Nina and John clicked immediately. In fact, had Nina, then 18, clicked any sooner, the Malmo-based pair wouldn’t have met at all as they first connected through an online dating site and she was just about to permanently close her account. ‘I was just on there for fun and didn't expect something serious out of it at first,’ she says. ‘My mailbox was always full of spontaneous guys wanting to have adventures with me and as much as I enjoyed all the compliments, I figured out I wanted something more real, so I decided to close my account.’

Enter John’s message: it was sweet, it was sincere and it was serious, immediately catching Nina’s attention. The two first added each other on Facebook, chatting constantly over the course of two weeks and spending hours secretly swooning over webcam. As Nina describes, ‘I fell in love before actually meeting him and when we finally met fireworks sparked everywhere. I remember that sensation in my stomach when he kissed me the first time.’

That first immediately led to another. ‘We were not the kind of couple who didn't put out on the first date, I had to have him and know what he would feel like inside me,’ grins Nina. ‘He warned me in our previous conversations about his over averagely large cock and I honestly didn't buy that until I unbuttoned his pants. It truly was the most beautiful and biggest cock I had ever seen in real life.’

From lust at first sight, the Swedish sweethearts say that all the clichés of your bodies becoming one when the sex is great are true. ‘We explored our limits together and when something wasn't nice, at least we could cross it off our list.’ Nina says the she really taught John that it was okay to give her the pain she craves.  ‘I like to play a submissive slut who does anything to please him and I enjoy roleplaying taboo scenarios, like for instance, that he is a burglar or my stepdad that needs to punish me.’ John, on the other hand, loves watching Nina in sexy outfits with a lot of cleavage while she slowly warms him up to go to the bedroom. ‘I always thought I would have the hottest sex with someone I love and it turns out that I was right,’ says Nina. ‘John knows his way around my body like no other and can make me cum in an instant. Passion is key in our relationship.’