As they tell it, Gila and Puck met one fateful night about three years ago that involved 10 bottles of gin and one life-changing encounter. Though the gin shots Gila was swigging and spitting into the crowd as the frontman of a band might have reduced the show to a blur, one thing stood out for him: the fan who keep running up for him to spit said shots right into her mouth. 

What started with him inviting her onstage blossomed into a rock ‘n’ roll romance and the two are still together, describing their relationship as “a tunnel of love connection that leads to a land of never-ending communication, trust, understanding, pleasure, orgasms, and growth”.

Although not always in the same country, when they are daily sex is a certainty. They say, “A typical day in our sex life starts with laughter which turns into kisses which turn into deeper kisses, hands all over skin, then below pants, and suddenly we don't know whose sweat is whose. More often than not this includes biting, spitting, shrieking, and lots of cumming.”  Both switching within dominant and submissive dynamics often and with ease, one day Gila could be tied and gagged, begging for Puck's strap-on in his mouth, and the next Puck could be on her knees waiting obediently for Gila's instructions to heaven.

Their sensually seductive Lustery debut showcases the passionate pair taking their time in play and pleasure but they’re partial to a hot-and-hurried quickie too. One of their most adventurous sex stories is also related to Gila’s band days. " During an album release show they had, he looked so delicious on stage that I had to steal him and drag him to the bathroom for a speedy yet generous fuck,” Puck says. “When someone knocked on the door, he whispered in my ear, ‘Tell them,’ and I had to manage, ‘Someone's in here!’ between moans.” 

From bathroom stall to Lustery screens, we’re thrilled to have these sex-positive lovers onboard!