose another individual without their knowledge.  In the words of Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin, the Godfather of MDMA research, in the introduction to his book PiHKAL (Phenethelymines i Have Known and Loved: A Chemical Love Story— highly recommended for anyone interested in the psychopharmacology and chemistry that is involved in such substances, by the way.)

“It should also be noted that any person anywhere who experiments on himself, or on another human being, with any of the drugs described herein, without being familiar with that drug's action and aware of the physical and/or mental disturbance or harm it might cause, is acting irresponsibly and immorally, whether or not he is doing so within the bounds of the law.”

Forcing someone to ingest a substance without their knowledge is psychological torture and outright Abuse, and such beautiful substances as these should never be weaponized. If malicious individuals continue to abuse psychedelics and use them to prey on others, they should realize that they are harming the entire movement of healing and trauma that lies at the core of the psychedelic spirit. Any act of ‘surprise dosing’  is corrupt, inequitable, and downright predatorial. There is no excuse for it, under any circumstance. Ever.  

3. Preparing for Takeoff:  Anxiety and Potential Discomfort

One factor important to take note of is that because psychedelic substances open up corridors and vaults in your mind normally tightly sealed in the realm of your baseline consciousness, you and/or your partner may very well be confronted with uncomfortable truths, memories (both visual and body memories), intrusive thoughts, and even, in certain settings, a general sense of malaise, alienation, and/or paranoia.  

This can be easily avoided by selecting a safe setting free of interruption and schedule your experience in a way that allows for plenty of time for you to recover and reintegrate while basking in the oh-so-sweet afterglow that follows a mystical experience. If you should choose to ingest any entheogenic substance, it is also important to know EXACTLY what substance you’re taking, and at exactly which dosage.


Start small— there is no need to take “Legendary” or “Heroic” doses. Psychedelics are much like Yoga in that they are not about pushing yourself past your limits, but rather growing into your truest self and gaining more introspective awareness.

The chemicals themselves are just that— chemicals.  They alone do not have “all of the answers,” but they can and will guide you to the questions which will inevitably, with enough work, self-care, and patience, lead to answers already contained within yourself about fundamental Truths of your reality.  

It is also important to communicate to your partner clearly and without shame if certain intrusive thoughts, memories, or uncomfortable feelings arise— and if your partner communicates these feelings to you, it is helpful to take a deep breath (or even a couples’ breathing exercise—nose breathing can be very powerful and can reduce heart rate by half if practiced properly), understand it is not personal, and ask what you can do to help comfort them— they are, after all, your lover.

If these thoughts arise during sex, it is okay to stop and switch it up.  Sex under the influence of mind-altering substances should arise organically- the substances themselves don’t make sex amazing, but they can open you up to new experiences and enhanced pleasure.  

Consider them another tool, but don’t expect them to serve as a crutch for an unhealthy sex life:  while in certain cases, psychedelics can solve relationship problems, it is important to communicate clearly first and fuck later. Leave your shame at the bedroom door and hold your partner’s hand.  

Touch them in places you’ve never thought to touch before (if, of course, they are comfortable with this), make them laugh— everything is funnier when your brain is more open and makes more connections between neurons.  Humor is the best cure to diffuse anxiety that may come from past trauma, lack of communication, or just general confusion and/or disorientation, plus humor is sexy and fun.

4. Strap Yourself in and “Feel the ‘G’s’”

The ego shrinking abilities of substances such as LSD, MDMA, and Psilocybin can lend a very special form of enhanced intimacy between (or among) healthy lovers.  This class of substances are considered both empathogens and entactogens, which means, in short, that they enhance feelings— not only your own tactile sensations, but your ability to feel your partner’s pleasure.  

This can add a whole new dimension to your bedroom, as there is nothing more satisfying than feeling your own pleasure coalescing with your partner’s as you cum together in a literal state of pure ecstasy and blinding bliss. In a safe, loving, and consensual environment, this is not some distant fantasy but a reality that I myself have experienced on more than one occasion… and I know I’m not alone. 

In Annie Sprinkle’s fantastic article in the MAPS newsletter entitled “How Psychedelics Informed My Sex Life and Sex Work,” she writes, 

“From what I have gathered, psychedelics are generally not used much as aphrodisiacs for sexual arousal--although people do report having phantastasmagorical sexual experiences on them. More often the user gains some key information, has a new experience, or sees her/himself from a new perspective, and any of this can greatly inform that person's sexual life."

Just as each sexual experience can potentially teach us something about sex, each drug experience can potentially teach us something about sex. And for that matter, sexual experiences can potentially teach us something about how to take drug trips more effectively. As I became more sexually experienced, I became much better at handling my psychedelic journeys. I learned how to not have expectations, and how to surrender.”

Remember, you should always seek within to find and heal your true self.  

If you choose to use psychedelics as a tool, make sure to do so safely and responsibly— do not abuse a healing substance nor break the law in your locality. If you do choose to ingest them, take care to space out your usage and allow your brain ample time to rest, recover and restore your serotonin and dopamine to balance. 

Despite the ecstatic nature of  these substances, some trips can prove to be quite strenuous— a sort of “work out” for the parasympathetic nervous system (the part that controls Fight or Flight responses, among other things), as well as your adrenaline levels, to return to baseline. 

If you are careful to find a proper dose that works for you and/or your partner(s) and tread lightly, you will likely not experience a ‘hangover,’ but rather a pleasant uplifting feeling that can last for days, weeks, and even the rest of your life if you take the steps necessary to integrate lessons and insight that you’ve learned into your daily routine and activities.  

This positive change can and often does extend to the bedroom because the enhanced entactogenic qualities coupled with the empathogenic nature of the substances can literally re-map your neural pathways to better understand your lover’s body (not to mention your own). 

Psychedelics have made me so much more comfortable in my own skin, and my wife Zoë even decided to stop wearing make-up after one particularly transcendent trip (she has never been more beautiful, and I fully supported her decision, although I made special effort not to try to influence her in any way other than offering reassurance that she glows with natural beauty with or without makeup and that she should do what feels comfortable and right for her skincare routine)

If you are a “drug war veteran” and have already begun to reap the positive benefits of psychedelics (and yes, cannabis counts as a psychedelic too!), please consider donating to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)— the world’s only non-profit Pharmaceutical Organization, as well as— a website dedicated to harm reduction through the spread of precise, factual, and freely available information related to psychoactive substances and their proper use.  

Thank you for reading and may you have a safe, fun, and rewarding journey

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