Based in beautiful Turin, Italy, Silky and Velvet had heard about each other long before they met – not through friends or anything like that but through some little kids. No, really! Silky was working as a babysitter and would often hear from one family’s children about their “crazy uncle who travelled the world”. Cue the man himself: Velvet.

The ‘crazy uncle’ and the ‘gorgeous babysitter’ met in the last days of winter 2019 and say they were well and truly in love by the first days of spring. As Silky describes it, “The first day I met Velvet, he put a finger in my glass of rum and I immediately thought, ‘Yeah, that's him!’”

The pair both came from past relationships that were really intense but at the same time hadn't allowed them to explore their sexuality. Meeting each other presented more than the opportunity to get to know someone new: as their relationship developed, it also allowed them the opportunity to be unapologetically, 100% themselves and to open up fully. “We feel safe to talk about what we like (or don't like) and our sexual life evolved into a deeper bond made of trust and better orgasms!” they reveal.

The freedom to be themselves also meant exploring more commonalities and interests, like their bisexuality, burgeoning fascination with kink and BDSM, and – of course – exhibitionism. “Filming ourselves was the first big step and it all started on a hammock on a beach in Croatia,” they say. From there, it wasn’t long before they started camming and had their first threesome. “We feel more comfortable than before in our bodies. We love travelling and fucking outdoors, we love blowjobs and doggy-style, we love squirting and Velvet loves getting fucked with the strap-on. We love the fact that this exploration is taking us on this amazing, deep and long journey within ourselves.” And we love that the next step of their journey involves sharing this incredible, red-hot bond on Lustery!